18th of December if you focus is skiing and not after skiing..

Tänndalen, why have a day in the calendar about Tanndalen)? Out of that simple reason it is known as one of the best ski village in Sweden. The loss of hip restaurants, shopping, champagne-sticky nightclubs and snobby waiters will also be a reason for a visit. The area offers both real good slalom slopes, Off-pist, and real nice cross-country skiing, and this close to the Norwegian border. And if you want to do a peak tour, why don’t you give Skarvarna a nice try. And if you are ready for snowshoeing, I will recommend the edge around the Svansjon. During the summer you can participate in the MTB race ”Fjallturen” one of the biggest cycle event in Sweden and in a breathtaking environment. So if you want to have a really nice mountain adventure, where you can be yourself for a time this will be the place. Ready for this?

Hem – Fjällturen (fjallturen.se)

Offpist i Tänndalen – YouTube

And todays book suggestion will be the: Vandra grona bandet. Vandra Gröna bandet : en guidebok och reseskildring genom den svenska fjällkedjan – Erika Nilsson-Waara, Linnea Nilsson-Waara – Häftad (9789189203938) | Bokus

Mattias we must take this one..

Jonathan Roy – Next To Me (Imagine Dragons Cover) – YouTube

See ya tommorow…



En reaktion på “18th of December if you focus is skiing and not after skiing..”

  1. I would realy like to hike the ”grøna bandet” together with you Bergman. This is a dream I have hade since many years.

    According to Tänndalen, this is right east of our mountaincabin.
    Welcome for a visit nexttime youre in the area.


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