The essence of the art of guiding…

Todays topic will be about guiding. I really don’t know how many hours we have spend about talking about how to become a good guide, and what is the difference between a good to a great guide…

( A lot of thought and coffee about guiding)

When training guides you learn a lot from the students, as well from the other trainer and most important about yourself. This topic is really complex, because we all have our own view of the conclusion. But from my understanding and discussion with other there are three main parts for becoming a good guide. But first of all is to understand the role of the guide. As a guide you should be a part of the team sometimes, a leader sometimes and also teacher or a coach. The ability to play and feel the right time for all roles will be the ground to stand on. I always also comes back to the three step thinking. What will happen in the next step if I take this decision, and the step after that…And when it comes to the ground the foundation it will be our way of making our judgement. This is an interesting area which I will dig deeper in. I must understand why I make the judgement I do.  1. What I take in. This is about how much attention we pay about what we hear and see. 2.  Who and what I trust. We rely on the quality of people and material for the raw material of our judgements. In an era of “fake news” we are more aware than ever of the need for care about sources. Some colleagues are more reliable than others. 3.What I know about this Judgement is context-specific. What is right today may be wrong tomorrow when events have moved on. 4.What I feel and believe Values and beliefs are inevitably involved in judgements. It’s important that we are aware of them, not only to incorporate them if they are required, but also if they represent biases that could get in the way. 5. My choice (the stage at which many decision analysis techniques are available.) We need to make sure we bring together the raw material of the judgement in a way that improves the chances of success. 6.Delivery .Choice is not the end of the story. The feasibility of delivery also has to be considered.

And for being able to make and developing your ability of making good and right judgement, you must consider a responsibility of the participants, and safety. And also do it in a seriously way. With all important weight in the weighing scale. At Sunday I will continue of how to improve your way of improve your ability of making judgement.

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see ya soon.

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  1. These are really wise words Bergman.
    You really understand what this is about.

    Look forward to read more about guide philosophy and theories.

    Stay strong

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