Outdoor hygiene

Todays topic will be the outdoor hygiene. What is this and what does it mean. If we go back to the C in ”COLD” = clean, it will be the same here. You have to take care of your own hygiene. This meaning you have to be ”clean” for avoiding injures and infections and deices etc. It is also important for the overall well-being. In 1989 I ran the Fjällräven extreme marathon at Björkliden, and when we reach the night camp we pitched the tent. After 12 hours mountain running, we decided to take a bath in Loktajavri. The other competitors looking at us as we were lunatics. But it was a great feeling, and for sure we slept better then any one at the camp. And that’s what is all about, you feel so much better with a good hygiene. So number one, wash your hands. This will keep the bacterizes away. Next thing to check will be the feet’s. Dry feet – means happy feet. Check for blisters and wounds. Wash them and anoint them. Now it is time to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Now you also can check if you have got any tick. It is also important that you dish the cooking and eat equipment. Bring alcogel for hand hygiene or wipes.

See ya tomorrow…

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