So today is the first of May, and the winter season is fast approaching its end, and it is time for planning the upcoming summer season. Why don’t you try to challenge yourself with at least one new  trail or even activity during this summer…I will for sure find some new area to hike into.

When t comes to equipment and packing, there has been written million sites about it. What strikes me from all my experience is KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. And what does that mean in realities? Well, don’t overload your pack, but bring some that puts a golden edge of the adventure. A small piece of cheese and ham for example. Also secure you don’t get wet, and not to warm. But a  middle layer, and a down shirt/jacket is good to bring.

(Becoming friends with the chaos)

Last weekend I was on a wilderness first aid training. A e-learning within 20 hours was the beginning,   and then the practical part of 20 hours. The L-ABCDE was the frame of the content. The training was build up for being confident with doing a fast but qualitative check at a emergency situation. This resulted in that all participants was really confident of being leaders in a chaotic situation, and leading the work at a accident in the wilderness. So a better self confidence, a better knowledge and a structure way of working in a chaotic situation was the outcome. And also a way of building up a first aid kit as well. I have a couple of first aid kits in the wardrobe, but now I build up one that I like/need. I can strongly recommend this courses for being confident with handling emergency activities in the outdoor.

And by the way, if you are ready for some Via Feratta at Skuleberget just contact us and we will guide you…

See ya soon



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  1. Great Bergman that you have accomplished this first aid course.
    As a guide you cant just roll a dice and hope for luck. Shit will happens and its not a question about if, but when something happens when you spend time guiding in the mountains. And then you have to be prepared.

    Good job Ulf.


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