Become friend with the chaos….

Yesterday I wrote about leadership, and that is the red tread that connect to all.

A good leadership comes out from a stable ground to stand on. With knowledge, experience and a inner compass that can guide you to make good judgement, there you got the golden key. So today’s blog will focus out on one of this ground. As Mattias Jansson  says: it is not if, it is when the shit hits the fan. And believe me, if you be presence in a chaotic accident situation you will thank yourself for being prepared for it. So how can you build up the competence in the area? The best way to start this journey  will be to participate in a course of first aid technique. This will help you to be prepared, you will feel more secure in what and how to act in a critical situation. The L-ABCDE plan will help you to do right thing in right order. So in a chaotic situation, take a step back and breath. It will be chaotic, but now it is time to become friend with the chaos. As soon you got an overview, and can start work out from L-ABCDE you will get in control step, by step. You know that, and how you can work it out. So in the “daily” dirt at the office or were you spend most of your common days, think about how and what you can fill the boxes in L-ABCDE with actions and other measures. So how can you work and think during the chaos? First of all understand that chaos is inevitable, define of what can you control, and not? For being able to lead others we must be able to lead ourselves. Leadership is management of energy, of yourself and those around you. Chaos brings out fear-based behaviour’s. Don’t let it bring out to you. Communication, flatten and easy high communication will help you. Keep the focus and share your plan for calming down the situation. Use of an notebook will help you to do a time line, and to report trough SBAR in a structured way, and it will bring calmness and control over the situation that you are in control. So are you ready to take control, and become friend with the chaos?

Ok, you now got the skills and you got a good planning for a challenging situation, now you also need some gear as well. You can buy a first aid kit at the outdoor store, or you can create your own. This is a choice of taste, I prefer to do it myself. Then I have control and know were and what is included, and knowledge if something is out of order due to to me etc. Here you can see my first aid kit.

Now, see ya  tomorrow and then it will be about…Navigation

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