I see the morning of the mountains of Alaska…

Today I will reflect over the fact of following your own path. What will fit better then a reflection of our choice of life so here in the beginning of a new year. I think I have always followed my own path, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad…But as I have written before we got 60 000-100 000 thoughts under a day, and 90% is the same as the day before. This meaning you really have to reflect of that fact if you want to do a change.  If you are go to change do a clear statement and go for it. It can be to fasted from food or get up 0500 for a workout etc. So take a rethink week for taking control of your life. Now is the timer for that. We often as for advice from the same people and we then got the same sort of answer, that is not developing. So challenge yourself by asking someone else, you probably will got an unexpected answer..,So lets us change the road ahead…

As I told you before I have decided to got one focus every week and this week it was about knots. So I have practise of them I already know. But some of them I have improved (The bowline(sv. pålstek knot for example I have trained to do one handed)

The alpine butterfly as a standard and also with a double loop.

And also the double lineman knot.

The workout this week contained; running, climbing, fighting, hiking and gym. So a real good week from that point of view. I also have try some new coffee. The ”Rock” from Åre roastery and I will try the Fjallkaffe (mountain coffee)

And at the end of todays blog I will return to the headline. The group slade was often played in my childhood and here you got an good hit, and 26 secons in the song you can here; I see the morning of the mountains of Alaska….

Slade – Far Far Away (1974) • TopPop – YouTube

See ya soon..


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  1. Important topic Bergman. Its the mind that one has to work with. Attitudes and worries tend to be the same day after day. One has to think of new ways as you say.

    You have to learn me that double lineman knot next time we meet.

    See ya


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