A mountain tour and about beeing prepaired.

The best way to survival will be to be prepared, that is what we was learned in the Army. Mårten Johansson one of the, or the one with best knowledge of avalanche in Sweden questing this in the latest Outside magazine. If you look into the statistic, there were seven Swedes that died in avalanches the last year.  It is three times more then normally. Mårten means that one of the reason can be; Skilled skiers expose them selves in more risky areas. He also means that our brain works like this; if we are skilled and got the right equipment, we are prone to take more risks. A agree with Mårten in that, and as well it is good to take in consideration in others area as well…


Be prepared, but don’t take bigger risks…

This weekend I went up to Jämtland and Helags area. I ski up from Ramundberget via Fältjägaren to Helags mountain lodge. 28km and it took me 5 hours. Saturday I went up to the top of Helags 1796m. After the summiting I skied to Fältjägarstugan, and this morning I went down to Ramundberget. It was a marvellous morning, crisp and icy with a sun rising over the mountains…


Predikstolen from the top of Helags yesterday morning…

The Fältjägarstugan is located at a height, and the view is fantastic. This movie is from yesterday and you can se Skardörrsfjällen, Sylarna, Helags, Dunsjöfjället och Mittåkläppen. Enjoy:-)


A nice and crisp morning in Jämtland.

I also tested parts from Peak Performance Black Light series. And it was real good, but I will come back to the result next blog. see ya soon.




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