23:rd of December and Rop(e) for help…

It closing in and today we open door 23, and you might wonder about what it will be? The focus for the day, what we will have in scope? Today it will be short suggestion of how to use the rope.

When it comes to abseiling this is one of the most dangerous part of climbing/mountaineering. It is here most of the mistakes will be done. So you really have to practise a lot, and control-control-control. Mikael one of my climbing mates is a very good example of that. Nothing is left for the chance. Today I will start to learn you how to do the Connecticut Hitch. The CT Hitch is for anchoring to a tree or large horn that is too tall to throw a loop over. It uses one locking carbine, but is faster to rig and uses less rope compared to a big loop of rope tied with a double bowline, for example. Step one turn the rope around the anchor, a tree for example. The next step will be to use the carbine.  The third thing will be to tighten everything up. OK next thing will be to learn how to abseil with rope, but without equipment. The first one is the Dulfersitz. Step one stand over the rope. Next step will be to pass the rope to the right, and put it over left shoulder. If you need more friction, wrap the rope over the arm. If you need to be more safe and abseil in a even more controlled way, use the south African method. Step one, Take the rope of the side of your left and right side.  Step 2, cross it over your back. And step three, take between your legs and up to your right. And same here take it a around your arm for more friction.

So now you got some part to train on, and you will have some option for abseil even if you not got equipment such as harness etc.

Today I will recommend a series at the Swedish television. At Svt-play you can see the four parts of Kebnekaise the eight seasons. Strongly recommend this.

And the book suggestion og the day will be: Storm at the summit of Everest. Here you will be the main character. And you can make your choice and see how you will manage to reach the summit or not. (it is a interactivity adventure) Storm at the Summit of Mount Everest – Ryan Jacobson, Deb Mercier – pocket (9781591932758) | Adlibris Bokhandel

Jonathan Roy – Walk Out On Me (Live Acoustic Performance) – YouTube

See ya tomorrow…

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