A new series of training, and some new gear.

Many of you are going for new adventures, and challenges. If you have planning for a ski tour or a ascending of a peak or a trail running race you need to prepare. If you want to perform or get as much out of your trip, follow our new series and become a outdoor athlete..


Want to get as much out of your adventure, or just become a outdoor athlete, here you got the opportunity..

Foundation; first of all you must have a base-level. The training can be divided into three big parts. First energy giving processes. This includes anaerobic, and aerobic training. The second is strength., and technique. This includes muscle strength training and specific technique training. Of course that will depends if it skiing, climbing or trail running etc. The third are is mental training. Here you will train you mind and your focus for example. Set up a goal for your are and start to get the ground.

The start. When you have decide how much you are ready to bet for your goal. Do now we start. The first four weeks you have to start building up your oxygen uptake. Your heart rate will become a central part of your training. Start to check your resting heart rate. If you are having an infection or if you are over-trained, the rest heart rate will tell you. You also need to defined you MHR(Max Heart Rate. 210 – (0,5 x your age)) example if your weight is 40: 210 – 0,5 x 40. 210-20 = 190.


For trail running you must have a focus for aerobic conditioning training. If you have plans for high altitude running, you also need to train anaerobic  training as well. But not so much as  aerobic. Strength for the lower body, For Flexibility, not so much focus. Cross-training much focus. If you not have a high hill in the neighbourhood, you can run cross-country. Decide a direction, set the watch for a time and run. This will build you up. The mental strength needed here will be to run for a long time. Variation of training is very important as well to not increase the volume and intensively to fast.

Suggestion of heart rate while workout:

Recovery: <65% out of MHR (Maximum Heart Rate). Distance 65-75% out of MHR. Tempo: 75-85% out of MHR. Interval: 85-95% out of MHR.

Suggestion for goal 2017:


Next week it will be a new outdoor area we look into regarding training..

And now some new gear:



The Colorado based Crescent moon’s new snow shoe in EVA foam will be the new product of the year 2017. For ~140 Euro it can be yours..


One of my favourite the Alpinisto from McGregory has been updated.

After five years of testing, the new updated Alpinisto is here. Now lighter, stronger and as well even more comfortable. Also with a new tool attachment witch will fit all types of ice axes. A improved ski strap and a new type of aluminium frame, this got the ability to be a number one.

And ice can be very challenging, look at this for example..

See ya soon..

A chronicle about leadership and outdoor guiding.

A chronicle about leadership and outdoor guiding.


The society is always change-inclined. This means that we all have to adapt to that circumstance. We are now going into a more idea-driven leadership overall, and that will of course affect all areas in generally. In addition, the outdoor area as well course. What we also can see as a trend is the change of knowledge of our customer/clients. In generally the knowledge in outdoor technique is being increased for the customers, but as before, some of them will always be beginners. This will mean that it will require more knowledge and a real good physical shape as a guide to handle the large spread of knowledge. One reflection I have done related to that is: You as a guide do not need to show your knowledge, but to obtain the whole groups knowledge. To get the most out of the activity/event. (The guide of course will still be the responsible for the activity). In addition, it will become more important to provide the activity/event with something unique*). Such as animal or plant life of the area. Alternatively, the history or culture life or a new slope etc. With clients knowing more and with more skills, they expect more from a guide. Therefore, you as a guide have to analyze what area you shall focus on. From my perspective, it will be the difference between the guides and guide companies. The customer will choose outsourcer based on those criteria. The one that understands the clients need, no matter of level of knowledge or skills.


The ownership and responsibility will be another interesting area. With new expectations from the customers, this are will be more important. Everyone wants to be seen, even if you are a beginner or very experienced. A way of getting everyone satisfied, you can use the whole group’s knowledge. Nevertheless, do not forgot the beginners. They need the attention as well. A guide who get the eight sense, and can catch that, she or he will be a well hired guide.


Drive and motivation will also be a central part of the guide’s leadership. With all the new requirements from the Customer/clients. This will be the arbitration between the guiding company and guides. The ones that can catch the unique*) areas and get the client to be seen, they will take the lead of the market. Nevertheless, the guides still need to develop the experience of being a good listener and continually learning and reflecting.


Summing up, you must find a way to be unique. Understand the composition of the group. Use the group’s knowledge, and listen to and see all the clients. Keep a high physical level, and build up your confidence. Train your ability overall due to that the client knowledge increase all the time. And always always keep the focus on to get the clients development and experience second (safety first)


a well balanced guide with physical and mental strength, with a focus for how to get the clients satisfied and with the safety in focus..

*) I will not give you the whole answer of what that is, because that is the key for the future market. Therefore, if you interested in that you have to contact meJ however, for example it can be: Secure to NOT have any dependency. Be confident in yourself. Reflect over “what is being unique” in the guide business. Find and defined your values.


Ulf Bergman (Photo Bjorn Dahlgren)

See ya soon..

New year and new challenges.

A new year full of opportunities. The first week has started at a furious pace. With 10 workouts I am on track. My sledge-dag has been working in snow and with me with skies, and he is a talent.

This year will be interesting. We will continue with the Via Ferrata service at Skuleberget. www.viaferrata.se There will also be a tour to Chamonix, A ice climbing session and a ski tour to Are in February. And on Wednesday there will be a chronicle..


This weeks workout will be deadlift:


Perfect for climbing, hiking etc. this will build you up..

See ya soon..


Happy New Year!!

So here we are, 2016 is about to end and a new 2017 is waiting for coming up..


A new year with new challenges.

A 2016 with a lot of good challenges and experiences. I will conclude them in a chronicle:

All terrain training. This year I’ve been training a lot outside. Strength endurance and all different type. real good. Body and brain, you must combine the training with the two parts. If not you will fail,


Chamonix, this year it was a longer period of guiding. Very nice developing and fun. Nothing can compares to Chamonix. Haven’t you been there, Do a realistic planning. It is a must. Plan, and stick to it. It is important to have a realistic plan and targets. Small targets for every day that force you to the head target. , Evolve Fitness, the most important with Evolve is note the extreme good programming. Is the community of the most dedicated and motivational people., Fit, it is easier to keep the fitness, then loose it and start again and again and again..Good habits, do small changes. This will help you to reach your targets.,


Helags, this year it has been to tours to Helags mountain station. The first one on skies, with a real tough weather. Good for the experience of working hard in cold weather. Ice climbing, it is challenging and demands strength and tequiniqe as well as endurance. ,Joy, secure that the workout will be varied, this will make it more fun and joyful. Kettle bells, one of the best and most varied training equipment you can use.  ,Lunndörren, one of the most interesting place in the Swedish mountains. It can be smooth as silk, or hard as granite.


Military tests, this year I’ve been testing a lot of the special forces units tests.  It has been interesting and good to know my own standard.  North Face L5 the new summit series is a very good mountaineering product.  ,Opportunities, they will not come. You got to see them everywhere.  ,Positive mind, this is always the best way to go.,Question your self, am I living the life I want? If not start the way to get it, with small step you will get there. Read, books articles and on the web. You have to get inspired and get knowledge.,Stop find excuses, Tough Viking, first time for the race. The team on a second place and 108 individual, that ok,U,Via ferrata, a couple of times this year at Skuleberget, Real good organized with top level service. Early morning leaving from Stockholm by car, arrival at 10.15 and then two or three tracks on the mountain, great.Wanting more, I want to explore more, and  Lappland would be great. ,X-country running, I’ve been running from Tossåsen-Lunndörren this year. I want to find out if there is any more place I haven’t been starting from in the Jämtland mountains. ,Yellow, the best colour for visibility in the mountain environments ,Zee you soon

A happy new year to all of you! Lets make 2017 to the best of all adventure years..




24th of December.


The 24th of December and today the calendar ends..

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

The content of the calendar has as always been the same as the blog overall. The trinity of leadership, workout and outdoor. To build a inner with a clear compass direction and a armoured body combined with a hugh  outdoor experience.


And the most important be inspiring…

Ski touring on glacier

The best guide is the one inspire, challenge and at the sometime  bear the clients best in his/hers mind…

See ya..


23rd of December..


Today we open door 23, if you will learn more about the samis we will see..

Today will be a hymn for the Samis.


We are all borrowing the free land of the mountains. The natives understand that better then anyone of us. In the samis life the reindeer is the centre. The need of the reindeer every time comes first. A ordinary day for reindeer herd starts early with lunch in the nature and ends late evening. After midsummer it is time for the calf’s to get marked.  Late summer it is time for the reindeer slaughter. In early September when all is prepared the slaughter can begin. It can also be one in October as well. The meat will be frozen, salted or dried. It will also be delivered to the stores for us other to by and eat it.


In Sweden there are about 30-35000 samis, and I can find it hard that we not can compromise and live side by side.


A mountain environment without reindeers wouldn’t be a real mountain environment. Today there are 250 000-275 000 reindeers in Sweden.

And don’t forget, the first mountin guides was the samis..


The first Mountain guides was the samis, we should not forget..

See ya tomorrow..


22nd of December..


Today we open the 22nd door,

The year is closing in, and it soon will be time for 2017. Now it is a good time for setting up a goal for the upcoming year. For be able to set up a target you must defined what really matter for you..


The biggest motivation traps..Time, this one will always be a reason for not workout. But workout efficient, shorten the travel to and from the training, Train in the morning on your way to the job. Missing results, get a good workout partner, set up realistic goals, focus on the implementation instead of the result. Injuries, first of all listen to your body, and increase the work out step by step. If you got injured, secure you got a good treatment. Set up new adapted goals. Money, you don’t need to by a new cycle use the old one. Or just run:-) To high willingness of changes, small steps, Take as a wrote the other day a daily small step that will force you step by step to you goal.

And todays kettle bell complex:


And Mike, listen to the whole song. There will be difference after a while:-)

See ya tomorrow..


21th December..


Today we open the 21th door, and learn about Gore Tex and get information about some new gear.

Gore Tex was founded as a trademark in 1976. In 1980 it was introduced to the Swedish market as a breathable rain suit clothing.

The product let the heat/sweat out. But the membrane pores is 20 000 smaller then a rain drop, so it keep the rain outside. The product is divided into three different quality.


Clothing with 3-layer Qualities has a membrane that is laminated on the inside of the outer material. Deep down, the body is a layer of mesh, which is also laminated to the other two bearings, which protects the membrane and provides extra durability.

In clothes with a 2.5-layer quality mesh lining replaced by a surface treatment of the inside of the membrane. It provides slightly less durability, but a jacket with low weight and low packing volume.

In clothes with 2-layer quality outer material and the membrane laminated together. On the inside is loose mesh lining. The loose lining wicks moisture away from the body, protects the membrane and builds up an air pocket that ensures that the jacket is perceived as a softer coat than with the 3-layer quality.

My experience is that 3 layers will have a longer life span, but the 2 layer will be more smoother. From a environment point of view, the material in Gore Tex will affect the nature, due to it is not degradable. So you have to consider that. Maybe you don’t need a new jacket just for the color due to that fact..On the other hand I would not go to the mountain environment without my Gore Tex clothes..


I will use my Gore Tex on the mountain, but will rethink when buying a new one..

Polar has a new GPS running watch, the M200.


With GPS, sleep meter, activity meter and optical heart rate meter and a price less then 1500:- it is a good watch with a reasonable price.

Under Armour launches a new hybrid jacket. Useful as jacket and sweatshirt.


Under Armours Swacket can maybe be something for you..

See ya tomorrow..


20th of December…


Today we will open the 20th door, and understand what you in the bookshelf shall store..

You shall build up a library of outdoor books for getting all important knowledge. Today I will suggest some books that is really good.

To start with a outdoor library without anything from Torsten Boberg would be an Everest without Sir Edmund Hillary. Bortom Stigarna can be a good start. Or Min värsta fjällfärd. It is outstanding language, and a lot of knowledge in these books.


Torsten Boberg a saint in Swedish mountain environment.

The next must have, must be the Mountaineering the freedom of the hills. This one includes all a mountaineerer need to know. First aid, how a stove works and a lot of other stuff.


A must for a mountaineerer..

The next is for getting inspiration for training. This one is a ”nice to have” just for get a good idea of how to change the training.


Just for getting inspiration..

This one I should say must be a must have; Alexander Gamme’s Ekspedisjonsboka


Aleksander Gamme, Ekspedisjonsboka..

And this one you should have, here you got inspiration and knowledge how to workout for getting the best out of every outdoor activity..


Courtenay Shurman, the Outdoor Athlete..

And  the music of today..Fleet foxes..

See ya tomorrow…

19th December..


Today we open the 19th door, and look and like Chamonix even more…


Chamonix, Lac Blanc, with a tremendous view over the whole Mont Blanc massif. The Chamonix area is fantastic. From Argentiere in the east To Les Houches in the west.  Climbing, hiking, glacier hiking, trail running, paragliding etc.

Les Houches Village

Les Houches, a petit dejuners after the climb here is fabulous..

Chamonix have never ever left me disappointed, it always lives up to the expectations..

A peak over 2000m has been discovers with help of laser technique in Swedish Lappland.. Sielmatjåkko, with its 2004m will be the highest peak over 2000m in the Northern part of Sweden.


Sielmatjåkko with its 2004meters…

And now to this weeks quiz: Which peak is the third highest in Sweden?


A picture over the third highest peak in Sweden…

Sens a sms with the right answer to +46 73-701 28 50 or a mail to ulf.bergman@playgroundconsulting.se

See ya tomorrow…