About seasons..

Every season got its own greatness. The autumn has its silences, and peace. Now is the time to get out there and feel the calm. Nature prepare for winter. Some of the days are so still so you can taste it.

A calm evening close to Blahammaren, Jamtland (Photo Ulf Bergman)


At the moment it is a kind of mid-season. Now its the time for planning and preparing for the upcoming winter. But still there is plenty of time for a mountain travel. The air up there is high and crisp, and you are really on your own. It is a great feeling, being there and everything is closed and you don’t see any one else.

At Getvalen, Jamtland in November. Calm and lonely.(Photo Ulf Bergman)

The ice-climbing season in coming up so you need to be prepared. So sharpen the crampons and ice axes, check the ice-screws..

When the evening gets dark, use the time for preparation of the Ice Tools..

And the workout. Increasing the endurance at the time. When it comes to strength it will be focus for the calf’s. I got to need strong calf’s for the ice climbing so this ones will be used:




See ya soon..

Trends, and writing your life book.

About trends in the mountain environment:

The Mountain Safety Council in Sweden report that the Swedish mountains will receive about 700 000 visitors during the summer 2017(September included). A increasing of foreigner visitors is a clear trend.

The interest of hiking in Sweden will increase..

What we can see is that Netherland is the country that increases most. It is also interesting to analyze that fact of foreign companies have established itself in the region. This might be a signal to Swedish tourist council to probably do the same in areas were swedes often go? Overall families with children increase as well as young people (18-30 years). Also people with foreign background increase as well. It is also a fact that visitors or less unfamiliar visitors, with impaired security awareness. But they are better equipped. What can be seen from a security perspective is that the visitors underestimate the weather impact and fast weather cover. They also often overestimate the coverage of mobile network. The underestimate of their own physical condition is also a big issue. Not appropriated clothing for the chosen activity is another factor that can be seen. The hikers also sometimes underestimate the distance in combination with elevation and own physical condition. Last but not least; people often forget to communicate their route. This will mean that family and acquaintance get worried and as a result the mountain rescue needs to act on an event that not is acute. Three areas that can be seen as growing are: Trail cycling (and downhill),

day walks and guided tours increases. Some conclusion that can be done; social media gives a distorted picture of the mountain environment. Foreign specialized tour operator establishes themselves on the Swedish market. New activities such as peak-hunt that give you a badge or a gift is popular. (This is very common in the Alps) The need of mountain cabins will be decreased, due to the visitors request more services and quality and activities. The need of guides will increase, but there will be competitive from other countries. The creative guide, with a close connection to a mountain station will have more clients.

The need of creative guides will increase..

Another finding from my point of view will be to have homepage and information about the area the visitors are going to. I think they have done a good job for Mont Blanc here. http://www.chamonix.com/pdf/climbing-mont-blanc.pdf

I think something like that can be good for some areas in Sweden as well. Of course there is other thing that is important in the Swedish mountain environment. Information I also important for all affected areas. such as the samis. It will be more people who will affect the whole environment.

All will be affected of more visitors in the Swedish mountains..

A interesting article you can listen about it you got here: (sorry it is in Swedish) http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=78&artikel=6758936

Other news in the outdoor world:

The Haglöfs company got a new CEO, Carsten Unbehaun will lead the company now on. His background is from Asics.

The Swedish brand Fenix buys the Danish company Friluftsland. The ownership will now include 60  stores and internet stores in Germany, Finland and Denmark and Sweden.

The Swedish company Fjallraven has stared a cooperation with recco.

Fjallraven work together with Recco..

The new collection ”Bergtagen” will include this new function, that will help to localize people that been caught of an avalanche, or felt into a crevasse..

And at last, every morning you wake up you start to write the page of the day in your life. It is up to you how this day will be in your own book of life. Take good care of it..

Fill your book with essential life experience..

See ya soon


Increasing accidents, safety and Via Ferrata..

There is a trend, a negative trend of increasing of accidents in the outdoor environment. If listening to guides and people in the branch it is obvious what it can depend on. We can see overall that people are more active than before, but with less of time to spend per activity. Today people have shorter time for the activities, using a two day trip in a mountain environment or hiking in the woods. The social media also push people to do more things for promoting their personal “branding”.

Social media affect our outdoor habits..

This means that people never got skilled in anything, but got a broad understanding of a lot. There are reports about people going up to Kebnekaise (high alpine environment) in jeans and sneakers. People are choosing the most difficult route on the Via Ferrata, rather than a one that matches their skills and experience.

Don’t force the mountain rescue to action because of lack of skills or equipment…

How does it come? I think people force them self to it, it is much tougher to show others that they can fix the most difficult of the ways and the most spectacular activities. They don’t have so much time to spend for learning, understanding and enjoying it for full. So instead they buy new equipment to compensate the lack of their skills and knowledge, and for their own confidence. Which of course is good for the outdoor marketJ. But having a second thought, ask yourself: why am I doing it, is it for me or for others to see what I have done? For just a couple of years ago, there were a lot of week hikers/skiers in the mountains. Today it is rare to see them.

Some interesting statistic about accidents: In USA the rescue team in the Rocky Mountains reports this: out of 2198 rescue mission, 19, 4% (428) was related to rock climbing. 43% out of the rescue mission was related to that the climbers were stranded or lost. From a climbing technical point of view; rappel, belay and loss of head lamp?! Was the biggest issues.

Whoops, sorry about that!

For a safer rappel, use the B.R.A.K.E for control:

Buckles check the buckles on your harness. Check all straps, Rappel-device and rope. Check the carabiners and that the rope is correct tread trough the rappel anchor, Anchor make sure it is strong. If it is a three secure its alive. , Knots check all the knots in the system, Ends confirm that the ends of your ropes are on the ground or that they reach the next anchor. Confirm that your system is closed with knots at the end of your rappel lines.

Sunday I was at Skuleberget for some Via Ferrata. Two routes was the target of the day. I was hoping for the black route, but the fate wants something else. It was meant to be the yellow and the red one this time. As always Skuleberget delivered. The early September air was crisp, and a perfect day on the wall. The weather in spite it was not crowded. I expected more people due to the fantastic weather. As always Skuleberget delivered. Hoping for at least one more visit this season..

Via Ferrata at Skuleberget Sweden..

The mysticism of mountains has always been a fact. High mountains have always been in the focus of religions and in wars of course. You can read about it in the bible, and a lot of other books have been written in the subject. There is a podcast about horror stories, and I have chosen a section that can fit in here. So enjoy the creepypodden.

Don’t follow the wrong guide:-)


Mountaineering season is coming up so here you got some good inspiration for it…


And if you need a headlamp due to the report above you got a good suggestion here:



See ya soon..


Chamonix 2017, a obstacle race and a new partner..

It is a early Saturday morning. The thunderstorm in the evening has past away. The air is high and crisp, it looks like it will be a fine alpine day. The train leave Chamonix station on time, hiding for Swiss and the Emesson dame. First train up to the starting point. Today we look forward for discover dinosaurian footprints. The air is clean and the sun is warm. we are on the track.

Emesson dame in Switzerland..

Pre-dinosaurian tracks..

The geologist tells us that the tracks come from a pre-dinosaurian, and was discovered by a coincident. The day keep going on a fine trail, and in the noon we are back. A perfect day-tour.

Chamonix area is fantastic. I has it all. You can do so much of different activities. It up to you to choose. In August and beginning of September the weather is quite stable.

The limitation of the area will be your own fantasy of what to do..

The workout goes on as it should. yesterday it was time for the obstacle race: Tough Viking. A 15K race with 24 different obstacles. after one hour and forty four minutes I passed the goal line. Tired but 3rd place of men over 50 year. I think that is ok.

Tough Viking 2017…

The autumn is coming up. every year at this time, I got the feeling that something new is coming up. the expectation is laying there. The first thing that happened was that I become tester for Arrak-outdoor.  A Swedish outdoor company with alignment for outdoor clothing for dog keepers. This will be very interesting.

And what is coming up? I am looking forward for some Via Ferrata and I will test Karpos Mountain pant..

See ya soon

Listen actively..

The vacation period here in Sweden, and it is time for the ordinary routines. But this means an opportunity for some changes. First of all don’t let the week just contain the weekends. Then you loose a lot of your life…

Live the whole week, not just Friday-Sunday..

”Is everything well? ” one of the most common question. The thing is that the question will not give you more than an short answer, because of the meaning of the question. Why don’t ask ”how is it?” instead. And you, listen actively. then you will really know how your mat are doing and feel..

And the training; fully focus for the upcoming challenges. A guiding tour and also a obstacle race. With a lot of strength combined with endurance I am on the track.

Cross-fit, combined workout you never get tired of..

With a team-workout on Friday I was satisfied. We reach the target, and we all was totally exhausted afterword’s.

The mountains isn’t got any agenda..

Mont Blanc isn’t got any agenda..

Sometimes people get lost in the mountain environment. The opposite we seldom can read about. The history of all people that had find home again, found the power, the solution of a complex problem or the life they were hunting but never caught? The mountains are still there year after year. The mountains are calling and I must go..

And now over to some new stuff.

The Spot tracker has been one of the few company with equipment for lonely adventures. Helping out in emergency situation. Now a new solution has presented to the market.

GoTele a new product for safety on the adventure..


With goTele, you can stay connected even when your phone has no service. By using GPS and long range radio technology you can communicate in the most remote places, at festivals or shows where cell towers are overloaded, on ski slopes with spotty service, or even in foreign countries where you don’t have coverage.

The next new product is a boot from Scarpa.

This boot is developed for fast speed mountaineering. With its light weight you can get a real fast ascend of the mountain. But remember my words: light is not always right:-).

This monthly review will be Millet M.s Roc flame XCS pant a mountaineering pant, witch has been developed together with Guides de Chamonix. so now I will test them..

Listen actively on your friends and..

See ya next Sunday..





A sustainable Life..

This week has been quite interesting. The plan was to go up to the north of Sweden for trail-running with my husky. But he got some trouble with his paw. So I have to rethinking. The result was a lot of climbing and down hill cycling.

Climbing, climbing and climbing.

So a lot of wall climbing, perfect for the technique and strength. Developing but missing Mikael’s comment for developing…

But Thursday was a real good day. I went to Jarvso for down hill cycling..


Down hill cycling at Jarvso, a fantastic day..

So the down hill cycling, was tough, both from a physical as well as from a physical perspective. The grade of the trails was perfect and you could easy choose the right one for your..

And now over to something complete different…Well I think we all got a responsible for a sustainable world and life. As explorer and adventurer we travel a lot, and we will influence the environment in different ways. At the same time, I think it is very important that we travel. I can see compering to others that travellers got significantly more understanding for other cultures, religion and governance. But don’t you ever forget that the best adventure can be just around the corner..The movement must start from some ware, maybe with small steps..

Today we get information of all fantastic places we must visit. All mountains to climb, all rivers to raft.. But there is so incredible much you not have to..Euripides wrote 400 before Christ: If you want to make a human happy, don’t give him/her wealth. But take some of hers/his wishes away from him/her. There ones was a business man, he needed to recover. He has heard about a monastery, and decided to live there for a couple of days. The monk told him that everything was  voluntary, he showed him his room and explained the routines. The monk was very kind, and he said: by the way Mr, if there is something you lacking, please tell us and we will for sure learn you how to live without it…

The easy way of living..??

Getting a team. If you want to improve and develop, you need help. I have said it before you need support from a team. people who can challenge you or get you support and even peace, quiet. I have the opportunity to get friends who can help me out with this. 52 years old and still feeling as a rookie in some areas, that nice…

Get yourself a dream team to surround you with..It will help..

See ya soon…

When everything goes wrong, sometimes it makes no sense..

The plan was to go running in the mountains with my husky. But he was limping, so I have to re-plan. The planning is still going on, but today I choose to wall climb. It good to sometimes re-think about what to do. It is summer and vacation time. Today I read a book by Torsten Boberg, and enjoy a real good cup of coffee.

Drinking coffee and reading Torsten Boberg is a nice way to enjoy the vacation…

Thinking different, is important. You must develop yourself. So start the day with new habits. Get up early, do some meditation or Chi gong, try a totally new workout form. Challenge your self for not following the old tracks all the time. Listen to pods for getting inspired and to change your life window..


And read good and inspiring books, when its vacation you can spend the time. Here comes some suggestion for summer reading:






I have discover a new outdoor clothing brand. It looks very interesting and seems to got high quality. I will test one of the products. You can follow this link: https://www.jottnar.com/

Magni midlayer hooded jacket, the hood enough big for helmet etc.

And over to the workout. After a period with fully focus for the gym workout, I started to change. More of wall and cliff climbing combined with outdoor workout such as swimrun and obstacle course. And with a change of focus from the trail running anything can happen this week. I will try something new..

See ya soon…

Life is good..

Yesterday there was a tough workout, thank you Marcus for that:-). Today I started with a fast hike with my husky, there was no wind at all, what a morning. Then I went for a rock climbing session, very good for the strength and for the mind as well. During the week one of my friend ask me, -how can you workout so much? How do you got the time and all the energy? It is a very good question, and I had to think about it. But the answer is quite easy: I got the energy from it(all the things I do, workout, challenges etc.), and the time, it is to prioritize what you want to do…And at that moment, when I got the answer it comes to my mind. Life is good…

When the activity/workout give you energy, go for it..

When it comes to equipment, there are some new gear. I also will test some new stuff.

Black Diamond has present a climbing shoe..I will always be a bit suspicious when a producer start developing a new sort of Product..But this one looks fine to me.

La Sportiva has a new hiking shoe in there series. The Nucleo,   is “perfect for hikers who want a medium-duty boot” and backpackers looking for a waterproof option that “breathes well and supports moderate loads.”

I am always looking into details and practical and thoughtful solutions. And this month I will test the Salomon X Alp 3L black jacket.

Salomon has a good jacket which is stripped for lower the weight. But still has got some interesting solutions. The ventilation is one of them. This one will get real hard tested and a evaluation will be written here..

This week workout suggestion to try will be:

Reverse wall climb.

Find a spot and try to walk sideways ~10m

The second will be the crocodile walk.

!0m forward and 10m backward, a real good exercise..

This weeks music Pocke Öhström (from Tredje mannen for those who remember..)

See ya soon, and Life is good, Hugs to all of you from me.



One of this mornings..

Woke up early on Saturday. The sun was shining in to the bedroom. I dressed and went out with my husky. It was one of those pre summer day. The sun was shining, but the air still fresh. Everything in the nature was growing. You could really feel it. This period gives a lot of energy, so spending more time there will give more energy and power. The mind starts to find new ideas, adventures and opportunities, so now my mind is full of ideas…

Aguille du Midi, Chamonix a dream for an adventurer..

When it comes to the workout, a new step has been taken. New gym and new programing. So at last, back on track again.

Fully On track with the workout again..

When it comes to upcoming adventures, there will be a tour to Chamonix in August. A summer without a visit there is not a real summer…Some tours to Skuleberget for Via Ferrata of course. The new for this summer will be the downhill cycling, looking forward to that.

Now we also got the opportunity to offer a tailored adventure if you want. So look under “our services” and find out what your adventure would be..Challenge us.

See ya soon

Suggestion of activities during the summer..and two more new exercises..

Today it is the national day in Sweden, so what will be better then present different kind of challenges/activities to do in Sweden during this summer.

Summer is meant for activities..

I will present activities in the middle of Sweden, the reason is that then it will be reachable for all of us..

First of all I will begin with Skule area. The Skuleskogen in common, but Via Ferrata in particular. A well developed area with well marked trails, wind shelters with woods for the bonfire. But most of all a fantastic Via Ferrata with all service, and a adrenaline kick for those who dares:-) And you do for sure..

Skuleskogen, perfect for hiking and trail running..


Via Ferrata at the red-route at Skuleberget. This might be yoyr challenge this summer.


Now we will move to Åre, this fantastic area with so much activities to do during the summer. Here I will suggest the water activities, either the rafting or the river board at äventyrligt i Åre..

Water activities among all others at aventyrligt I are..

Startsida Äventyrligt i Åre

Now the next stop will be in Jarvsjo and some cycling. Cycling has always been a nice way of coming close to the nature, and at the same time get action and speed. this adventure will be challenging, I can promise..From easy green hill to advanced black hill everyone can get his/her/hen light reception..

Down hill cycling are you ready for the challenge?

And when you are in the area why don’t you try river kayaking..

Take a training session in river kayaking..


In Idre you also can get a lot of cool activities. I cant suggest a lot of things to do and not include anything with sledge dogs..so here it comes..

Cycles and dogs, a perfect combination, try it during the summer in Idre..


So now you got a lot of suggestion to try some new experiences during the summer. If you want to do the Via Ferrata at Skuleberget you can contact us.

And now over to two new workouts to ad to the summer-training..

You can always fin a park-bench during the run or workout..

And the second this time will be pull ups in a tree, you always will find a tree or..:-)

For specific climbing workout, you can use a towel to get it right. You hang it over and grab in the both side..

See ya soon..