24th of December and we close the calendar for this year..

Today we open door twenty four, and for this year it will be no more. I hope some of you something new had learned, then my a satisfaction I have earned. I wish you all a merry X-mas. Today I will embrace you to become a better you. So here you got some ideas: Always think before you talk, get a seconds of re-think before your answers. Embrace changes, strive for trying new thing, that Thai restaurant for example. Be grateful, before you sleep think about what the day have give you. Do the right thing, you know the difference between wrong and right. Use your strength, use your strength and don’t waste them away. Address your weaknesses, be aware of them and work with them. Take care of yourself, Eat good food, sleep enough, exercise etc. Be a hero, help others. Be yourself, you’ll be more focused, build courage, establish your own identity, and be able to define your values and beliefs.

With this words I close the calendar for this year. See you at new year 31st of December…

How To Know Yourself | Jordan Peterson | Best Life Advice – YouTube

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