Autumn is here..

Soon we are in the mid of October(54 Days left to the 1st of December:-), the time rush away. It has been a real good workout week this one, totally fifteen workouts. Focus will be on the cardiovascular area, and the leg strength. Needed for skiing, Ice climbing and skating:-). Now the temperature is also ok for the sledge dog for workout..

It is perfect time for catching up skills and go trough the equipment for the Winter. Planning for a project in Norway which can become quite interesting. Yesterday I got a rest day and increased the knot skills. Here comes a video of how to tie a Anchor knot..


One of the big issues while ice climbing is the hands. You must be able to handle all the belays, and at the same time not be so Cold, that you cant do the job. So I will test the Camp G Comp Warm glow, is a combined glove with a varming function.

So this will be interesting.

Keep up the focus, there will be a interview during the week. Now I am tired and will have a coffee and enjoy the end of the weekend..

See ya soon..

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