When the brain makes decision..

Today I will continue about one of my favourite topic, decision making. What is it that make us to take the step, or not. After reading todays blog, you will find that you not normally make decisions out of  logic…

In order to make the right decision, we need to understand how our brain works. What is driving our decision-making? We have a built-in reward structure (striatum) that responds to what is pleasant and also a primitive emotional structure (amygdala) that responds to what is unpleasant. So when we are facing a choice, we would rather choose the one that gives the most reward and least punishment / discomfort.
Is it then possible to distinguish between decisions that are influenced by emotions or logical thinking?

We can conclude that it is a myth that we are rational decision makers. We are more emotionally driven decision makers who can think rationally sometimes. Emotions form the basis of basically all our behavior and what is important to us. When you do not know something, it is not important either.
What then makes us want to make decisions?

A simple explanation is that the alternatives are about as good, or as bad. Of course, if the results of a decision are made, it becomes easier. The strategy for making decisions easier where the difference is small is to gather information that either raises or lowers the value of one of the alternatives.
Some want more than others, what is it? Can you change that behavior?
In fact, there are partly genetic explanations linked to the dopamine system that affect how adventurous we are, this also affects how willing we are to take risks. We all need different levels of dopamine to get the kick out. But if you challenge yourself, you can develop your ability to take risks, etc.
So how do you make the right decision?

For example, if you choose a career path, you can always fall back to its original path. If you choose such a decision, you do not always receive the same support from the surroundings as if you choose a ”traditional” decision. Then it is important to know that you really want to do what you have decided. There are also situations when it can be good to listen to the fear, should I go down the off-piste hill when there is high avalanche risk? The consequence of choosing errors in such a situation can be more serious, and then it is important to listen to their emotional reaction. Basically, it’s about knowing yourself and understanding why you react the way you do. Does the fear warn you, or does it make you chick?
Human is programmed to make illogical decisions.

Daniel Kahneman, a professor of psychology, has studied man’s tendency to constantly make illogical decisions since the early 1970s. His thesis is that man has two ways of making decisions. One is completely reflex-controlled, here you can’t even reflect. The second is slower, more reflective (which in psychology is called ”the self”).
We use systems as a rule, even when we need to use system 2. It is a kind of systematic thought error or preconceived notions.

But it is now that it gets exciting, this does not happen randomly, it has a form and structure that obscures our judgment. We think we make a logical and carefully thought-out decision, but we probably won’t. Impulse purchases, that we trust the wrong people, we can’t see things from another person’s perspective or have a hard time resisting temptation.

System two has a supporting role, which believes it has the lead role. Most of our brain is controlled automatically, and then in the first place by system one. You immediately get an opinion on something. If you then get asked why you think in a certain way, you will construct reasons. System two provides us with reasons, which are not always the real reasons behind the opinion.

The reason why this lies so deeply within us is that it is genetically conditioned. What is clear, however, is that we can reflect on our choices. System two has for the first time realized that there is a system one. It gives us the opportunity to influence how we think about the decisions we make.

The Utehelg will be the 22-24 of May this year, so if outdoor is your area -be there:-)

See ya soon…

Shadows of the past…

Todays blog will be a continuation of the blog from 13th of October and about the Dyatlev-expedition. During 2019 the Swedish Dyatlev expedition was provided. One of the members Richard Holmgren a archaeologist made me curious, so I decided to talk to him. This is the result:-) Richard has been working a lot in the Middle east.)

Hi Richard, what was the background of the Swedish Dyatlov expedition?
The ground reason was the fact that no one ever had  been at the area at the same time of the year for skiing the route within the same preconditions as the Dyatlov expedition got at the accident. We were interested to understand how a group with 9 different highly skilled persons, in the cold with wet equipment and no sleeping bag could have experienced the tour. It has also always been a big question to understand what was really happen out there.
How did you experience the environment in the area?
First of all, it is a very beautiful area. When we were there in January it was very cold. When we get started the thermometer showed minus 50 degrees. What struck me was that it was very nice skiing there, but the strongest feeling was the loneliness.  You don’t see anybody else or even an animal nor even a single bird. The wood is consisting of sly and twigs. So, you must search for fuel to the fire, a bit higher up in the trees.
What was the feeling of going the expeditions tracks?
Sometimes things fell in place, this was one of these moments. The 2019 was the year when the whole thing around this accident was in focus, and at that time we were there in the area. I can say that the skiing was really exhausting. It is a brutal environment. Here  is the time to deny that the group should have been subjected to assault of a KGB team, because this team where in that shape they themselves could have been a KGB team. I was thinking that they have it a bit better circumstances than us, because they could use the local Mansi hunters track. We had to track it by ourselves.

What was the biggest impression of the expedition for you?
Well, one of the first things is that it looks like the picture from seventy years ago. The time stand still out here. Even if the area is empty and mystery during the Winter season, people hike here during the summer. You can see tracks out o that. You can see fireplaces and that people has taken bark out of the trees. The locals and the food also made impression to me. Very kindly people and the food salmon and potatoes tasted very good. I rather choose that before grilled goat in Syria:-). I also must mention the vodka, in this Environment with cold you eat fat food. Such as lard etc. with a glass of vodka it tastes even better…
And the most interesting and important question, what was really happening out there?
It of course has been very interesting if Yeti or KGB has been the reason for the “accident” but it is very clear for me that it has been so called Katabatic winds. From my point of view, they tried to dig two snow shelters for survival of the winds. This area is known for hard weather condtions. Katabatic fall winds can occur when air cooled over a glacier or mountain range flows down the slopes. Since the cooled air has a higher density than the surrounding atmosphere, the fall winds can sometimes be accelerated to storm or hurricane strength. The strongest fall winds are found on slopes of powerful inland ice. At the Anaris accident katabatic winds were involved. Ok, but all the conspiracy history of the injuries of the body’s? The autopsy was not done so good. Also, the bodies were treated without caution and some of the injuries probably came out of that.

I dont Think we got the last Words about this history, -no it might be a documentary about it during this year…Interesting and what is your next adventure Richard? -Well, it will be a guiding tour in the alps. A trip in Hannibals tracks, would you like to  enjoy?…

Note. There was also a question about the fact that some of the clothes was contminated with radioactive radiation. Well the clothes were this was measured, belonged to two of the participants that was working with a neclear research Project…

This weeks tour suggestion will be the Skackerfjallen in Jamtland. You might start at Kolasen, continue the trail towards Storvallen, and a peak attemt of the ”sockertoppen”. Here you also got a windshelter. Then you follow the track towards Anjan. You got a lot of nice peaks to climb Close to the track… This area is not crowded, and you will be by yourself up here…

When it comes to gear, ive been testing a compass from Brunton and a middle layer sweather from Garphyttan.

This is a hand bearing Compass with a build in LED-light for night navigation. With a ”ever North” Compass Nail it will not be affected of other magnetic fields. It is easy not use. For skiing or other special occasion you will like this one.

The Garphyttan Kraft fleece is a middle layer that is produced in 91% plyester and 9%Elastan. It is a well lavished sweather. You can also use it as a Shell layer in the spring and autumn. With its zipper it is easy to access pockets in layer one or for ventilation. With a price under 100Euro this is a real good investment. Design and finnish 5, usability and details 5, comparing it to others in the same segment, it is very good and thoughtful, so a 5. The price is in a class of its own so Another 5 totally 20 best in class!

See ya soon!



Books, news in the outdoor and planning…

So here we go, January has already passed. So now it is hight time for planning this years activities. If its not planned, the propability will be low that it will be done. So just go for it. At todays blog you will get some suggestion of what to do…

Mirror from the outdoor World: There will be no outdoor fair this year. The number of exhibitors has been to low. And ro be honest, I am not surpriced. The fair has been out of energy the last years. But there will be a new one: 4-6 of September the Outdoor festival of Stockholm will be open. So keep the Eyes open for this event..https://www.outdoorfestival.se/ When ti comes to sustainability parts of the outdoor market has take a stand. On Black Friday a lot of brands have Close there sights. And Haglöfs take it even a bit longer and double there prices at the Black Friday. When it comes to result of 2019, Outnorth does a real good result. With a increase of 30% of the Revenue, they goes against the market. The ISPO fair were all the news in outdoor for 2020 was presented Tensons hybride jacket AW20 was rewarded.

When it comes to planning new adventures I might help you out. From now on I will have a suggestion of tour at the blog. Today we start with the Salen area. This tour starts at Stoten parking and follow the signs towards granfjallsstugan. It is a easy but uphill track. After 6K you will reach the windshelter of Granfjället. Here it is good to take a break and enjoy the view. After the windshelter the track is uphill, and a bit Heavy. Soon you will come up to the Mountains. You will now have a fantastic view into Norway, just follow the tracks toward Granfjallet/Stoten and soon you will se the ski lifts. Follow the track to Soltorget/Jaktstugan and you will be back to the start of this hike…Easy to acces, nice to walk…

The book Helags & Sylarna the author Leif Kullman and Lisa Oberg describes how small climatic variation will affect the animals as well as the nature.

Today I will start the Guides tips. Here you will learn practical things that might can help you in the outdoor tecnique..

When it comes to Winter tenting, you might have seen that people use the skies for line up the tent. This might not be so good. The cross contry skies noramlly got a Sharp steel edge. That can easy cut of the line. And I will tell you, its not so easy to get out in the storm and solve that problem…So instead use Winter pegs, they will be Worth the investment…

See ya soon…

A judgement in advantage for the Samis…

This week the Girjas Sami association got a judgement that they will own the hunting of small animals and fishing within there area. This judgement will be a precedential one, and probably will more of the Sami association in Sweden follow the sample. This is a first step to ”Clean up” our dark history of the natives in Sweden(our responsibility for how we treated them). But its not so easy as this. This is a judgement that a small amount of the Samis can take advantage of. The Critics mean that its just a small and the most strident Group of Samis this will effects. The samis that not is organized will not have any benifit out of the judgement. But it is a small step to rehabilitation.

In the footprints of the environment focus, the Swedes choose to stay at home in greater occurrence. then Before. One good example of this is Edsasdalen which increased visitors with 136% during the summer of 2019. The cabins in Jamtland increased the visitors with 18%, and the cabins in Vindelfjallen +19%. The Swedish Tourist association have been working with a visiting calendar where you can see when there are most visitors in periods and areas. The result out of that is that less visited areas have increased. With many new visitors STF have a new concept, where you can be together with a guide the first Days of your mountain jurney, to get knowledge of how to travel in the Mountains, and how it works with the cabins.



(Sylarnas mountain station. Photo Gösta Fries)

When it comes to e-Commercial in the outdoor area I Think its is good to got some knowledge of that, so here comes my view of the most common brands in Sweden.

Addnature.se, this Company has been in the trade since 1990. In the beginning they were doing experiment with new brands and so on. But today they have the establish brands. High skills of ”know how” normally fast delivery(best in the trade) So 5/5 is the grade.

Outdoorexperten.se, this brand was founded in 2005. This Company got really good ”know how”. They got a less of Products comparing to Addnature for example. But in the other hand they got specilized Equipment for special occasions. They have never disapointed me. The challenge they got is that it will take 1-3 Days for delivery. And normally 3 rather then 1-2. So it will be 4,5 grade.

Northstar.se, a small brand specilized for climbing and skiing(ski-alpinsim). If they got the gear you want the price will be the best. They know there brands out and in. Payment methods are a bit limitid comparing to others, but quite ok. The grade will be 3,5.

Outnorth.se in the year 2012 was founded. Outnet and GetOut was merged together as one. And in October 2019 also Tinderberg was merged into the Company. This makes it to a interesting brand. Tindeberg has been focusing on some special brands and areas. So together this has become a real challanger to Addnature. High skilled crew with broad Product flora they have taking a big step. But the deliverance will be 1-3 Days and with the same challenge as Outdoorexperten. So the grade: 4,5

And just a comment; dont ever use the Postnord for deliverance. You will never get it…

Sometimes sweet Music arises. The Garphyttan Original para anorak has become a real good friend. I must say I love this jacket.(and I am not sponsered, I have bought it myself:-)

See ya soon…

Workout and review of a jacket.

January almost means workout, and living up to new goals. For me January means planning the year. For being able to do as much adventures and challanges as possible it need to be planned. I will get back to that.

When I test garment and Equipment ahead, I will look into four parts: 1. Design and finnish, 2. usability, details 3. Comparing to others in the same area, 4. Price. The grade will be from 0-5 so the highest value will be 20.

Today I will do a Review of the Garphyttans Original Para Anorak. First of all, this is a jacket made of 35% wool and 65% polyester. And as the name tells us it is a Anorak. For us who has been raised up with this garment, we have a relation to it. I have Always love it, but it got its limitation when it comes to wet weather. This jacket got a lots of functions and is very robust. Comparing to other jackets in the same area, this one is very affordable. So how do I grade the jacket? Design and finnish, I will give it 4,5. It is a nice jacket with a real bushcraft feeling. Usability and details: 4. The details is outstanding, but due to the ”Shell” part I will reduce the figure. Comparing to others in the same area, this one is outstanding 5. And when it comes to the price, it is also a 5. So totally 18,5 a real good result!

Books or pods or webb articles? When it comes to develope the knowledge and skills we can read or listen to pods. I can tell I am doing it all, but from my point of view the books will be the best. Sit with a nice cup of coffee and read a book with a map at the side, that is nothing that can be compered to that..

(my outdoor libary)

When it comes to the workout, this time of the year the focus will be on the endurance. So building up the capacity for being able to Catch and be prepared for the  upcoming adventures this is the time. So a lot of row, and of coure some fighting, so tough..


See ya soon, now we are on track 2020:-)

New year, new opportunities…

The words has been spoken a lot of times, but a new year means a new start. This year got a lot of expectation from my side. A lot of nice work with developing the IML and work with SFLO. I also already got a lot of guided tour request, so I look forward to this year.

I also Think we all have to take the Environment in consideration when planning our adventures. When it comes to the research about glaciers, it was on a high level at the beginning of the 1900. But the knowledge was stopped due to the knowledge of the movement of the ice. But in the mid 1900 two British physicists John Glen and John Nye independent of each other was able to describe the movement of the ice of a glacier.

The simple relationship between the speed of movement of the ice and the stress it is subject to is usually called Glens Floating Law, while the large work on how the connection is to be applied is usually attributed to John Nye.

In 1947 a hut was purchased in Nikkaluokta by the Sami and Mountain men Andreas Nils. This was the first cabin for the research of the glacier at Tarfala. As curiosity can be told that the hut was blew apart continually.  In 1961 Valter Schytt got a grant to build a modena research station.

The station was build and was consecrated in the same year (1961). Since this, the station has been developed taking into account how society, research issues and the requirements of the researcher have changed over the years. Today it includes 12 Buildings, generator and transformator buildings. The weather in the area is sometimes very hard, and it is good to rember that. In 1992/93 raged two storms. The wind gusts was mesured to 81 m/s, and Three of the Buildings was destroyed and has to be rebuild. Well the glaciers is affected of the global warming here you can see how Sylarna is affected.

It is all our responsibility to let our coming generations to experience glaciers. So Think about how you can reduce the global warming from your Point of view…

See ya soon…

Happy New Year 2020.

A new day, and soon a new year. It has been a good adventure year with lot of challenges. With a visit in Enafors in May,I Think I have covered all month of a year in the mountain Environment. All season got its own charm. But if I must select one it will be the spring-Winter. I still have a Dream to ski in the moonlight towards Sylarna. As usual here comes a conclusion of the year 2019:

A. Abisko-Bjorkliden a fantastic area, and good opertunites for Ice Climbing in the valle Close to the mountainstation at Abisko.

B.Boxing and fighting, this year this has been the new workout for me. New way of training with new insights and new friend, I love it. Thanks Mohammed and Paul and others…

C. Change your way of thinking. Challenge your self all the time to becom better. When it comes to clothing, equpment or workout. Just try to find new ways and solutions…

D.The Djatlev expedition was a new interesting history. And for sure it will be continued…

E. Enaforsholm, this is the Place for starting your adventure. With the Enan river Close you will go to sleep with the noice of the water…

F. Fjällfika, most important at the Mountains will be to take time for a fika. A tour without fika is not a tour. 

G. Guiding at Sälen at the dog camp was a new experience. Nice area with nice peaks and good hiking tracks.

H. With helicopters we will disturb the nature but it also make us able to going while the snow melt and its to weet for hiking…

I. Incidents, I’ve been Reading a lot in the area. Plan good, and be prepared that is very important.

J. Joy, the most important this with outdoor activities: -Do it for you enjoy it, and not for it is a good Picture at Instagram…

K. Kebnekaise, this fantastic area. There is Always something to explore. Guiding this year was a real happening:-)

L. Lapporten, being in the Abisko area means you will se the Lapporten wherever you are…

M. Making decisions, this I have wrote a lot about. Reading all the facts of incidents this is one of the most important areas. Make the right decision in time, and you will avoid accidents.

N.New gear, it has been a lot of new gear test this year. But what is the most important apparel? I could not live without my Softshell shell jacket…

O. One of the best time this year was when I saw a eagle just 50m away.  A golden moment….

P. Pulleys, I will never leave for the mountain without one of this, and today there a lot of solutions with combined carabiners.

Q. Question – Which was your biggest adventure this year? Well it must have been the tour for Sonfjallet. Really nice

R. Risk Management one of the most importent topics this year. This for avoiding accidents and prevent them from happening.

S. Swedish mountain Leader assosiation, finally I hope I will get the neadle:-). Been working a lot for the organisation, and I hope we give the members a lot of value for the membership…I will also mention the Swedish mountain club. There news Fjallet get a lot of inspirational  articles

T. Telemark skiing, I am doing it to Little. It is the best way of skiing from my Point of view. I want to do it more. Maybe during 2020?!

U. Utefest, a new experience for me. Guiding people from the whole of Sweden in one of the nicest areas in Sweden what a favor.

V. Via ferrata, as usual very nice at Skuleberget. And this year I got the Gold card = Life time membership. So nice:-). This year it will be a weekend session at Skuleberget with Via Ferrata for those who dare:-)

W.Wool, Aclimas series toghether with Lars Mansen is fantastic. I really like the clothes.

X. Follows the X in the Mountains and you will end up right:-)

Y. Yellow will be the choice of the colour of the clothes, you will be visable…

Z. Z-pulley will be the perfect solution for getting up from a creveasse..


Happy new year my friends, see ya soon..

The 1st place of Swedens roof is threatened…

The advent calendar is over, but it is Sunday so the blog will be updated as usual. When it comes to the highest peak of Sweden there has been a discussion about if the Nothern or the Southern peak is the highest. The Land Survey has during the last period connect data with decimeter precision, this ha resulted in that the peaks in the Sarek area has been upgraded. With the current levels it is only eight meters between Keb Norhtern peak and Sarektjåhkkås peak. There has also been a scanning during the late autumn and the result will be presented in the near future. This will be interesting from a Tourist Point of view…

(Sarektjáhká peak)

When it comes to the Utehelg at Skeviks cabin at Varmdo – Stockholm 22-24 May, I will be there and also Outnorth which is the main sposor of the event. So lets meet there in May. I will umpdate you all with the program in the future.

I will also pay attention to a painter from Varmland. Nils Walfrid Nilsson. Born 1868 in Norra Rada in Varmland, and dead in 1956 in Karlstad. He knowned as the mountain painter with icy landscapes..


See ya soon…

24th of December I wish you a merry Christmas.

Now the advent Calander has come to an end. And I a merry Chrismas greeting will to all of you send.

Nine adventures:

Concluding this year it has been nine adventures in the Mountains. Three out of these has been with guidning. Kebnekasie, Salen with dog camp and Utefest at Docksta. Also ice Climbing at Abisko, skiing in Salen, Sonfjallet etc. Really nice. A lot of work with the Swedish mountain Leader organisation as well. And thank you www.viaferrata.se  for your Life time membership. 



The Mountain Leaders chronicle:

A good year with lot of adventures. What i learned most this year will be the Risk Management planning. How important that is. While Reading all reports, articles and technical investegations I understand and really dont want to end up in this kinds of situations. And here back to the old knowledge; surround yourself with the right people and they will encourage you to develope your skills in the area. So thank you Mattias and Mikael, Matt and Markus for that. Another thing is to never stop enjoying the nature and the mountain views.

Early morning, it is still dark while I pulses in the snow with snowshoes. The Husku is eager due to all the reindeer tracks, he sticks unsteadily on. The sweat cover my back, then I turn and can see Helags, Lunndorrs pass and Are. I stop and just listen to my own breathing, and I Think I must be the happiest man on the Earth. I quickly get out of my thoughts, the husky got a new track to follow and he is eager to continue…

Merry Christmas my friends…

23:rd of December and abut accidents.

This year i’ve been working a lot with Risk Management and read a lot about the area. When it comes to climbing accidents reported in Sweden, there is a pattern. First of all, it is not related to Equipment failure. The lack of comrade Control is one of the big factors. And also the lack of knowledge of Avalanches.

When it comes to hiking/ski accidents we can see a trend that it have increased. Practitioners tend to take more risks. This specially in Groups, were the responsibility can be divided. And even with a guide the padrticipant are willing to take bigger risks. This will means that we as guide must take a bigger responsibility of the Groups skill and knowledge levels.

See ya tommorow…