16th of December and the third advent.

Today it will be about a not so knowned military unit, the Sirius patrol from Denmark. The patrols mission, first of all is to ensure Denmark’s sovereignty at the northern part of Greenland.

The unit was grounded in 1941 for look for German debarkation. After the second worldwar it was let down, for being started up during the Cold war. Despite the demanding service, there are many applicants for the few service available. At the moment only med can aply for the mission, and you most of course be completely fresh.

The whole unit consits out of 12 men. One patrol contains two men. who with the dog sledge monitors the approximately 2100 kilometer long uninhabited coast during the winter months. In the summer the patrols are performed by the ice-free fjord, and there are also airplanes and helicopter surveillance. In addition to military surveillance and sovereignty enforcement, the patrol has the civilian police authority in the area.

The service remains over two year, And leave will be approved first when you are back in Denmark. During eight month of the year the patrul is ”on duty” 24 hours of the day. The patrol moves on the night and sleep on the day. An ordenary day march is about 350-450Km., depending on the weather of course. The patrol is self-sufficient and can not expect any support from outside. They build they own sledge for being able to rapair it if/when needed. You have to put the trust to yourmate, the dogs and the sledge..The arming is a Glock20 and a mauser gun, this becase it works in the Arctic Cold.


Today I was climbing at the climbing gym, and a coffee as ”after climb”  And the christmas gigt suggestion of the day will be a book..

Tomorrow it will be a new quiz. See ya..

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  1. Interesting topic Ulf. A friend of mine at the university is Danish and had service at the Sirius patroll for two years. He told me some stories of great adventure, long rides with sdogsledge and hunting for food to the dogs.


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