A ghost story and reviews…

If you start you hike at Abisko tourist station, you might follow the trail towards Vassecohkka or even to Kattejaure. Then you will pass the small mountain cabin Karsavagge. This is one of the smallest cabins. With its 10 beds it can sometimes be a bit crowded here. Karsa (from karsavagge) means gully, and the cabin is placed in a beautiful gully. The cabin is one of the oldest and there are a couple of stories about visitors that didn’t slept so well here. So there is stories about ghosts here.  In may 2003 a man was caught in an avalanche, it might being him haunted the cabin:-). But there is also a story about a man visiting the cabin and have gone to bed. In a sudden the door of the cabin went up and a women standing there. She went towards the man, but when she come to the table, she walk through it and disappeared. There also was a group of med sleeping in the cabin when they saw a women outside. One of the men run out, and put a hand on her shoulder. He was going to ask if she want to spend the night in the cabin. But when she turned he couldn’t see any face on the woman. Whatever if there is ghost or not the cabin is a perfect day target from Abisko Tourist station with lot of fine continues hikes from here.

(Karsavagge gully)

(Stellar Guide Shell hybrid pant)

This week I have test the Stellar Guide shell hybrid pant. As the name remark it is a hybrid pant. The half part of the pant is in 89% nylon and 11% elastane. The other half is Dermizax. The reinforcement of Dermizax is on the from the knees and down and also at the butt. A compromise of function will often be that it don’t work in either conditions. So it is here. With a cost of 2500:-(240 EURO) I have high expectation. But sorry to say, the product will not living up to that. The belt easy can disappear in the lining, a small hook for keys etc. got to short hold, so it get stuck in the zipper. I also like to have a net in the ventilation, in the winter the snow will get in there (but that is a bit of taste) But the zipper is just going one way.  The tailor choose the cheap way… It feels like this product left the drawing table to fast. I think Stellar has get stacked in developing a series of clothing to fast. It also is described as ski-mountaineering, mountaineering pant. I think it is a ski, and ski-mountaineering pant in the first place and also might can be used as a mountaineering pant. I will give it NNN-, price and details will be the reason for that. I There have been a lot of tries in doing the optimal pant. Haglofs did a soft shell Gore-Tex pant, and that was ok. But as you know I got the suggestion that Lundhags Rocketer will be the best pant. And I haven´t got any better so far…

And after a couple of weeks and km I can give an update of the Alfa Eggi Advanced GTX boot. I think this is a real good working machine. Daily hikes with the husky, and since April I been using this ones. And I will give them NNNN, but for the price 2500;- and not the normal price 3500:-. that value still stands.

See ya soon…

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