24th of December and time to sum up.

24th of December again. 24 Days of blogging in a row, and now some rest. It like leaving the Mountains, a good feeling but with some kind of melancholy. Today it will be about leadership and the work as mountain leader. From my Point of view the leadship contains Three important parts; Charisma, accountability and safety. The Charismatic leadership is similar to other styles. Both it and transformational leadership rely on the ability of the leader to influence and inspire followers. Transformational and charismatic leaders motivate the individual or those around them to be better and to work for the greater good of an organization or society. And s charismatic leader you for sure will remeber. The accountybility comprices both the responsibility for the participants as well as to the client. The safty is of course the main part in a  guides Life. As a guide you should and would be questioned. So Think it trough Before you go there. You must be able to challenge yourself in all of the way. In one of my assignment I was asked, -what type of adventure do you prefer? I aswered -all. The manager said, -perfect, that is exactly the answer I want to here. So you have to be costomizable . But then you will have the greatest of job..


Can you feel safe in stressful situation and were you will be validated all of the time, you will be able to like the work as a mountain leader.

How to work as Mounatin Leader..

See ya 31th of December and a Merry, merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Great ending Ulf of 24 intensive blogg days. Thank you for taking us true december with good topics to look forward to and be inspired of. Take a few days of earned rest, maybe with a mountainbook and some coffe. Look forward for the new year adventure summup. Merry christmas.


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