Via Ferrata season…

Early morning, the guide has been up for a couple of minutes. Everything is checked and loaded in the vehicle. The sun has been up for a couple of hours. Time to pick up the clients. The ride to the cliff will take about 5 hours. A buss full of expectation and excitement. We arrived before schedule, but that dosent matter. There is a bugbear in the ”air” black clouds and thunder. The routes are closed. Well, it mean a couple of minutes to take a coffee break. 34 minutes later we got a ”Go” from the staff at place.

Finnaly we got a go…

Todays crew was homogenius, and fast. They followed the instruction perfectly, and there was no problem at all. The white route was done in just 40 min.

First time Via Ferrata and a happy face…

A perfect tecnique, look at the arm holding the Via Ferrata set…

The guide lead and give instruction. Secure safety and helping pushing limits…

Just when the climb was done, and we started the way back, the rain and a new thunderstorm came in. Meaning time to go home…But a coulpe of clients, happy and excited to come back for another session..

Happy clients at the top of Skuleberget…

See ya soon..

Sweden become more popular, live your Life the fullest, and some new gear..

Research shows that Sweden will become more popular from other countries related to visit/vacation planning. The Norwegians looking for hotels/spa-hotels. The people from Netherlands’ looking fore traveling to Nordkap and wilderness/untouched nature, when the Chinese rather search on the web for ice-hotels and glassblowing. Don’t forgot the beautiful Sweden, be a tourist in your own country. Summer is the best time in Sweden

The wilderness of Sweden, is popular.

When it comes to our life,  we got the responsible to make good. So here comes some thought about how to think about it…

Live the day with a fresh new start. What happened yesterday or the week before doesn’t matter it is here and now..  Live more consciously each day, stop sleepwalking trough your life. Become committed to your growth. In the map of consciousness there are 17 levels. from shame to enlightenment, Achieve a higher level with your commitment of growth. Design your life and set goals. The next step will be to defined action to get to your goals. Discover your passion in life. Spend time with people who enable you. Try new things, get out from the comfort zone. Embrace new ideas, do not mentally limit yourself..

Becoming a better you, next week we will build your self confidence..

This week I’ve been testing the Simond Rock mens jeans.

Simond Rock mens jeans.

Simons is a brand from France, Chamonix. Its not the most fancy brand, but have a lot of stuff with good quality. This trousers is for bouldering, but can be used for climbing and other outdoor activities. Its a nice and comfort trouser. As you can see on the pictures, its a nice design. The local climbers in Cham. will for sure use this one. To normal pockets, one for the map and one for the brush will be good enough. the price 48.51 Euro is fine. So what score does it got? 4,8NLA:s size 40 suits me(180cm tall, 74kg)

And today some workout music:

See ya soon..

How are you?

Another fantastic day. After a walk with the dog i Went to the lake for a morning bath. I will try to keep the mind as relaxed at that time..

One of this mornings…

This time of the year is good for trail/sky running. You have to be aware of the water flow, just so you don’t get a surprise.. There a lots of fine trails in the Swedish mountains. My favourite is in Are and the Valadalsfjallen as well. If you want to race, you got the mountain marathon at the 4th August in Valadalen. 43km with 2100 altimeter.

Ready for a mountain race?

Another thing I’ve been thinking of is the question -all is well? A question with expected answer..were did the question ”How are you?” Because then you can get a honest answer…

Some nice Swedish music today..


See ya soon..

The trail system in Sweden, some abut trends…

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency(Naturvårdsverket) has during a couple of years upgraded the whole trail system in Sweden.

The Jamtlandstriangle trail..

The trail system over all includes almost 900 bridges. 170 of these are hanging bridges and 300 are beam bridges(balkbroar) Lots of the haning bridges are old, and they are very expensive to replace.

The hang bridges are expensive, but important..(one out of almost 900)

On the other hand those are very important for the availability. When it comes to wind shelter there was 84 from the beginning. Today there are 176 of these. The whole cost for the upgrade is going to someware around 27 milj. Swedish crones. So think about that when you enter the trails:-)

The brand Meindl has started a cooperation with the outdoor bureau Systrar I Bergen. A organisation that will get more females out in the wilderness. Maybe this is a trend, that there will be organisations and companies in the outdoor business chose to work with different niches and areas of interest.

And now to the workout. Now its the perfect time for trail running, at least in Europe. The light is up at 04.00 so you cant complain of that. And if you use the terrain, you can find 100 different way of workout methods.

The ”force path” is one of my favourites.  Find a trail that is maximum 1000m. When you pass a stone or a bench, stop and do 10-20 push-ups. After another 300m stop and do 45 sek hollow body rocks..

Hollow body rocks position..

Just continue like that and add your favourites core exercise..


And you take care out there, always safety first…

See ya soon..


Grab yourself a Thursday…

Yesterday the alarm went on 05.30. It was time to go for the first Via Ferrata of the season. Just over five hours was the travelling time with the car. But it was a awesome trip. A Sweden when it is as its best, springtime. Mirrored lakes, no wind at all. A rising sun and spring green trees. I really enjoy it. At Docksa north of Harnosand the sun was still shining. I gear up, and begun to climb..

First ”clip in” of the season..nice…

The red trail, a fabulous view over the High coast of Sweden..

So after a couple of hours on the cliff, it was time for go home. Five new hours by myself in the car. Well, it might sound weird, but I like it. Just listen to the music, and let the mind and thoughts just go there own way.

We are so focused on work, on what do to after the work or when we got spare time or vacation. I think it is good to take a common day and make to something different. Challenge yourself and grab your self a Wednesday or Thursday, and make it special in any way..I will for sure. Otherwise the days and weeks and month just blow away..Keep it simple, Just do something wise verse what you normally do on Thursday..

And now over to some news and tests.

For the surfers..

Billabong and Quicksilver get together. This will be the perfect match for all the Surfer bums..

The Teleferique to Aguille du Midi will open for the season at 28th of May..

I have been testing the Montura Yaru Tecno GTX.

This boot is build for easy mountaineering and Via Ferrata. It has good comfort with is Gore-Tex lining. It got a good grip with its Vibram soles. The price 110 Euro, its quite ok. I would recommend this for Via Ferrata. I can give it 4 out of five NLA:s

I also been testing the Stealth helmet from Grivel.

The Grivel stealth comparing to Grivel Salamander. The stealth is much lighter Salamander = 380g. Stealth = 190g. The Stealth is a light and ventilated helmet. You can see the difference of the lining in the helmets on the picture above. I really like the Salamander. It fit perfect and is easy to set size. The light Stealth have a real nice design, but is very slimmed version. When you put a action cam on it feels real nose-heavy. So for the price 84,40 Euro I expect more. So sorry Grivel, you got a 3,5 NLA:s from me..(Grivel is one of my favourites brand)

And at the end some good music


See ya soon..


What a wonderful world, workout scheme and prepared for outdoor life?

This time of the year is magic. The vacation period is in the front of us, and the nature is in its all splendor. The daylight starts at 04.00 so what is your excuses for not training or explorer new activities and Challenges?

The bench-press program work out fine so far. With bench-press, pull/push ups and deadlift and squats you got it all. So with the base exercise combined with cardio workout, the mix will be good.

And when it comes to endurance and cardio trail-running will be the concept. Sky running is good. There are a couple of good trails I can recommend. From Vålådalen to Lunndörr cabins trough the issjödalen is very nice.

Trail-running to Lunndörren passing the pyramids and issjödalen

It is important to be prepared for the adventures. One thing that is important is to have the leadership in place. Lots of reports and research indicates that its important to got a leader when the ”shit hits the fan”. Someone that can have the overview and can steer all activities with a accident or problem with someone got injured. So have the role in place..for the safety..

For reporting to adequate clinician staff you can use this template.

I also been on vacation for a while in Greece. There is mountains and gym there as well..

Mountains are calling and I must go…

This week I will test the stealth climbing helmet from Grivel. It looks fine and is very light, though I think the inside of the helmet is a solution I’m not trust at the first sight, but I will test for sure

Grivel stealth helmet is under test at the moment..

The music this week will be two different kind of taste..and you the text is worth listen to in the both of them..

See ya soon..

About safety, workout and test…

Well, during your adventure in the outdoor, it is important to have focus of the safety. One of the main reason for it, will be that it will take time before you can get professional medicine support.

It will take time for the mountain rescue to be in place. So you must be aware and prepared for that in the mountain environment.

So how to handle that issue? Well, good planning and thinking three step ahead.

Three step thinking, this will help you..

Plan for always have an escape plan. In the army we did  a very good form of this. A well thought decision plan, and what can/will happen in the next step, and what will happening after that. Translate this into the business thinking it is like a regular project planning with a risk workshop. Using that for adventure will suits fine..

Planning your adventure as a project, it will work out fine and you will be prepared..

When it comes to statistics and what we can learn about it, it is I little tricky. The reason for that  is that there is no aggregated figures. But we can look into one region, and from there we can get some facts to take under consideration. From Germany we got an example from the climbing association. From their figures we can see that a climber is 313 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than climbing.(on the other side we travel in car for the adventures, don’t forget that). 33 people die in a year directly related to mountaineering accidents. 12 related to hiking, 7 related to via Ferrata, 7 to climbing, skiing 7 people(avalanche etc.,) and 1 caused of crash with another skier.

The human factor will be in the main focus here. When it comes to Via Ferrata for example, the victims have not used the equipment in the right way. So we as adventure must be able to do real thoughtful. With a good planning of the healthcare and exit plan you will be prepared.

Buy a empty first aid case, and fill it after your activity. Then you know you got the right stuff. And you, when was the last time you train the first aid knowledge…

And now over to some testing. I have start the test of Stellar equipment’s pants.

Stellar Shell pants.

Here comes the findings..Shell pant can have two different focus. Mountaineering or skiing. This pant is for the first focus for skiing. I normally like mountaineering pants better related to they get more slim fit. But I got impressed of the pants. From a design point of view they got a 5 out of 5. The knee pocket is low, which means that you can put your smartphone there and it probably will not impact the avalanche beacon.(this need to be tested). The pant is in Dermizax NX and feels like a 2 layer Gore-Tex pant. The zipper at the foot is a bit short, but that will also be good if you using gaiter. Less of textile. Price is ~250 Euro, and that is a real good price for a product with this quality. So overall the pant get 4.5 out of 5..Just a heads up from the article above. Be careful with injured people with Gore-Tex/Dermizax clotes. They can hidden a bleeding because of its compact…

When it comes to the workout I will test a six week bench press program. It will be interesting to se what I can achieve..


See ya soon…



Its seriously…

Three day of avalanche course at Åre. A real good course in the basic of avalanche knowledge.

The instructor Martin Alzén explain the impact of angle of the slope and how it will affect the risk of avalanches. practice practise and practice will be the rule..

The three areas: snow, terrain and human will be the three areas that impact the risk of avalanches. With both theory and practice, the course was very well planned. First aid and transceiver search was also included.

Testing the Avalanche air bags, and understand how they really works in the real…

Mårten Johansson UIGMA mountain guide explain, train and test the knowledge of the group…

The transceiver will help you with the search of people being caught by a avalanche. But then you really need to practice to be ready when its necessary..

And this is to honour avicii, we miss you..

When it comes to new stuff, I will test the Stellar equipment’s the Shell pant. It will be interesting. There will also be a article about safety on the mountain..

Will it be good enough? Stellar equipment The shell pant.

See ya soon..

Top trips, choose helmet wisely and a good week of workout..

Now is one of the best period in the mountains for skiing. The light comes early in the morning. The night is cold, the days are long. The snow got good quality, The weather is more stable and your ski experience will be the best of the season.

Now is the best time for top trips in the Swedish mountains..

And now you can get a nice tan as well:-)

Another thing when you go skiing or biking or whatever you need  to use a good helmet. The Mips helmet is developed for the best protection. The Swedish surgery Hans Von Holst got some of the victims from bike accident passed his surgery table, and he started to think how he would decrease the injuries of the brain. The scientist Peter Halldin, has developed a composite solution and together they find out a way forward. The result is the Mips helmet we can see today.  So today we got over 80 different Mips helmet on the Swedish market (for cycling and skiing).  When will we see a climbing helmet with Mips?

The difference between regular helmets and Mips helmets are quite obvious..So invest for you brain its worth it..

And over to some news on the Swedish outdoor market. The Åre based company Elevantes has a new aggressive plan. Martin Netinder means that the new profile will be to go from a small company to a medium sized one. A modern mountain life culture will be the key values. The next step will be a summer collection, running, and cycling will be covered in the new collection. It will be on the market in 2019. So it will be interesting to see Elevenates development.

Elevenates will e interesting to follow in the near future..

The workout this week has been real good. With 13 workouts I think it will be enough. At Friday I did the 1000m row test, result: 3 min 17 sek. quite good as well. So it just to keep it up:-).

See ya soon…


Field work and workout..

With coffee in my hand and the husky next to me, it is time for some blogging. It has been an effective day today. I kept up the field work with pulley system for crevasse rescue. The routines must be in the backbone…

You don’t need so much equipment for be able to set up a pulley system for crevasse rescue..

If you prepare can do the double quite easy, but on the other hand the most difficult part is to stop the other persons fall..Then you have to build a belay.

This time at year it is important to build up the strength for upcoming activities.

Bench press WUTH(work up to heavy) The target is 100kg, soon there I hope..

The thing is to always challenge the body. One of my favourites is to do bench press like this:  5 low short ones, 5 high short ones and 5 fully. then 10 push ups. Rest for 2-3 minutes x 4. This will build you up.

The May is getting closer and the Via Ferrata season is coming fast. Be prepared soon its time for Skuleberget..

Soon, soon its time for via Ferrata…

I will now test the Karpos alagna plus pant and Aligna plus jacket.

Karpos the Italian trademark which focus on high intensive mountaineering activities..

The music today..thanks for the suggest Mattias..

See ya soon..