The 7:th of December, Quiz and end of a good week..


Time to open the seventh door, and dont miss the weeks quiz..

It has been a good week related to trining, 10 workouts within six days. And totally 570 minutes and a bath in Lillsjön = 2 degrees….

Today ist all about Jamtland and it fogotten trails. First of all the tour around Stensdalen, Vålåstugorna, Lunndörren till Vålådalen. The view from Vålåstugorna is outstanding. whatever it is winter or summer..


Mattias Jansson the mountain man close to Vålåstugorna.

The trail from Helags to Vålåstugorna is also a really forgotten trail, you pass the windshelter Ljungan, it is about 23 kilometers. But you will, see it is defently worth it…


Ljungans wind shelter…

The other trail will be, the one over Silverfallet to Getvalen and the possibility to reach Blåhammaren or Sylarna or Storulvåns mountain stations.

The last one will be a suggest to a top ascend, the Sylskalstöten. It is definitely worth the climbing for the view of Sylarna, with Storsylen, Slottet and the beginning of Tempeldalen. The view over Bunnerfjällen over to Gåsen and Helags (1796m), fantastic.

And here comes the quiz. Please send in the answer before wednesday evening, +46 73-701 2850


6:th of December and about backpacks…


Today it is time for number six, and maybe you about backpacking can get some tricks…

Today I will write about backpacks. First of all you must consider the seize of your backpack, what will you use it for. Normally a 35L backpack will be enaugh, but if you are heading into the mountain you may need 45L. The back length will be critical part it is good to mesure, and test the backpack when it fully packed. Mesure from the protruding vertebra in the lower neck, to the lower back in level with top of the hip bone. One of my tips is to choose a small backback. The risk is otherwise that you bring to much gear:-).


The choice of backpacks depends on activity…

Another thing that can be good, that is to have some spare parts, a coarse neddle and patent strong yarn. Additional buckles is also good to bring in the spare part pouch. The trademark of the backpack really dosent matter. It is rather the fitting and solvent details decide which one you shall choose.


This one Haglofs ROC ICE 35L is one of my favorites. Gearloops, iceaxe mounts and a pocket for crampons….

And about the training: three workouts today totally 3 hours and 15 minutes…And you dont forget, tomorrow it is this weeks event….

See ya

”Climbing my be hard, but its easier then growing up” Ed Sklar.

”Where are the holds Hector? There were no holds so I had to use skills..”

5:th of December..its all about coffee…


Today we enter door number five, and into a cup of good coffee we dive..

A adventure tour without coffee it like a adventure without mountains. After a attempt to reach teh summit of Mont Blanc 2005, we got stucked in a thunderstorm. We just have to wait the storm out and then go down. After a cold windy night, we left the lift in Les Houches, and went to the first bar in place. The waitress looked at us, rekognise the bristles in our faces and our hollow-eyed glance and asked -petit dèjeuner? The answer come straight ahed -oui. That coffee was the best in the world at the time.


The best coffee ever (at the time) in Les Houches.

The coffee as well got the advantage that it is mild laxative. Which can be very good in the field…


I as well use the coffee break as a trigger for getting the mountain feeling:-) Today there is a lot of option how to handle the coffee. Brewers cup, portable espresso makers etc. And as well GSI outdoor has make a Perculator brewer for field use, nice:-)


The training follows the plan, and tomoorow it will be time for lugging the whell at 05,00…

Those who gives up, never winns. A winner never gives up…

4:th of December, about character and wisdom.


today it is number four, and mayby you in wisdom can get a higher score…

Develop the character is probably one of the most important task for a civilized society and its all individuals. The good character is important to build up. There is a great differance between moral characater and performance character. The last including properties as diligence and prudence. Research shows that lack of planning for the future or poor edurance defientely will prevent you from succeeding in life.


Plan for your life and train your endurence for success in life..

Keep your focus and fulfill your challanges, that will bring you a good life. Your character also affect your success when it comes to personal, family, or different group contexts. People with strong belief in the future, drinks less alcohol(7% less) and are more sucseptible as well to train.(17% more) this is related to science in the area. So secure your life goals, keep training your endurance and you will have a good and even better life.

Read some more:

Some good music to use for your endurance training:

See ya tomorrow:-)

3:rd of December, it is all about sauna.


Well, regarding subject you can find a lot. But today it will be about something hot.

In the mountain environment there is nothing lika a sauna after a day on skies or a climb. The temperature in the sauna shall be between 70-100 degrees celcius. Best is it if the sauna is placced near to a lake so you can take a bath. To get steam and heat you should throw  a bucket of water over the heaters,  ”Heittää löylyä” on finnish. So enjoy the sauna, and my favorites is the saunas in Lunndörren and Blåhammaren.


Lunndörrens sauna.


Blåhammarens Sauna

So now it is up to you to find your favorite among all mountain saunas. See you tomorrow:-)

Want to  know more?:


2:nd December, about the weather…


Time to open the second door, and about the wather learn somthing more..Most of the circumstances in the adventure you can influence. But that does not include the weather. Here you must adapt to the circumstances. So therefor it is important to understand a bit of the weather. So here follows some information about it. First of all, it is good to have some tools. A clock with a altimeter and barometer is good to have. The barometer can tell you if there is bad weather or a storm coming.

The next thing will be to see of the signs in the nature.

The halo:  A ring around the sun or the moon. This will indicate that it will be rain within the next 24 hours. If it is incoming low pressure, then it is big risk for precipitation.


Clouds: It there are clouds like cotton balls (cumulus clouds) and they ascends, then it will be rain showers. If the clods cover the entire sky and thicken more and more, the rain will be persistent.


 Wind: Wind from northeast brings cold air from the northern hemisphere in to Europe. Winddirection from northwest brings stabile weather situation and high barometic pressure. A warm front after rain and a wind direction from west, can build up a high pressure weather situation.

Start reading the weather now to prepare your self for upcoming adventures. See you tomorrow:-)

Want to learn more about it: of december. Time to start this years advent calender.


It has been a good week. With 9 workouts and one with a three hours cross-training pass, thanks for that Patrik. The week was eneded with a bath, nearly 3 degrees, it makes you alert. And overall 640 minutes. Well, now it is time for this years calender. There will be a quiz every sunday. But the questions will have there answers during the days of the week. So keep your attention on top, from now on. The first day in advent I will give a you tips of a book. Ola Skinnarmo the well known explorer from Sweden has given out a book of his expeditions in the polar area. So todays tips will be a suggestion of a christmas gift:


Skinnarmo was the first swede at the Southpole in December 1998. See you tommorrow:-)


How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains.

Started at 10 a clock from Enafors. The trail leads south, and up to the mountain area. The first four kilometers passes a mire area, I passed three bridges before the trail started to go up hills. It is so quite, and I can just hear my own breath.


When I left the last tree behind me, the sun colored the mountain side in gold.


With three top ascends it ha been a real good trip, the experience and skills is in place and I am ready for next adventure. But most of all, a fantstic awesome time in the mountains…Good for the spirit, good for the soul..


Time is 14.36, in a couple of minutes it will be dark. Now it is time to use the last of the daylight for preparing for tomorrows top ascends.

The summit of Sönner tväråklump:




 A happy guide in his best of modes:-) And soon this years calender with competitions will start, look out:-)


The mountains are calling and I must go…

It has been a good week. 10 workouts in 6 days, that will be ok:-). 550 training minutes this week that will do. Saturdays E-fit training was a killer..The week was also ended with a bath in Lillsjön. Now it started to feels cold, but after the cold water the air felt varm:-). Today the temprature was nearly six degrees…


I have starting the preparation for the yearly event at Getvalen. The mountains are calling and I must go….I need to breath the air of mountains…Secure you got a real good week, and strive for your life goals..


The trail near Silverfallet to Getvalen in Jämtland, close to Enafors..

Some pictures are more important than others…

I was reading in the DN newspaper on friday, as my normal habit I start reding the culture annex of the news. It was an article about Jimmie Nelson the Scottish photograper. He has been taken pictures of the natives around the world, fantastic pictures and the series was called ”Before they pass away”. I think we all have a responsible to take care of the natives. As we here in sweden got the Sami’s it is our liability to secure there culture and lifes. Follow the attached link and enjoy the fantastic pictures…


Photographer: Jimmy Nelsson.

The training goes well as planned. 12 workouts this week(11.5 hours), and of course a bath in Lillsjön. Today it was just seven degrees. Good for the spirit:-). Planning for upcoming tour to Jamtland is ongoing. Snow shoes and tent are checked up. Secure that you all will have a good fall week and train and stay focused on your targets and achivements.