23rd of December, about a cabin..

Today its the 23rd of December and just one day left of the calender. Today it will be about a cabin in Jamtland. The Blahammar cabin.


The cabin was built in 1912, and in 1920 a bridge over Enan was built for to make it easier to reach the cabin. But in 1923 the 25th og August the cabin was destroyed in a fire. Four people died in the fire. But in 1925 1st of March a new cabin was consecrated.  In 1939 lars Aune did died, and his son Hugo Aune was appaointed as chairman for the assosiation of Blahammaren. The mystery of the fire, lives still today. What was it that happened that night of the fire? Ans as it should, Torsten Boberg the legend has a part of it as well. He was one of the first to say that the fire was built. The police investigation was quickly dropped in Sweden under mysterious circumstances. In Norway the Police investigation continued, but the archive was destroyed under a bombing during the second World war. But one of the thesis is that it was a rubbery of the cottge safe. It was the end of the season, and it should not have been so much people there. Karl Arvid Andersson Mellgren was arrested and lead to questioning. There was a lot of questions in his hearing. The 24th of August, Johan Ragnhaug a bank clerk decide to hike from Sylarna to Blahammaren. The reason is that he has to hurry home for job matter. He arrives late in the afternoon, eating a small dinner and goes to bed upstaair. Here also sleep Birger Norén the fourteen year laborer. Downstairs sleeps the superintendent Astrid Aunde and the Cook Alma Jonsson. The robbers enter the cabin, just Before midnight. Rognhaug Wakes up of the noice of the robbers. Went downstairs and discover what is happening. a tumult arises and Ragnhaug get killed by a axe or by the revolver. Now the women have wakened and screams. The robbers know that now there is witnesses, so they got killed. Birger is shoot in the bed. The robbers find a vessel with kerosene and put the cabin in fire. The robbers remove the arms and legs to make the investigation more difficult. Well, we will prabably never get to now the real history, it still will be a mysterious…

Far from the mysterious history people today enjoy the food and the familr hospitlity of the Blåhammaren mountain station..



See ya tomorrow..



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