Good training and a presentation of a nother mountain cabin.

Today I will present the Vålå cabins (Vålåstugorna).


Vala cabins in the centre of Jamtland mountains.

The cabin was build in 1930, and combined the rails from Stensdalen and Lunndörren to Vålådalen mountains station. During the 1800 there was copper mining in the area, there are still some tracks left. 3km vest of the cabin there are still three holes from the time, and a rest of a mining cabin in stone. From the cabin you got a amazing view. From the cabin you can reach the Gåsen cabin and Lunndörren or Stensdalen. You can also reach Vålådalens mountain station directly. Another very interesting trail is the one from Vålå cabins to Helags mountain station. This one of the longest trails in the area. Seldom used, so you probably will be alone on the trail.

This week I will test a new underwear from The North Face. It is not wool which is the first choice today. I will test it and so what it goes for.


TNF Kanagata underwear with Bicolor cationic yarn for the inside and nylon on the outside.

The training has been great this week. 670 minutes and 9 workouts. Today a combined workout at the gym, and 5 x 500m interval training.

See ya soon

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  1. Man,,I’m longin for the mountains when I read about the cabins. Put some fire in the kitchenstove, prepare some coffe. I’ll meet you in Vålåstugan..

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