The Extremes…

Today I will reflect from a philosophic point of view. To begin with I can state that I love the extremes…Spending a week in a tent is nice, but then it is nice to sleep in a bed. I love the summer, but I really love the winter. So this is the thing, it is the extremes that makes it. Another thing is that you in the mountain you can feel so small, the wind and the grandeur makes you feel small. But at the same time, reaching the peak after struggle towards wind and snow, then you feel as you on the top of the world and you own it. At least the the moment. Another thin with the mountains is that they are infinitely immutable. Meaning that they will look like they did the last time you seen them. The Ice fall on the other hand is always in a new shape every time and every year.  I also must reflect over social media, for whom are we/you loading up the pictures/posts? How often do you read, how often do you got inspiration and energy from the posts. Back up your thoughts, what do you want from it, really?! And what are you loading up?! Maybe time for a reflection of it.

This week I will review the Norröna Lofoten Hiloflex200Hood: this is a middle layer in the hybrid area. Perfect comfort and a integrated balaclava. This one will be interested to check. Köp Norröna Lofoten Hiloflex200 Hood M’s – Kläder,Jackor,Hybridjacka |

What I learned from my massive ice climbing fall? – YouTube

Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction – YouTube

See ya soon…


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  1. Good reflections Bergman. Its as you say, its the contrasts that make it. A hot cup of coffe in the snowcave after a long streanious day. Or a tangine in the souk after an adventure in the Atlas mountains


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