22:nd of December and vulcanic seven summits..

22:nd of December and today it will be about the vulcanic seven summits. Summiting all the seven is regardes as a mountaineering challenge, first postulated as such in 1999. Two of the vulcanic seven summits is also in the seven summits list. Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus belongs to the both series. In Africa: Kilimanjaro, In Europe Mt Elbrus, South America: Ojos del Salado, Asia: Mt Damavand, North America: Pico de Orizaba, Oceania: Mount Giluwe, Antartica: Mount Sidley.

In 2011 Mario Trimeri was the first mountaineerer finnished both seven summits and vulcanic seven summits.

See ya tomorrow…


2 reaktion på “22:nd of December and vulcanic seven summits..”

  1. Great topic Uffe. We have to strap on our crampons and continue on the list. With the highest vulcano in Asia, in the box we have a few more to go.

    Sharpen your ice ax and fill the packpack on the stairmaster with stones. We aim for the summits the years thats ahead…..

  2. Jaaa hade ju varit fantastiskt men nu får man satsa lite lägre, 20m i klättergymmet på 7a och kanske mt blanc och Kilimanjaro


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