Wilderness road (Vildmarksvägen) and a grumpy old man?

The Vildmarksvägen is the highest paved road in Sweden. It goes over the Stekenjokks plateau between Lapland and Jämtland. It is a unforgettable mountain adventure in about 500 kilometers. It starts in Strömsund in the south and end up in Vilhelmina in north.

So where shall I start in north or in the south. First of all it is important to know that the road is closed during the winter. (it is normally 6th of June to 15th of October) open And it is a special occasion to drive it just when it opens in the spring. Then the snowbanks will be really high. But normally the suggestion is to drive it clockwise. Due to the fact that the road passes two different community’s you have to check the regulations. Sometimes is forbidden to stop the car in some areas due to the nature and reindeer husbandry. But if you chose to go there from mid June, there will be no restrictions.

So how long will it take? Well if is just the Stekenjokk plateau you want to visit you do it all within 1-2 days. But due to is so much to visit and discover I suggest at least four days. So what to visit during the adventure then? Hällingsåfallet is worth a visit. Park 2K from the waterfall, and you will pass a nice canyon before you reach the waterfall. The Stekenjokk Plateau is in its self a first choice. You got the feeling you are in Norway, Klimpfjäll is a nice place in the area. I also recommend the Bjurälvens nature reserve. The Bjurälven nature reserve has a very unique environment and is really recommended for those who are interested in nature and like to hike. An underground river has contributed to the creation of the karst landscape, a name given to the special landscape that forms on limestone mountains with completely or partially underground watercourses. Bjurälven’s water in combination with the carbon dioxide of the air has dissolved the limestone so that caves, underground channels and other peculiar rock formations have formed. Some highlights are Dolinsjön, Blinda dalen and the Colosseum. The walk around is a total of 12 kilometers.

Here you can read more about it….Vildmarksvägen – Rolf Segerstedt – inbunden (9789189021730) | Adlibris Bokhandel

And at the end, a old mans contemplations.

A job is just a job…or…? I grow up with the values that you always shall do your best. This meaning that you keep your promises and stick to your tasks until they are done. For me a job is not just a job, its a lifestyle. When I became a officer in the army it was even more tangible. The esprit de corps was always crucial and present. This made and make some people even today jealously, because they don’t understand it at will be afraid of its power. In an organization that good ethics decision prevails it ill not be the case. It will just be a strength. And if you ever have felt it I imagine you will be afraid of its power. But it is build up I know that you will cover my back when I need it. the new generation is so far away from those thought and values. Looking in to them selves as Alexander the great. The sun is turning around me. At the slightest resistance, the drop it, and pointed out other circumstances instead of looking introvert were they can find the real reason. I was learned ”To conform to the requirements of joint responsibility” our society have lost that. Me is more important than us, and it is always someone or something else problem. No you have to start digging here at the spot you are standing at.

See ya tomorrow…

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  1. I really have to try this road once Bergman. It looks great and it must have several good locations for hiking and snow shoe adventures allong the way

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