Real good workout, Expose and Environment. Positive attitude and positive thinking.

Sunday morning. Woke up this morning of a wet nose. The husky wanted to have a morning walk. So we went out, it begun in the dark, and then the sun set. A wonderful morning and a fine day has just begun.

When it comes to the workout, things are falling in place. Yesterday it was a real good workout.

10 minutes (10 x bench-press, 10 x push-ups, 10 x hammer-curls)

10 minutes (10 x bent over row, 10x Burpees over BB, 10 x strict-press)

10 minutes (10 x calf-raises, 10 x lounges with high knees/see movie, 10 x sprint sit-ups)

15 x 3 bench-press and cool down and stretch..

So building up  a good base for upcoming adventures.

Becoming a real mountaineerer, follow this advices:-) this is the shit..

Last blog I wrote I will continue with the wilderness first aid. Now we have come to Expose and environment. When you have gone trough the L-A-B-C-D, then it times for E. Using the S-A-M-P-L-E.

Symptoms, the main inconvenience. A subjective description of the situation. Allergies, the knowledge of pet allergies or medication allergies. Medications, if the victim use any medicine at the moment or else. Past, previous history of diseases etc. Last ins/outs when the victim last drink or eat and last defected. Events what happened before the illness/accident.

At last a bit about positive attitude and how to programming the mind in the right way..

And you, getting angry will affect your immune system negative for up to 7 hours, but a laugh will strengthen the immune system for the same time..

And be a wolf…going your own way..always focused on your target..

See ya soon..

When the trip is the goal, about workout and first aid in outdoor.

When its time for travel to the mountains of Sweden my journey stats from Stockholm. When its summer is nice to start early. Listening to the radio and look out on the landscape. Already after one hour the landscape start to shift. Many are the small village I passed. Kårböle, Ytterhogdal, Ljungdalen, Järpen and Undersåker. Names that will start feelings inside of me. Lots are the stories associated with these resorts.

Ytterhogdal, mean lunch when you are going home from the mountains..

Undersåkers train station, anticipation of adventures and of mountain environment.

The Pilgrim inns. A stop and recovery with food, and a reflection of the mountain adventures..

Take a stop at strandgården, for a visit to sleep recover and a fantastic view..

So don’t forget to enjoy the trip as a important part of the adventure. Often is it here you have the real experience. As that time when I was sitting at the train station in Marrakech looking at photos of polar bears. thanks for that Adrian.

When it comes to first aid in the outdoor environment, it is important to have the skills and knowledge. Maybe you are the only one who knows what to do, and you must know when you need to take decision over a evacuation.

When someone get injured you need to do a emergency care. L-A-B-C-D-E.

Airway and C-spine control. Breating, Circulation and bleeding, Disability, Expose and environment.

Secure the injured person get free airways. Then check the breathing; see listen and feel. Check the puls, if its weak or greatly enhanced suspect circulatory influence. Disability, use the AVPU-scale: Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive. (ask the injured to move fingers and toes gently, if unconscious note if the injured moves arms/legs spontaneously) Exposure. This one, will be explain in the next blog.

When it comes to the workout it has been a real good week. With 900 minutes I cant be anything than satisfied. Ended up the week with 7km with a 23kg backpack. The target was 50 minutes and the result:

45.59 four minutes left, great result.

And today a air assault bike challenge. 10 x 30s  60s recovery, with a mate. The target was 220 Cal. result 243 cal. and approved.

Ice climbing training..

See ya soon, and soon it is time for this years advent calendar..

Sunday and preparation..

Sundays is good days. I always feel a bit of melancholy, and it gives room for reflections. I also use the Sundays for improvement and develop my skills.

A nice cup of coffee and some good education it a nice way to spend the Sunday..

Today I’ve been training a lot as well. Started the day with one hour and fifteen minutes speed walking with the Husky. After that a real nasty Cross-fit workout with the police friend of mine. Then another speed walk with the husky. And ended up the workouts of the day with speed running 30 minutes with the husky. After all of this its time to read the books and make new prusics for the upcoming ice climbing season.

Ice axes is basic for mountaineering. First of all there is two different classifications. B and T class. The letters stands for Base and Technical. The difference is that the B ones is lighter and cant be used for technical climbing. Those ones are perfect for normal mountaineering. The T ones is much stronger and can be used for belays. The ”walking” ice axes is normal 50-70cm long. The alpine ice axes is normally 50-60cm long. The technical ice axes are fully curved with steep pick angles. You use this ones I pairs, one with adze and one with hammer. Some of the ice axes is semi made for both ice climbing and alpine use. From my point of view, if you are going to ice climb buy a real technical from the beginning. otherwise you will be disappointed. There is a big difference between them.

If you are going to ice climb, use good tools from the beginning..

This one is a semi technical ice axe. It got some angle but not as much as the ones above..You can use it temporal for technical climbs, but not in the long turn. But is perfect for alpine use..

When it comes to gear, and that the winter season is knocking on the door. I have find a pair of interesting winter running shoes. From the Italian producer La Sportiva.

A winter running shoe, for alpine use. The La Sportiva Cross over 2.0 GTX

For more information follow the link…


See ya soon, and then about first aid in the wilderness..



Pre-Winter tour and upcoming activities…

A pre-winter tour, and upcoming adventures..

Thursday lunch the car was turned to the north. This time it was time for a tour to Jamtland/Halsingland. The pre-winter tour has its own spirit. The mountains are going to sleep, and the whole environment preparing for the winter to come. The brook begins to freeze, and the frost begins to come. The days are short, so you have to plan to use the daylight as effective as possible. This year the tour was planned for the Helags Mountain. Number three on National geographic list of best summit hikes.

Ulf Bergman with fire wood on the back pack (photo Mikael Linder.)

Nine a clock we started. The backpack with firewood was on my back, and we started to follow the track upwards the Torkilstoten slope. The ground was shallow frozen, and here and there snow. We followed the trail up to Helags, and it was quite easy to see the summer trail. After three hours we reach the target of the day. Time for the Base-work and get everything prepared for the night. Saturday was meant for a summit attempt. So we started and heading up for the northern ridge. Some of the slopes was snowy, some icy and some was rocky. Sometimes the wind was real hard and at 1500m we decided to stop, got some coffee. After a short discussion we decided to descend.

Time for making decision of continue or turn…(Photo Mikael Linder)

A guide in his right environment, on the mountain…(Photo Mikael Linder)

After a short repacking we continued on the trail to Sylarna. As usual Jamtland delivered a fabulous day..

A hard choice, going to the summit of Helags or go to Sylarna..

And then it was time to go back home..

The trail back to the civilisation..

The snow and ice is on its way, and it is time for planning the upcoming adventures. There will be a couple of Ice climbing tours I hope..

So Alvdalen/Trangslet and Rjukan in Norway will be the target. And some skiing it will be of course. The planning is on. A tour to Iran and summiting the Mt Damavand is also a target for 2018..

When it is cold, some hot music will thaw us up..

See ya soon. On Thursday a new blog will be done..


Some new stuff..

Mid October, and we mowing towards coldness and frost. The days getting shorter for everyday, just to remind us to take it slower and prepare for the winter. I am just in the middle of planning a upcoming tour towards the Helags mountains.

Helags, you can reach it from Ljundalen or from the Faltjagar cabin.

In the last Blog you could read about losing focus, and lust. Here comes some help for you all to think a bit more positive..

  1. Start the day with positive affirmation. Your first thought will set the way..2. Focus on good things, even if they are small. 3. Finds humour in bad situation. Looking backward at it you will probably laugh about it. 4. Always turn failures into lessons. 5. Always have a positive self talk. It have more impact then you might thought. 6. focus on the present…

Now I have tested Karpos Mountain pant and mountain jacket. This is developed for high active mountain sports such as; Ice climbing, ski alpinism, mountaineering.

Karpos mountain pant, a real good trouser. A perfect friend at a cold dry windy mountain.

The pant will get 5 NLA out of five. A real good trouser, with all good details such as snow lock and pockets under the line for the harness. a real thinking trough product.

The karpos jacket..

The expectation of the jacket become of course high. But it was a bit of disappointment when testing it. With a price level of 20 euro, and a jacket developed for ski alpinism and high intensity activities a good ventilation will be expected. But this one got nothing about it. It got good reflections but that is the only detail. It also got shallow pockets, feels a bit cheap…So three NLA:a out of 5.

And when it comes to ski alpinism, here you got some inspiring movie. Sylarna one of the best places for adventuring in the Swedish mountains..

At the end, a dreaming back to the dolomites…

Early morning at 04.30. Fast up to the top of Schwartzhorn close to Cavalese in the Dolomites. The nature started to wake up during my ascending. I early got the feeling that this would be a fine day. I followed a slope, the sun was shadowed by the mountain. At the top I was all alone, except for the Madonna at the picture… We was looking out together in calmness, just enjoying the sun set over the alps. What a moment, I will carry it in my mind forever..

See ya sson

Back on track, after some confusion..

This week I got tired. Tired of workout, tired of reading and tired of outdoor stuff. I think it related to that the summer has past, and the feeling is telling me that I haven’t done all I expected to do.

It is interesting due to that I have been guiding, climbing, downhill cycling and a lot of Via Ferrata. So the feeling is quite wrong from that point of view. Probably it is related to the fact of not having a long term goal. Maybe you are in the same situation so here comes some things, which might encourage you to get back on track. So start finding a target for the upcoming period. Or maybe it is time for a change? Why not test the 30 day rule. Test a new habit for 30 days. Eating vegetarian, do meditation, walk before work etc. Limited to 30 days will help you. Live like you mean it. Practice harder (mastery isn’t a natural gift, it’s is a daily devotion)

Yesterday and today I went up early, running with my huskie. Now I am back on track again…

Get some inspiration..

Over to some new stuff..

Tarp is not my favourite equipment, but I know many prefer it. It is easy and fast as a shelter when you are lonely on a hike for example. Here comes one with a double function. You can use as a pack list as well.

Tarp with packing list..

Just apply your equipment on it and you got control over your equipment.

Another thing is all places that needs to be discovered. In Norway they got the Bergenbane.

A interesting way for new discoveries is to use the train. The highest place on the track is Fïnse, a fantastic place..

Finse a fantastic place in Norway..

And here you got a good inspiration for workout during this period between summer and winter..

And  a picture to dream out from..

See ya soon.

Autumn time, weather skills and a good workout..

In the samis year wheel we are in the fall, which means that their reindeers live in the low lying terrain. With the minus degrees the bite gets worse. At this time the sarv (male reindeers) slaughter will be done. And the new reindeer calves get marked. It is the time for preparation for the Winter


A painting of Johan Tirén ”a sami with dog”

The mountain station and mountain cottage are closing. The mountain will be lying by it selves. The weather can be either kind or really hard. The temperature started to become cold. You have to start early in the morning, because the sun will not be up for so much many hours. During this season you will be alone; this meaning it will be calm. But on the other hand you have to be prepared. Every fail will result in consequences. You have to trust on your own skills, and your own self-confidence. The summer trails can be hard to find, due to they are covered by snow. The winter trail will not work due to that the moors and tars are not frozen. The air is crisp and it is often easy to be properly dressed. Due to that it can be long evenings in the tent or wind shelter, it is good to have a god stories in readiness..

When it comes to this period in the Swedish mountains you better respect the weather. It is important to know how the wind will effect you.

The blue line will means big risk for cold injuries.

But also the wind will take the heat from your body so you have to isolate for that fact. Build up with three layer, and if it is windy is good to have a prima loft or a down sweater to protect you from the wind chill.

A classic prima loft jacket is useful to protect your body and to get a distance from the wind and body..

And when it comes to weather listen to the local stations on the radio and television, and talk with the locals. They often can see and know the sign for a incoming storm etc.

Respect the weather forecast and take wise decision..

Have a good control of the weather of the area for a couple of month, then you get a know how about of it works..and you will be prepared.

And at the and another painting from Johan Tirén, ”fishing close to Snasahogarna” This is one of the most beautiful, and forgotten places in Jamtland.

And don’t forget to write good things in your book of life..

See ya soon

A bit boring to listen to, but look and listen. Easy to become a better mountaineerer..

The wind of war over the Mountains, and a new sequel.

During the World war two even the Swedish Mountains was affected…

There are a lot of stories from the war, and if it is really bad with war it has at least developed adapted equipment and mountain skills that we can be thankful for today.

The first story is about a brave nurse that jumped in a parachute..

Ella Krog a Norwegian hero..

The next story is about a secret organisation that was organised in the summer 1944. It was a organisation that included; Sweden, Norway, USA, Great Britain. Sepals ground was four inaccessible mountain bases in the border landscape between Norway and Sweden. The purpose was to contact the resistance units and get a stable independent non communistic Scandinavia. this history is long, but worth listening to..

In Sweden we got the Mountain Platoon, which as I assess as one of the or the one most skilled in the world( yes, I know it from inside). The reason is the skills in artic and polar environment, as well as the knowledge in field work in artic environment. A lot of the special units worldwide comes to K4 Arvidsjaur for training in the winter and arctic skills.

The Swedish Mountain Platoon in action..

All the mountain cottage have also got there history:

During the Second World War, the cottages were used to peace the border between Norway and Sweden. Refugees, couriers and resistance fighters benefited from being able to rest and stay in the cabins when they traveled from Norway to Sweden or vice versa. In the Tärna parish the cottage was closed for tourist accommodation during the war. Only in the end of the war was the tourist traffic allowed again, and this was also true of Tärna Tourist Station, which STF constructed in 1927.

Now the time has come to present a new sequel. Winter skills, that can be good for the upcoming seasons..

Time for preparation for upcoming adventures..

The first chapter in the winter skills sequel will be about winter navigation.

Navigation during winter can be hard. As a good start you should check: Magnetic bearing, Measure distance, Time or pace distance, Map reading a ”mental checklist”, Dangers, Possible errors. Always taking a bearing. I normally use a list of bearings for the day with me. If it is ”white out” you can use the second best navigator in the group to go before for the being able to have a sighting point.

Even footprints can be used for sight help. Use the compass for the bearing.

Don’t forget to use a altimeter for secure the navigation. I never go to the mountains without a altimeter..

See ya soon..

About seasons..

Every season got its own greatness. The autumn has its silences, and peace. Now is the time to get out there and feel the calm. Nature prepare for winter. Some of the days are so still so you can taste it.

A calm evening close to Blahammaren, Jamtland (Photo Ulf Bergman)


At the moment it is a kind of mid-season. Now its the time for planning and preparing for the upcoming winter. But still there is plenty of time for a mountain travel. The air up there is high and crisp, and you are really on your own. It is a great feeling, being there and everything is closed and you don’t see any one else.

At Getvalen, Jamtland in November. Calm and lonely.(Photo Ulf Bergman)

The ice-climbing season in coming up so you need to be prepared. So sharpen the crampons and ice axes, check the ice-screws..

When the evening gets dark, use the time for preparation of the Ice Tools..

And the workout. Increasing the endurance at the time. When it comes to strength it will be focus for the calf’s. I got to need strong calf’s for the ice climbing so this ones will be used:

See ya soon..

Trends, and writing your life book.

About trends in the mountain environment:

The Mountain Safety Council in Sweden report that the Swedish mountains will receive about 700 000 visitors during the summer 2017(September included). A increasing of foreigner visitors is a clear trend.

The interest of hiking in Sweden will increase..

What we can see is that Netherland is the country that increases most. It is also interesting to analyze that fact of foreign companies have established itself in the region. This might be a signal to Swedish tourist council to probably do the same in areas were swedes often go? Overall families with children increase as well as young people (18-30 years). Also people with foreign background increase as well. It is also a fact that visitors or less unfamiliar visitors, with impaired security awareness. But they are better equipped. What can be seen from a security perspective is that the visitors underestimate the weather impact and fast weather cover. They also often overestimate the coverage of mobile network. The underestimate of their own physical condition is also a big issue. Not appropriated clothing for the chosen activity is another factor that can be seen. The hikers also sometimes underestimate the distance in combination with elevation and own physical condition. Last but not least; people often forget to communicate their route. This will mean that family and acquaintance get worried and as a result the mountain rescue needs to act on an event that not is acute. Three areas that can be seen as growing are: Trail cycling (and downhill),

day walks and guided tours increases. Some conclusion that can be done; social media gives a distorted picture of the mountain environment. Foreign specialized tour operator establishes themselves on the Swedish market. New activities such as peak-hunt that give you a badge or a gift is popular. (This is very common in the Alps) The need of mountain cabins will be decreased, due to the visitors request more services and quality and activities. The need of guides will increase, but there will be competitive from other countries. The creative guide, with a close connection to a mountain station will have more clients.

The need of creative guides will increase..

Another finding from my point of view will be to have homepage and information about the area the visitors are going to. I think they have done a good job for Mont Blanc here.

I think something like that can be good for some areas in Sweden as well. Of course there is other thing that is important in the Swedish mountain environment. Information I also important for all affected areas. such as the samis. It will be more people who will affect the whole environment.

All will be affected of more visitors in the Swedish mountains..

A interesting article you can listen about it you got here: (sorry it is in Swedish)

Other news in the outdoor world:

The Haglöfs company got a new CEO, Carsten Unbehaun will lead the company now on. His background is from Asics.

The Swedish brand Fenix buys the Danish company Friluftsland. The ownership will now include 60  stores and internet stores in Germany, Finland and Denmark and Sweden.

The Swedish company Fjallraven has stared a cooperation with recco.

Fjallraven work together with Recco..

The new collection ”Bergtagen” will include this new function, that will help to localize people that been caught of an avalanche, or felt into a crevasse..

And at last, every morning you wake up you start to write the page of the day in your life. It is up to you how this day will be in your own book of life. Take good care of it..

Fill your book with essential life experience..

See ya soon