18th of December, about mental strength..


Today we open door, and got some inspiration for achieving our goals..

For reaching our targets we need to have a good physical strength but as you now, I always lift the mental strength. Today I will put some focus about this, and also give you a tool box for ”how too”.

1. First of all, when you have decide a goal, you must train under tough circumstances. If you going to climb mountain, you must train when the environment challenge you.


Train under hard circumstances to get more prepaid, and a higher chance to reach your target.

2. Get your self a achieving list. A list with all good results you have done backwards. Read it and see how good you have been.

3. Defined small targets for every day, for example get up at a certain time. Or doing 50 push ups,  100 seconds of mental preparation etc.


Defined small goals for every day, for focusing to the target…

4. If you brake one of this defined goals, you have to face the consequence…And that you choose by your self. A suggestion would be 2 minutes shower in cold water. This for remind you of your target..


Face the consequence of breaking the set up goals..

5. Train even if you not are in the best comfort or not in the best shape. This will strengthen your mind, and you will be able to archiving even if you feel bad when you hiding for your real target..


Workout even under bad condition, it will build up your mind..

Winner of this weeks quiz is Peter Eriksson Gongrats. Right answer was: Rolf Blomberg and he died in Ecuador. The winner will get the book about Rolf Blomberg. Tomorrow is it time for this weeks quiz..

See ya tomorrow


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