So I started the day with a cool shower…

The Sami’s calendar says we with fast step will enter the Pre-winter season. That is a good name, meaning it is about time to prepare for the upcoming Winter. The daylight become shorter and the temperature will fall. Time for reflection, planning and become contemplative. New season means you can try new habits. I will give you a link here for a more healthy life. But, I will just go for the cold shower in the morning, that will be a good start…

And talking about the Sami’s I will present the rein deer. The Sami’s life is all about the love to the nature and the rein deer, so it will be the heart of their life’s. The rein deer – boazu is an animal that fully have adopted to the arctic climate. Dependent of the season the retina (Sv. Näthinna) of the rein deer will change from blue to yellow and back to blue due to adaptation of the light of the season. In the Spring-winter it is time for the calving, now it is urgent times for the Sami’s. It is time to move the herd from the low lands to the mountains. Here will the calving become much more quite. During the summer the rein deer use the time to graze and fill up the depots for the autumn and the upcoming Winter. During the summer it is also time for the calf marking, now the Sami’s gathering for clearing out which rein deer is which. During the autumn it is the rut time for the male rein deer’s. This will take a lot of energy of them and they look really big and stately. After the rut, the will loose the antlers. The female rein deer’s also got antlers and they will keep them. That will help them to dig to get lichen (Sv. Lav) which is the rein deer’s favorite meal. During the summer the rein deer eat grass, herbs mushrooms and leaf’s. Since the rein deer is adapted to the climate it can store bot water and energy for cold periods. Another fact is that the fur is so dense so even if it has swam, it will not even get wet.

Reindeer’s Amazing Adaptations to Living in Snow | Snow Animals | BBC Earth – YouTube

So here is the year of the rein deer; It will start in May with the calving, before that the rein deer keeper have to secure that the rein deer’s has passed the ice passing and will be up in the mountains. Just after midsummer the preparation for the marking of the calves begin. Checking the fences etc. As soon the meadows is green the hard work of marking begins. During the summer the rein deer’s will be graze the lichen high up on the mountain slopes. In the late summer it is high time for the preparation of the slaughter. In the beginning of September the real work is on, and if needed it will also be in October. During this period the work is hectic, now all the meat and everything from the slaughter needed to be taken care of. At the same time the moose hunt season is on and also the fishing as well. In the beginning of the Winter, it is time again for gathering the herd and split the rein deer’s up. In the low land they will eat what the nature will give them but also the keeper will secure they got hey if needed and also moss.

So now you maybe got a better know of rein deer’s and might see them from a bit different angle?!

This weeks easy adventure will be in Swedish Lapland. Take the night train towards Katterjåkk. You leave the train, and your on the track at once. Noe you got 3,5km towards the Kattejaure cabin.

This is the target of the day, Here you will sleep and do a day tour toward the top close to the cabin. If it is a good weather, you also can do a day tour to vassivaggi wind shelter and back. But this demand good mountain knowledge and skills due to the high mountain environment…Then the next day you will go back to Katterjåkk station and enter the night train again…

This week I’ve been reviewing the Montura Brave2 jacket. This is a ”work jacket” for rescuer and professionals in the mountain environment. I like the jacket, but I missing a hood. With a price of 227 Euro I think it a bit too expensive.  The layering is not water proof, just water repellent and for that price I expect more. The visibility is something that is very good and also the pockets and the finish is nice. But due to price and the ”missing” of a hood it cant be just (NNNN).

A glimpse of Swedish Lapland: Ep.9 – DANCERS IN THE DARK – YouTube

And the training, I have stared the days with a cold Shower just for getting energized.. And I am closing in to the target 74 push-ups within 2 minutes. And 14 pull-ups…I’m on the way..

How to Feel Energized & Sleep Better With One Morning Activity | Dr. Andrew Huberman – YouTube

Bryan Martin – Wolves Cry (Official Music Video) – YouTube

See ya soon…

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  1. Katterjåkk is a place I always wanted to got to Bergman. It looks so great.
    I also like the info about the reindeer.
    It’s a fantastic animal.
    Good luck with the pushups. You getting there. You are strong.

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