Love the adventure…(blog 588)

Do I believe in god? Well I believe in something. While being in the mountain environment, I think you will become a believer. Whatever, then what is paradise? I think our life at the very moment when you read, now/here is the paradise. And if so I think it’s quite good. You have to be grateful for all the nice part of your day. One of my habits is to thank for the day, and the good things I have experienced during the day. That is one of my important statement. be thankful. The second thing will be, go your own way. No one can, will or shall tell you what to do, how to behaviour or what your life should be like. That responsible will only be a one man show – yours!. This means you have to dig in to yourself, who and what will you be? What hall be your signum, your nobility mark? When you landed in that, you on the track. The third thing will be passion, get passion for what you want to do, what you want to become. Passion is the only driver that can force you to your result to becoming what you will be. And your dreams, dream about how it will feels and what it looks like. That can be a key, a opener for you to get on your way. Quitting is a word that won’t be in your vocabulary. But an advice will be to take small steps at the time. Take and do just one evolution at the time. Don’t do the mistake to take a 6 month target or planning. Start here and now, one step at the time. And most of all never, ever no way QUIT. Do the very best you can at this single moment. That will lead you further on.

So why I am writing this to you? Because I think you will be interesting in to become a better you. So here is one of my stories. Is it all about luck?

I’ve been guiding since 2000, but it was later I got the information about the Swedish Mountain Leader certification and the Swedish Mountain Leader organisation. When I got the information I decided to join, and I really was keen to be an active part of the organisation. So when I joined I asked if I could help the board with something. The answer I got was that -no not for the moment. But I still was eager and kept the contact and tried time after time with no success. But then of a sudden, everything went fast and suddenly I was a part of an interim board and I was soon one of the board. There was a lot to do, and also a track for the IML-training was ongoing. So soon I was a part of that track. So today I am one of three IML instructors of Sweden. Luck? No, I can tell -hard work and a lot of passion will be the answer. Was it worth it so far? Every single second of all the spent time. I have learned a lot, and got a lot of new friends with the same…Passion. Surround yourself with passion, and you will become more passionate.

So don’t forgot to be thankful, take your step and responsibility to create your own paradise. Go your own way and live passionately. And you, never ever quit.

This year I have done one Mountain adventure every month, so far ten of them. Is that a coincident? What do you think:-) Long live the adventures…Love the adventures…

Winter skills, soon the winter will be here. That means we have to start preparing for the new season. Check your avalanche beacon etc. So I will start a short series about preparing for the upcoming winter.

So lets start with the way how the body loses heat. So how does we lose heat then? Well it can be divided into five parts; Radiation, Conduction, Convection, Evaporation, Respiration. So lets start with the radiation. If the surroundings are colder than the body, the net result will be heat loss. So this is handled by clothing and layering of clothes. Conduction, with no isolation between a cold surface and the body ex. A rock the heat from your body will directly be transferred to the surface. Convection, The wind-chill effect will be a main part of this. If the air consciously moving over the body, the temperature can never equalise and the body keeps losing heat. Evaporation, heat loss from evaporation occurs when water(sweat) on the surface of the skin is turned into water vapour. That requires energy in the form of the heat and this heat comes from the body. Respiration, when you inhale, the air you breath in is warmed by the body and saturated with water vapor. Then when you exhale, that heat is lost. That is why breath can be seen in cold air. One very important this is to hydrate, secure that you got liquid. This is one of the things that affects you during winter conditions.

What does I bring with me for safety, when I am out for adventures? Well there are at least four things I bring; a wind shelter, first aid kit, a bivaque  sack and pocket saw. With this I got equipment for survival.

The workout this week has been something special. With my 56 year I have today made a personal record. With 179,2km of running and hiking I have past the 29 year old record on 170km. And I ended it up today with a 6 km speed hiking with boots and a 21,47 kg back pack.

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  1. What a spirit and what a life Bergman. You live to the full.
    Its important to be greatful and to spend everyday for what its worth.

    Stay strong and keep up the good work


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