The favor of guiding…

Early Tuesday morning I left Arlanda four a guiding mission at Kebnekaise area. After a hour transportation towards  Nikkaluokta it was time for lunch. At the lunch our extra guide joined us as well. Now it was time to hike the first 5,6km to the bout who would take us 6km up in the Laddjuvari lake. The weather was rainy, so the bout journey was pleasant.  After the ride we just got 8km in front of us to ( just 8km left to the mountain station)

the mountain station of Kebnekaise. Two and a half hours later we reach the station. We got our beds, and Me as a guide started to fix the dinner.  After a whole day of travel, I think all of us got tired after the dinner. But now the extra guide Kenneth got his time for briefing before the attempt of  summiting the south peak of Kebnekaise. Do all the packing ready before bed, breakfast at 05.00 and leaving the station at 06.00 at latest.

04.30 I get up and prepared the breakfast. 05.10 the first of the participant got there.  At 06.05 all was ready and Kenneth have his briefing of the weather, risks and day-planning.  He also exemplary did a gear control of all participants, and at 06.15 we left. After 1km we stopped for customize the clothing. Pretty soon we reached a river crossing, but we find a easy way and passed it with no problems at all. Soon we was in the end of the ”Kittel” valley. This part is heavy, it is steep uphill and uneven stony ground.  After 4km we reach the (Kittel creek)

bridge over the Kittel Creek, and it was time for the challenging trail up towards the back of Toulpangorni and the peak of Vierranvarri. This is the turning point for those who feel very tired at this time. At 1716m and 6km uphill the legs protests. Now the real challenging part begins 200 height meters down and then 500 m height meters up. The mental game begins…After a short stop in the fog in the coffee valley it was time for starting the ascent of the south peak of Kebnekaise. After just 500m most of the participant in the group was tired, which they should be at this time. As head guide, I was watching the clock. We was in ok time, and not close to the turning point. So we just have to continue. Soon the group reached the old wind shelter at 7,7km out of 8,6 km and the top-fever powered up the whole group, the peak was now reachable. Soon we was at the place were the top cones snow reach the ground. The snow was hard and we all slipped for each step, But soon, very soon we all stood at the summit. The fog was dense over the peak, and we all decided to ( (Extra guide Kenneth Norberg at the south peak of Kebnekaise)

descend fast. We all reached the old wind shelter and there it was time for a short lunch break. Pasta Carbonara with grated Padano cheese made everyone happy and the other envy. Time to hike back to the Coffee valley again. The 200 height meter uphill is tough. After the uphill, it is steep downhill, and the thigh have to work hard. (The stairs built of Sherpas)

The stairs that the Sherpas has build was really nice to use at this time. Soon we all reached the bridge over Kittel valley again and we all stopped for a break. All filled up their water cans, and I gathered them all. I now telling them to get the feeling of reaching the top, drink water and boost the energy and mental will. Because now was the most dangerous part of the hike. The last 4km with tired legs and mind. The youngsters of the group was tired now, and slipped of the stones, but did well due to the effort of the day. The creek crossing went well except for a small fall. And at 18,30 we all was back. So after twelve hours and fifteen minutes we all have done it (in fog) and at 19,15 we all was seated for the dinner at the mountain station, tired but with a smile at our lips. Enjoying the day of summiting the south peak of Kebnekaise. After a shower and the sauna we all fall into sleep without any help of the sandman. Next day it was breakfast and gathering at 11.00 for planning the rest of the rest day. A short lesson about how a wind-shelter should be used and a demonstration of a bivvy bag could be used. Then it was two options:  A peak-tour to Kebbnetjåkka at 1766m or a hike among a creek. All choose the last one without me who went for the peak-tour. The next day it was breakfast at 06.00 and at 07.00 we went (Satisfied participant)  back to Nikkaluokta for transportation home.

See ya soon…

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  1. What a great adventure Bergman and great job with the administration and guiding of this tour.
    It seems as you had a perfect tour at Keb. Good job.

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