17th of December and the Samis.

Today we open the seventeenth door, and today we will learn more about the Sami’s. Today there are about 2500-3000 Sami’s that leaves from the outcome from reindeer’s. But there are much more that got its own reindeer mark, and owns reindeer’s but they are handled by a reindeer herd that works with it for fully time. The Sami’s religion got there on faith. Here the world was divided into three different worlds; The underground world, The earth world and the heavenly world. Every one of the world, got there own god. The only one that got the ability to communicate with the spirits was the Nåjd, the Sami medicine man. The Sami’s history is old. One has found things such as paintings, and old tools that is over thousand years old. For about two thousand years ago was the first time someone has written down text about Sami’s. A roman historian writes about a people he call Fenni. From that description we can understand it was the Sami’s ancestors. During the 1600 the king was demanding more tax from the people, the Sami’s stared to tame more of the reindeer’s. Today there is no wild reindeer’s in Sweden, all of them got an owner. Today is slaughtered about 60 000 reindeer’s pro year.

Todays book tips will be: När dom andra sover a book about Samis

SÁMI FOLK MUSIC | Máddji – ”Far” – YouTube

Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Mountain Dance / 4K HDR – ProRes RAW – YouTube

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  1. Great to read about the sami Ulf. Its important that we all work to secure the landscape and arenas for reindeerhusbandery and sami culture.
    On of the most important issues is the buliding of windpowerplants on the pastures of the reindeers.


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