A hard week of training and about humility

A real hard week of training. 11 workouts within 6 days. 670 minutes it was. The Evolve is really tough. Friday it was a competition rowing, punting and cycling. Ugh…And now over to this week challenge:


A combined training, a so called jungle-track. Hill running, strength and elasticity training. Burpees, Pull-ups, high jumps etc.




Technique and strength combined…

And now a bit of humility. One of the most important character a mountaineerer must have, will be humility. You must understand yourself, and others. You must be able to admit your shortcoming. And what skills you need to keep developing. This together with moving limitations in your mind. And as well beware of your partners shortcoming as well, and provide them with your knowledge and friendship to develop them.


Humility one very important characteristic for a real mountaineerer.


The top of Matterhorn, it is a quite small area…

Enjoy this film and think about Guillaume Dargauds quote:

The difference between climbers and normal workers is that climbers are glad of the Mondays, so they can rest.

See ya soon, and on Wednesday there will be something about mountaineering and leadership..


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