21th of December and about club’s.

When it comes to history and Mountain,s there is some clubs related to it. In every country with climbing history you can find it. In Sweden we got the ”De lappländska fjällkarlarnas klubb”. The club was founded in 1920 in Stockholm by 13 men. The menbership was increaced to 20 among the four criterias for membership were ”danger to Life” or first ascend of a peak of 1200m or more, or any performance of similar magnitude. The club supported the scientific investigations in Lappland and in 1929 started to issuing the year book Ultima Thule. They also advocated skiing as a national sport and one of the founding members, General Göst Lilliehöök become a leader of the military ski sport. The club was disolved in 1973 when the last member took of his skiis and turn the nose upward to the heaven. The club also funded and allowed  to construct monument, the one t Bustvalen is one.


In Denmark they got the Eventyrens club. It was founded the 13th December in 1938 of Peter Freuchen. I have written about him Before so check that. This is a very interesting man. The club is Active with over a 100 of adventureers. The club got many different members with very diffrent type of adventures and experinces. They also sell interesting books. Today Björn Harvig is ”Förmand” chairman for Eventyrens klub in Denmark.


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  1. De lapplänska fjällkarlarnas klubb är en ärovördig skara. Hade vi levt då hade vi fått medlemskap. Laviner i ryggen, knivhot på Damavand och stormar i Sylarna.


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