Love the adventure…(blog 588)

Do I believe in god? Well I believe in something. While being in the mountain environment, I think you will become a believer. Whatever, then what is paradise? I think our life at the very moment when you read, now/here is the paradise. And if so I think it’s quite good. You have to be grateful for all the nice part of your day. One of my habits is to thank for the day, and the good things I have experienced during the day. That is one of my important statement. be thankful. The second thing will be, go your own way. No one can, will or shall tell you what to do, how to behaviour or what your life should be like. That responsible will only be a one man show – yours!. This means you have to dig in to yourself, who and what will you be? What hall be your signum, your nobility mark? When you landed in that, you on the track. The third thing will be passion, get passion for what you want to do, what you want to become. Passion is the only driver that can force you to your result to becoming what you will be. And your dreams, dream about how it will feels and what it looks like. That can be a key, a opener for you to get on your way. Quitting is a word that won’t be in your vocabulary. But an advice will be to take small steps at the time. Take and do just one evolution at the time. Don’t do the mistake to take a 6 month target or planning. Start here and now, one step at the time. And most of all never, ever no way QUIT. Do the very best you can at this single moment. That will lead you further on.

So why I am writing this to you? Because I think you will be interesting in to become a better you. So here is one of my stories. Is it all about luck?

I’ve been guiding since 2000, but it was later I got the information about the Swedish Mountain Leader certification and the Swedish Mountain Leader organisation. When I got the information I decided to join, and I really was keen to be an active part of the organisation. So when I joined I asked if I could help the board with something. The answer I got was that -no not for the moment. But I still was eager and kept the contact and tried time after time with no success. But then of a sudden, everything went fast and suddenly I was a part of an interim board and I was soon one of the board. There was a lot to do, and also a track for the IML-training was ongoing. So soon I was a part of that track. So today I am one of three IML instructors of Sweden. Luck? No, I can tell -hard work and a lot of passion will be the answer. Was it worth it so far? Every single second of all the spent time. I have learned a lot, and got a lot of new friends with the same…Passion. Surround yourself with passion, and you will become more passionate.

So don’t forgot to be thankful, take your step and responsibility to create your own paradise. Go your own way and live passionately. And you, never ever quit.

This year I have done one Mountain adventure every month, so far ten of them. Is that a coincident? What do you think:-) Long live the adventures…Love the adventures…

Winter skills, soon the winter will be here. That means we have to start preparing for the new season. Check your avalanche beacon etc. So I will start a short series about preparing for the upcoming winter.

So lets start with the way how the body loses heat. So how does we lose heat then? Well it can be divided into five parts; Radiation, Conduction, Convection, Evaporation, Respiration. So lets start with the radiation. If the surroundings are colder than the body, the net result will be heat loss. So this is handled by clothing and layering of clothes. Conduction, with no isolation between a cold surface and the body ex. A rock the heat from your body will directly be transferred to the surface. Convection, The wind-chill effect will be a main part of this. If the air consciously moving over the body, the temperature can never equalise and the body keeps losing heat. Evaporation, heat loss from evaporation occurs when water(sweat) on the surface of the skin is turned into water vapour. That requires energy in the form of the heat and this heat comes from the body. Respiration, when you inhale, the air you breath in is warmed by the body and saturated with water vapor. Then when you exhale, that heat is lost. That is why breath can be seen in cold air. One very important this is to hydrate, secure that you got liquid. This is one of the things that affects you during winter conditions.

What does I bring with me for safety, when I am out for adventures? Well there are at least four things I bring; a wind shelter, first aid kit, a bivaque  sack and pocket saw. With this I got equipment for survival.

The workout this week has been something special. With my 56 year I have today made a personal record. With 179,2km of running and hiking I have past the 29 year old record on 170km. And I ended it up today with a 6 km speed hiking with boots and a 21,47 kg back pack.

dj carlos cold heart medlley – YouTube


A mini-expedition…

Saturday morning, the breakfast is done. We are on the road again. This time hiding for Graftavallen in Jamtland. Just after Svenstavik we stopped for catching the sun colour. After a while we turn in to the road that will lead us to the start of today’s adventure. The first target of the day is the East peak(sv. Österfjället) in the Bydals area. The plan is to initial to follow the trail towards the Falkfangarfjallet. Next step will be to slanted towards the peak. The wind is getting harder and the higher we get to the peak, the harder the wind hit us. After 1,5 hour we reach the top, and as usual the stay at the top will not be to long. The way down is easy as we now got the wind in our back. But in our mind, we know its not over yet, one more peak to master. Down at Garftavallen, its time for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. A overview of the map, checking in the trail for the next peak. West mountain(sv. Västerfjället) Going with the car the 14km to Bydalen and preparing for the next challenge. The sight, the wind and the snow in the air will be a challenge. In the snow we can see a couple of tracks, but the higher we got, the less of tracks will be seen. The path winds slowly upwards. the ice on the (Trail towards Vastfjallet Photo Ulf Bergman)trail makes it a bit harder. Slowly towards the wind, we take meter by meter. When the trail turns to west, it becomes more uphills. It is steep uphills, and you have to take it easy. When reaching the top ten minutes later the wind hit us like a punch in the face. The ice bark in the air blaster our face. Now the feeling is like high alpine. Same here a fast stop, with limited views it is just as good to continue downhill. The trail marks are already covered with snow and ice. The pre-winter season will soon be winter, and the snow and ice is her to stay this time. The Drommen wall is in our sight on our way down. The thought of tomorrows challenge has already starts. But we still have a couple kilometres left of the days trail. But soon we have come in to the woods and soon we are in the cabin for the night. Now it is time to recover and planning for the upcoming challenge, the peak of Drommen. A dinner at Bydalens Inn and time for sleep. Up early and boots on, The first kilometres is (Trail towards peak of Drommen Photo Ulf Bergman)steep and it will take its effort. And when we passed the creek it is time for step by step we take height. The trail flattens out and soon we reach the top, and ”surprisingly” the wind hit us again. Now we continue towards the Drommskaran. Here we got a nice phenomena, the sun shines in a pond and reflect it like a diamond. We continue down to Drommskaran and down to Hoglekardalen. A cup of coffee and we understand that we have done the plan and adventure. Three peaks within 24 hours. So what can I do for conclusion out of this adventure weekend? It is easy to do a big adventure with just a few hours to (Drommskaran Photo Ulf Bergman) spend. A effective planning is needed. Pre-winter season is nice, but it will be a bit challenge due to service in some areas. But most of all; it is very easy and nice:-).

News at the outdoor are worth to nothing will be: The founder of Peak Performance together with Marcel Hirscher has started a new brand. The mountain studio. This will be very interesting to follow.

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See ya soon…

Create your own future…

It was in 2011, we were having a leadership training session. One of the task was to present ”what is unique with me”. When it was my turn, i gasped for breath, but before I started the trainer said this; Ulf you are the one going your own way, no one can ever take that personality from you. I haven’t thought it in that way, but it at a sudden made all fall in place. I got the ability to build my own targets in my head and in my mind.  So I have built my own future, And as the quote says: ”It is better to go your own way, rather then get lost is someone else way”. So what can help you to achieve what you really want. First of all you must got stamina, focus on what that is important for you. Pick out your hunger, If you really want anything you always find a way, if not you always fins an excuse…You cant wait for inspiration, you are the one that will have it on track and done. No one else…that for sure.  Don’t wait for the right moment, You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work. And surround your self with people that supports you and are positive. And don’t forget to be thankful. I always spend a couple of minutes before sleep for thanking of the day and all good thing that have happen. So build and create and choose your own way forward…

Today I will write about one of the greatest area in Jamtland. The Lunndorren, This magnificent pass in the Lunndorrs mountains. Normally you go from Tossasen or from the Lunndorrs cabin.  You should not be here if it is bad weather, here you will be very exposed due to it will be like a wind tunnel. But when the weather is fine, you will have a great experience of the area. In the middle you have acces to a wind shelter, and from here you got a great view of the pass. If you continue about 6km from the wind shelter to Saantandurrie, you will have another very nice view of the pass.

This week I will test the Grett 15 bag from Lundhags.  A full featured shoulder bag for your daily commutes. I think it is a good bag for me as a guide to bring my planning stuff in. So let me give you some feedback for this one…

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A Sunday for becoming a better guide…

This day has been very efficient. I  started the day by reading about the paradigm of knowledge and understanding. As a guide you must be able to adept and understanding the pedagogic grounds. After reaching out this it was time for read about weather and the difference between high pressure and low pressures. The sign of clouds and how to forecast the weather. I also started to learn more about navigation. After that it was time to keep up the physical level. 8km running and tyre flipping. IMG_1980 Then the sledge dog needed his physical workout. So another 17km was done. With closing up the day with 100 push-ups I think I can ”call it a day”.

When it comes to gear I think Devold have a lot of good merino underwear. For women the Kvitegga Merino 230 is really nice. And I also find the Expedition Merino 235 hooded for men really good. Now it is time to gear up for the upcoming winter season. The hands and head is very important parts. So you need to think about a couple of things. When it comes to hands, use a liner. Then you dont get wet, and you can always just use the liner if its getting hot. The same with you head. Have a lot of solution you can change between. Bandana, Buff, balaclava or a beanie. And you, here comes the guides suggestion: always bring a bivy shelter with you. Then you always can get a shelter… See ya soon Albin lee Meldau – Josefin – YouTube

Summer examination in Offerdal-mountain.

Sunday morning, the car follow the small road between small villages. The landscape is coloured by the autumn. It is still, a anticipation is in the air. Here the winter is just a couple of weeks ahead. You can already feel and breath it. At the end of the road we stopped and it is time to set up the tent. Five participants arrives during the noon. A short brief for the next day and then time for the sleeping bag. Up in the morning and its speed navigation test. The test came to take all day. And Tuesday morning the mini expedition will be started. With morning fog set the tone of the day. Navigation and other skills were tested and evaluated during the day. In the evening the camp was in place. A fast dinner and time for night navigation. With fog and under 20 m visibility it really was a challenge. You really have to concentrate and stay focused. In steep terrain a mistake can be a real disaster. But it went good.

Wednesday morning it was time for steep ground judgement and choice of methods. Were when and how to use your equipment and skills. This is a challenge and means you have to  be prepared and got the skills. This is the minute of truth of your skills..

Then it was time for a new navigation challenge. The target was Himmelsraften 1213 m. Fog and also one of the group got injured (test) but the members solved it in a proper way, and than we reach the peak.

Next step was a navigation to the base camp for the night, with high speed and sun and also with good visibility we reach it in planned time. The tent was set, and at eight we all were warm, dry and replete.

At six a clock it was time to wake up and prepare for the upcoming day. Navigation leadership skills and river crossing was the plan for the day. Everything worked of smooth and the day was really great. So this was a very nice trip in the Offerdal Mountains. Real wilderness with no other people or trails, you really need to now your navigation skills. I really loved this mountains…

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See ya soon…



High Altitude sickness and knots….

(Overhand knot, marshal knot with overhand knot stopper, ) Less than a week it will be time for the IML Summer Assessment. So this week has been focus on preparing for that. Rope Technique and knots is important and also knowledge about rappelling with  temporary equipment/solution. 


(South African rappelling solution)

It looks like the pandemic will be a bit calmer, and that the most countries open up step by step for tourism. I can also see that the price of flight still is quite ok. So due to that I think its time to plan for an interesting adventure season next year. And due to that I will start a series of information about High altitude sickness. This area is huge to understand, and you need that for preventing AMS Hape and Hace etc.

High altitude knowledge.

To begin with, the human body consists of 37 billiards of cells that needs energy for workout efficient. The cells are used for transporting nerve signals, for movements or producing hormones. The cells are using a chemical energy that is stored in the molecule ATP. ATP is produced during the combustion process of oxygen and sugar. This is so called aerobic combustion. The rest product of the process is carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is toxic and need to be excreted. Many of the cells can also produce the ATP without oxygen a so called Anaerobic process. This can only be used as energy giving process for a short moment. This is the ground of why we need oxygen for surviving. The cells need a good environment for being so efficient as possible.  The amount of salt, acidity will be some of the parameters that effect the cells to work as efficient as possible. This parameters is regulated by the kidneys and by our breathing. The oxygen come into the body trough the lounges. The oxygen pressure is 21 kPa, but will be reduced to 20 KPa in the moist inhaled air. At sea level this hag got no meaning, but at high altitude the increased air moister an important reason for the oxygen pressure decrease faster in the blood vs. than in the air. I will continue this next blog….

Think of a trail to a cabin in the mountains were you will be alone. A real adventure with a epic view. Here you will get a feeling of it.

Finding the Most Secluded Cabin in Switzerland – YouTube

Arctic Elite Military Force // Only 1% make it – YouTube

City of the Sun – Máscaras en el viento, Nascosto nel Mondo, Une nuit sur Terre – YouTube

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Be safe in the mountains…

In the news we can read about rescue operation every week now. At Kebnekaise, a school class in Ljungdalen from Stockholm. 22 pupils and teacher needed to rescued by the mountain rescue team. Now the police even have information on their website about mountain safety. Here they give advice to be prepared for bad weather. What gear you should bring and that you better listen to locals and guides about the conditions. What we can see is that the mountain environment will be visited by beginners. With all the social media with just nice picture ”hides” what it really can be like when its stormy and no visibility. So my advice as always, use a guide at least the first day of the hike. this will give a good start and you will get the grounded knowledge of the area you will have your adventure in.

This week it has been a lot of rope work. Bowline, overhand knot, rappelling technique with temporary equipment. So now the routines is there I hope.

Positive attitude, Having a positive attitude means being optimistic about situations, interactions, and yourself. People with positive attitudes remain hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations. In contrast, those with negative attitudes may be more pessimistic and disagreeable, and typically expect the worst outcome in tough situations. So how to do it practically then?

Start the morning strong. It’s easier to maintain a positive attitude all day if you implement it right after opening your eyes in the morning. That dreaded moment when the alarm goes off can often lead to irritation, which sets you on the path to have a negative attitude all day.

Instead, think about some ways to make your morning the best part of your day — especially if you’re not a morning person. Consider waking up a half hour or an hour earlier than usual. This means getting into bed earlier, too! Give yourself time to do the things you love but may not always have time for; go for a run, relish in a hot shower, have a cup of coffee, and actually make breakfast (and, no, granola bars and frozen waffles don’t count). Put on your favorite music or show, or even whip out a book and start your morning doing something you love while enjoying a home-cooked meal. When your morning is more productive and less rushed, you’ll be sure to head to work in higher spirits. That morning glow will spread throughout your day, and then, the cycle can repeat

”You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Charlie Thompson – Changed My Mind – YouTube

See ya soon…

Time to rope up…

December is just 3 month away. Okay I know, live here and now. But it is good to start preparing for the winter season. Check the gear sharpening the Ice tools and check so it all is in shape. Next step will be to check yourself, are you ready for peak performance? So it is time to check and develop your skills in; route finding, navigation – Snow travel techniques – the use of the Ice axe – The use of crampons -Glacier and roped travel – The use of snow anchors etc. So look at the weather forecast and start hunting the bad weather for increasing your skills and experiences.

At the moment it looks like it will be time to plan the next summer as well. With the vaccination card ready, we might be able to travel upcoming summer. Then I have two nice suggestions. Why don’t go Via Ferrata in Switzerland. The second will be the Dolomite’s. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo will be a good suggestion. The length is 9,5km. Start point is refugio Auronzo, it also the end so you will go in a big loop. Or why not go sky-running…

SKYRUNNING HD / Trail running motivation – It’s Time to Fly ! – YouTube

I will do a review of the Lowa Combat Boot GTX Black. This is a boot for heavy duty activities. So it will be interesting to see what it will be like.

I will also take a check of Lundhags Gnaur 75 RL. A nice back pack for adventures, so it will be good to see how good it will be.

Via Ferrata – Moiry – Grimentz – YouTube

Le Winter – The Mind (feat. Hampus Ewel) – YouTube

See ya soon

New adventures…

It has been a fantastic summer and also a fantastic year. 8 month and just as many mountain adventures this year (so far). We can see that the interest for mountain activities has increased a lot in Sweden. This means that some of the areas will be more affected, this is the ones with easy access. It will also means that people with less skills will be more common. This is a possibility for the guiding area. The pandemic will probably have the effect that more people will change one of their vacation in foreign countries will decrease. So now it is time to take the advantage of this. So go with clients to places where they will be alone in the mountains will be a business opportunity. I also think that this will also help us to guide clients in other countries as well. So with a International Mountain Leader certificate you will have a future success ahead.

Soon we step in to September and it will be the best time for hikes in the Swedish mountains. It is also time to start planning for the upcoming pre-Winter and Winter season. So how to do that? Well it is time to check map and calendar for put in to the plan. Skiing, ice-climbing, cross country skiing. Just to plan.

This week it will be rope technique training, and to start building up the leg strength and balance for the skimo(ski mountaineering) So here you will got some suggestions. Challenge yourself with new workout so you get inspired and get better step by step. A lot of fighting workout at the moment…

( Me, coach Mohammed and the inspiring Marcus after 60min fighting workout)

Start the workout with balance in time for the season. My first suggestion will be the aeroplane. Stand up, and lift up one leg. Follow with the rest of the body and grip a stick. Hold it over your head.

Trekking Tabata – YouTube

When it comes to equipment I have been testing the Salewa MTN trainer 2. An approach shoe for hiking and Via ferrata. This is a really nice shoe. They are small in its size so choose a size bigger than normal. Then you will have a really nice shoe. With its special sole, its is developed for Via Ferrata. It has a solution for Via Ferrata steps in the sole, small but well thought out solution.

Enjoy Skuleskogen:

Bästa stunden på dygnet att vandra i Skuleskogen – YouTube

Jenn Grant Eye Of The Tiger – YouTube

See ya soon…



Din väg till äventyret…