Winter skills…

So the temperature is getting lower than zero, so it is time for prepare for the Winter.


The ability to navigate effectively and confidently in a Winter storm is crucial. The result of a misstake can be serious and many Winter accidents are a result of navigational misstakes. Winter is more demanding, due to lack of visability and shorter day light, Also the absence of many summer navigational features affect us. First of all the temperature will affect us. With Cold fingers it is easy to fail in taking a bearing for example. A good investment is a real good pair of gloves. Snow cover makes it more difficult. This means that you must plan your activity in more detailed way during the Winter. I Always got the bearing for the day route, with ”Catch places”. This means that I keep them on the Compass, which i got easy to grip. With a Watch and a altimeter you will be real good prepared. The Cold will also Always require more energy, so you Always shall bing extra energy in your pack. A storm will Always get you more stressed, a real good suggest is to bring a pair of earplugs. This will reduce the stress from the wind, which will help you from take bad decisions.

Always challenge yourself.  When it is stormy, even at sea level get out and navigate under bas circumstances. This will get you more skilled and be more prepared in a tough situation at the mountains..

See ya soon (Saturday)

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