Preparing for IML Winter.

Saturday morning. Tomorrow it is time for the Winter training of the International Mountain Leader training. It is time to prepare and buiding up the schedule and lessons. One day with avalanche lessons practial as well as theoretical. Then one day with step ground lessons with different techniques. Next step will be to do a overnight in snow shelter and test all knowledge that has been learned. I think we all, instructors as well as the participants are excited to be on track with teh course. I will updated dring the course/training this week, so keep you brewser and eyes open:-). 

Matt Clifford-Larsen planning the IML Winter-training in Bydalen. 

Snowshoeing is one of the ”odd” parts of the course…

Matt Clifford-Larsen and Markus Nyman snowshoeing towards Droomen for planning the IML Winter training.

When it comes to gear, I will present a new type of binding from Rottefella for cross-country Nordic ski. At last someone have come up with a pin solution. Look at this, and think if its something that would be a alternative for you?

It is a interesting solution.

I also think we should pay attention on that is is the Sami national day the 6th of February (yesterday)

See ya soon, maybe tommorow….

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