What’s in your Sight?

So now we got a new year, with a lot of new options. So what is your 2023 going to mean to you? My new focus this year will be ” new thoughts” I going to challenge myself by trying to defy and provoke my values etc. And I am already on track…This is all about self-awareness, Everyone got self-awareness, but often only to the level where it is comfortable wear. So my target will be to move that a bit further this year.

This weekend I was on a trip to Älvdalen for a Ice-climbing session. When we left our accommodation in the morning, tension was in the air. How would the ice look like.

But after gearing up and and approaching to the ice we find the ice really nice. At the first minutes we heard the water flow, and got a bit worried for that the would be covered by water. But it has grown fine and was bigger than ever before. So we started to place the top anchor, and soon we where rappelling down for the first climb of the season. A good start of the season with a lots of climbs. So now we are ion track:-).

And now over to some fact about outdoor stoves. First of all when it comes to gas there is three kind of sizes; 100g, 230g and 450g. But for how long will they last? This is a bit tricky question but here you get a suggested way to estimate. The 100g last for boiling ~10L, 230g last for ~20L and the 450g last for ~40L. And you normally boil 0,5L for the food etc. for every meal. So now you can calculate how much gas you need for your trip. If you use a stove with the heat exchanger it will increase the result to 20,30 and 60L instead. So to the main question what stove is the best? This is not an easy question. It is a bit complex. What normally will be the suggestion is the compact stove such as Jetboil or Primus Lite plus stove. I have done a test and the Jetboil is a bit faster than the others on the market. I also use MSR pocket rocket, and really like it. But if you need to melt snow, and in high altitude a multifuel such as Primus Omni lite or MSR XGK ex.

Strange Game – YouTube

See ya soon…

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  1. Ja utmana sig själv med saker som är obekväma har de ju kommit fram till är väldigt nyttigt för hjärnan. Igår körde jag första duscha kallt, uhhh inte skönt dock:-)

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