Door two and christmas gifts.


Today we open the second door, and can suggestion of Christmas gifts score..

Todays training was rowing, ski-ergo and some farmers walk.  One hour combined with strict press, farmers walk and rack-hold of KB. Good for the body and mind..

Today I will suggest some Christmas gifts for the outdoor nerd:-).

I will suggest different categories and prize levels for the suggestion of Christmas presents.

First we got the  combined tool:


A fork and a tool, perfect combination..And it cost around 12Euro.

For sub 60 Euro you can get the perfect workout tool:


It is fun, and real good for training your balance skills..

During winter I would never leave without my gas lantern..


early morning in the tent, start up the gas lantern and get rid of the moister.

And here comes something more expensive, and it is more useful in the expedition area..


A innovative sun power generator for the expedition. For ~320 Euro you cant get this useful sun driven power generator..

And at the end some new Swedish music:

See ya tomorrow



Door number one, and forgotten trails.


The 1st of December, and today we will some forgotten trails remember..

When it comes to trails there are some, that has been forgotten. People just take there normal routes so today I will suggest some forgotten ones.

One of the most used trails is the one from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise. If you are tired to follow that one you can follow the south side of the mountain Karmas. You will guarantied to be by yourself.

Northern lights over the Kebnekaise mountain lodge.

Kebnekaise mountain station in Nordic Light..

Another trail that I will recommend will be in Jämtland. You begin from Rundhögen -Sevedholm-Blåhammaren mountain station. You can also pass to Snasahögarnas wins shelter to Storulvån mountain station or to Sylarna.


From Rundhogen to Blåhammaren mountain station.

The third forgotten trail will be a favourite. Especially in the winter. You start from Ramundberget to Fältjägarstugan. You will have a terrific view, and a lot of different possibilities for daily trips with Fältjägaren as a basecamp.


View from Fältjägaren a forgotten cabin..

And the trail from Tossåsen to Lunndörren cabins will be a quite interesting experience. This trail I recommend for those that got knowledge. This is one of the most exposed trails. The valley will be like a wind tunnel. It also a perfect playground for ice climbing. But you have a approach of at least 10km. But if the ice is good it will be worth it..


The trail to Lunndörren, you can se the wind shelter..

That’s all for today, follow the calendar, now were on. There will be quiz every Sunday until Christmas with possibilities to win prizes.

And the music for today, enjoy and listen to the text..

Se ya tomorrow..

A new advent calendar, training and news

Today it is the first of advent. And on Thursday, this years advent calendar will start.


On Wednesday, this years advent calendar will start. It will be quiz and new information every day, so check every day:-)

The training has been tough, the week was ended up with a kettle bell complex and 5000m skiergo. Tired? oh yes..For the upcoming ice climbing season I will try to develop my under arms. So with a pair of fat gripz, I think I will strengthen the under arms.


It will be interesting to se the effect of using the Fat Gripz…

And check under news, we will now be able to providing personal adapted mountaineering training. So it you going for a climb or expedition, please ask for personalized program. Physical strength and mental strength will be in focus as well as technique and a endurance.


Special program for mountaineering, check it out. You will be able to se it in one of the advent doors…

I will also test the Edelrid Rage, ice tools for mixed ice climbing. It will be interesting.


Edelrid rage will be a interesting experience..

So its time for sharpening your own focus, as the point of the ice axes or the steel edge on the randonee skies.


Get the strength, to be able to getting the most out of the skiing… 


This weeks exercise; RDL (Romanian dead lift). Balance and strength in one exercise…

And this weeks music, ok Michael this one is old. Maybe not so good, but it is odd:-)

See ya at Thurday, when we open the first door..



About combinations..

Rest day, well a whole rest weekend. When the head coach says rest, then I rest. The good thing when change routines sometimes, you got time for reflection. A good life contains combinations. As a guide, after a guiding session, it feels so good to be alone. To take decisions from my own perspective, and don’t need to think about others. But at the same time I really love to push my clients limits. Accordingly a combination.


Reflection after a guiding session I Chamonix…Alone at Albert 1st hut.

When it comes to work, I think is good to have two totally different professions. In my case I am Manager and also Mountain manager. And I think both give so much good experience that is useful in the both of worlds. A combination of two good things:-).

When it comes to training and outdoor life, it is two things that need each other. With a high level of strength, endurance and technique you will be able to perform better and more safety outdoor activities. But with no experience from the real outdoor, you will for sure fail. I think I have find a good combination of it. Good training and I fully outdoor life, that is great.


Ice climbing, outdoor-strength-endurance-technique a good combination..

Real experience, and understand others experience is also important. You must strive for developing your skills. So reading books together with real experience is also important. You also need that for you mentally inspiration as well.


Read books for getting inspiration, and also get you more experienced. A good combination:-)

This I think, is the key of my lifestyle, get the combination put in the energy and enjoy. Your life will become what you like…

And this weeks presentation will be about Blåhammarens mountain station.

1086m over sea level, there it stands. The Blåhammarens mountain station. It was build in 1912 but a fire totally destroyed the building in 1923. In the fire 4 people was burnt inside of the station. There is lot of questions about the fire and a story of jealousy occurred. Another thesis is that it was a robbery. It was in the end of the season, and a relative to one of the offenders has told that as well. In 1925 it was rebuild and part of it is still there today. Today the three course dinner is famous. And also the sauna with a terrific view.


The wonderful view from the Sauna at Blåhammarens mountain station.


Blåhammaren mountain station at winter..

Get you self a good combination and see ya soon..



PR and Helags and a upcoming jubilee

November and snow, it is just to be grateful and enjoy it. This week the training has been good. With a real dip at Tuesday, the week was ended up with a PR in bench press. And with 620min and 9 workouts its perfect.

My opinion is that if you want something you always have to put energy in it. The more you put in, the better the result will become. With 48 days left of this year it time to focus and force it into the wall. What you put the energy into now will be the harvest for upcoming year.


Put in your energy now for the upcoming events. You will need the power and endurance..

This week I will present the Helags mountain station. In 1917 the Helags cabins was developed to a mountain station. In 1868 the geologist Edvard Erdman was the first to summiting the Helags peak.(at least the first noticed one)


The Helags mountain station in winter..

With its location in the middle of the mountains it has its own profile. And a ascend to the Helags summit is always in everybody’s mind.  With its 1796m it is a challenge. During the winter you can have a real nice off-pist skiing down on the slopes near predikstolen. why don’t try a heliski tour:-)


Heliski at Helags..

After a day on the trails or on the skies the sauna is waiting. With a fireplace and a incredible view over the Helags summit you will be reenergized. And take a look at the wall hanging..


The wall hanging in the Sauna at Helags..

You can reach the station from Ljungdalen (Kläppen and Torkilsstöten) and also from Ramundberget-fältjägarcabin. or from sylarna Mountain station or from the Vålåcabins. As you can se thei is a hub in the area.

In 2017 there is 10 years since we was summiting the Mt Damavand in Iran.


New vomit at +5000m at Mt Damavand in Iran.(Photo Mattias Jansson)

Maybe a celebration with a new attempt upcoming year, what do you say Mattias? Are you ready for a new meeting with Islam from Afghanistan?

And for the upcoming season, Chamonix the playground:

See ya soon…


Sylarna mountain station,

Today, the time has come for the presentation of Sylarnas mountain station. It was already at 1890 the first cabin of sylarna was build.


The first cabin of Sylarna.

At 1930 a new Mountain station was build at the place were the station is placed today.


The Mountaion station at 1933, with three floors.

At 1933 Sylarnas mountain station and Kebnekaise mountain station become the two flagship of the tourist association. Worth to mention is also that the first mountain manager training was held in the area in 1919. 1933 the syl-label was introduced. The money was used for afford children for mountain visits. And you can still buy the syl-label. In 1936 the first alpine training also was held here.


The mountain station today is a modern building with fully service. You also have a lot of opportunity for new adventures. Why don’t give the syl traverse a try…


If you look in the middle high up you can see the climber at the third pinnacle of the temple pinnacles of the syltraverse.  

In the sothern ving of the house of the cabin you can look at some old climbing equipment from the past..

When it comes to training it has been a good week. 630minutes within 6 days is good.


Now it is the upcoming ice climbing that force me foreword.

When it comes to gear, I will present a new deliver of merino wool underwear. Ridge Merino check this singlet from them.


When it comes to knifes, Eka has a quite interesting one. The Eka cordblade t9.


With its 95g and the paracord to use when needed this one is interesting one..

This week music..

See ya soon..

About focus, upcoming season and new gear..

One step from November. Now we going into a tough period. It is dark and its hard to get motivated. But see it as a challenge, now its time to stick to your goals or dreams…


Get a attitude of expectancy. You get what you expect. Take control over what you can, and let the other go. Read and focus on positive information. Surround you with positive people so often you can. Speak positive affirmations. Rehearsed your victories. When it comes to training, stay focused. Think: this days training will be the best of training ever..

And some new gear:

Sleeping in the field is one of the most important areas. A good sleep when you got the opportunity is very important, for be able to work hard. Nemo Tensor 20 r Is a interesting sleeping pad. Small and low weight , it will challenge the market.


Weight 410g, Temperature zone: -9 Celsius. Width: 51cm, Length: 183cm, Thickness: 8cm.


A new  and good sleeping pad of the light pack model..

And the training; well with 9 hard workout this week I feel tired. With a even higher level of the training at I must consider how to stay focused, and not get to burned out. But after a year of this type of training I am very satisfied. it really challenge me from a lot of angles. The perfect set up for a adventurer.

This week there will not be a cabin/mountain station presented. It will be a whole blog on one on Wednesday instead.

And at the end this week some good music:

See ya at Wednesday…Keep the good work and focus..




Test of Gear, Helags and training…

Been a while since last blog. So this one will contain some new test of clothing,, a presentation of another mountain cabin, and about others.

In the end of September I went to Helags. This was the last weekend it was open for the season. The mountain station was crowded, I think the service was affected due to the number of persons there:-). However it is always nice to go there.


Helags is always nice…


´The Husky’s first time in the mountains, if he liked it? Guess:-)

The summer season is gone, an the autumn is here. Now its the time to prepare for the winter. There will be a ice-climbing tour to Rjukan in February, so its just to sharpen the Ice tools..


Ice-climb in Rjukan..

And when it comes to gear I have been testing The Mammut M’s Comfort High GTX Surround Black/Inferno


A good boot for approach and easy hiking, It is a real good comfort, but it is not so good build up arch. As usual you got what you pay for. But for a normal use this one is perfect, and I love walking with the dog in them.

I also tested the Edelrid McLane jacket.


Edelrid McLane jacket.

The colour of the jacket is good, however this one is stripped down. For a jacket in this price level I expect ventilation under arms for example. It still is a real good jacket, but I expect something more. The cowl is good and it is easy to wear a helmet under if climbing.

Today the track has come to Lunndörren cabin for a presentation.


Lunndörrs cabin is beautifully situated at the northern mouth Lunndörrens. Besides valley is interesting from a geological point of view, it was also a route for the Vikings. The lake beside the cottage acts as watering holes and wood-fired sauna is a delight for every frozen mountain traveller! Here, at 802 meters above sea level, there are a total of 32 beds waiting for you. From Lunndörren can lead to Vålåstugorna, Anarisstugan and Tossåsen, the village on the other side Lunndörren. Among the history this place has been very important for transportation between Harjedalen and Jamtland

And the training, well 371 workouts so far this year, I think that’s a good figure. At the moment there has been focus for endurance and strength for the Ice-Climbing..

See ya soon, next sunday….

Hard week, Fieldwork and a good advice in the cold water..

This week the training has been hard. Du to a Cold I had to replant. But that resulted in a good weekend, with Swim-run and strength workout. With eight workout, it went good in the and.

The Environment protection Agency in Norrbotten in Sweden has decided to do fieldwork on the trail to Kebnekaise. So during the summer 4 Sherpa’s from Nepal has been there and building. They have motivate it related to all accidents. Well, since 1995 there has been 3 deadly accidents which can be connected to the south peak of Kebnekaise. But its not directly connected to the western trail to the peak.


The four sherpas from Nepal, who has building stairs up to Kebnekaise south peak.

From my side it has been much better if they have been building a Via Ferrata or other fieldwork for a more safe trail to the North peak, which will be the highest, and which is much more difficult to reach.


The northern peak of Kebnekaise, which will be the highest in a couple of years.


You can use your sleeping matt as a float device..

Now the autumn has come, and the water start to get colder. It is important to know what to do if you fall into cold water, or if you have to swim for come to safe land. What is very important is that the carotid artery (sv. hals pulsådern) must be over the cold water. Then you will have more time for survival. And you can use your sleeping matt as a flotation device.


This week I would like to present Faltjagar cabin (Sv. Fältjägarstugan) The cabin is in the mountain cabin 65 model. It was build in 1965. But the first cabin was build in 1945 by The Kings Field ranger Regiment of Sweden. It was in the memory of three soldier which fell in a snow storm 4-5 of March 1944. A plaque is still in the cabin of the incident. You can reach the cabin either from Ramundberget or from Helags Mountain station. The cabin got 20 beds today.


Faltjagar Cabin in Jamtlands mountains.

See ya soon.



Chamonix, A guides thought Anaris cabin and about coulors

Been home for a couple of days, since Chamonix. Yesterday I raced in the Tough Viking race. The largest obstacle race in the Nordics. 15km with over 35 different obstacles. Cant say that I was good prepared due to my training.


15km with over 35 different obstacles, and place 108 its ok.

Chamonix this time has been real good. With two different missions, and set-up it went real good.


The team roped up for the arête at Aguille du Midi..

With a successful glacier hike at 3600m and with a smiling sun everyone was satisfied. Well some of us with moved limitation after the mission:-)


As a guide you always have to rethink your role and skills/knowledge. I think it is important that you all the time get a bit deeper to knowing yourself. You must be in a good physical shape to handle upcoming situations. You must be so skilled so you can have a mental preparedness for new situations. So as a guide I challenge my self all the time, and being in the mountain environment makes you humble and rethinking your skills, knowledge and both mental and psychical strength. Safety and credible with a big portion of trust, that is characteristics a guide should have.


The second guide mission completed with happy clients and a happy guide.

So now its onsly start planning for the winter season, and next years Chamonix event. And maybe it will be with trail running and some peak attempts:-)

This weeks presentation of mountain cabin will be the Anaris Cabin. This is one of the smallest cabin in the Swedish mountains. With just 10 beds, it is seldom visit. You have to do at least 20km to get there which deters some. But it is still worth a visit, the are is very nice and you will really like it.


Anaris cabin can be reach from Vallbo, Valadalen mountain station, Lunndorren cabin or Hoglekardalen.

If you going here, you probably will be alone almost of the time..And you, it is a terrific goal for a trail running…

Two older men was lost in the northern mountain environment close Riksgransen. In the news we could read that they were using a green tent. I think it is very important to think about the colour of your equipment. Use colours that is visible, if you being in trouble, that will help the rescue crew..


Gear with high visibility can help you when the accident is there..

See ya soon..