A mini-expedition…

Saturday morning, the breakfast is done. We are on the road again. This time hiding for Graftavallen in Jamtland. Just after Svenstavik we stopped for catching the sun colour. After a while we turn in to the road that will lead us to the start of today’s adventure. The first target of the day is the East peak(sv. Österfjället) in the Bydals area. The plan is to initial to follow the trail towards the Falkfangarfjallet. Next step will be to slanted towards the peak. The wind is getting harder and the higher we get to the peak, the harder the wind hit us. After 1,5 hour we reach the top, and as usual the stay at the top will not be to long. The way down is easy as we now got the wind in our back. But in our mind, we know its not over yet, one more peak to master. Down at Garftavallen, its time for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. A overview of the map, checking in the trail for the next peak. West mountain(sv. Västerfjället) Going with the car the 14km to Bydalen and preparing for the next challenge. The sight, the wind and the snow in the air will be a challenge. In the snow we can see a couple of tracks, but the higher we got, the less of tracks will be seen. The path winds slowly upwards. the ice on the (Trail towards Vastfjallet Photo Ulf Bergman)trail makes it a bit harder. Slowly towards the wind, we take meter by meter. When the trail turns to west, it becomes more uphills. It is steep uphills, and you have to take it easy. When reaching the top ten minutes later the wind hit us like a punch in the face. The ice bark in the air blaster our face. Now the feeling is like high alpine. Same here a fast stop, with limited views it is just as good to continue downhill. The trail marks are already covered with snow and ice. The pre-winter season will soon be winter, and the snow and ice is her to stay this time. The Drommen wall is in our sight on our way down. The thought of tomorrows challenge has already starts. But we still have a couple kilometres left of the days trail. But soon we have come in to the woods and soon we are in the cabin for the night. Now it is time to recover and planning for the upcoming challenge, the peak of Drommen. A dinner at Bydalens Inn and time for sleep. Up early and boots on, The first kilometres is (Trail towards peak of Drommen Photo Ulf Bergman)steep and it will take its effort. And when we passed the creek it is time for step by step we take height. The trail flattens out and soon we reach the top, and ”surprisingly” the wind hit us again. Now we continue towards the Drommskaran. Here we got a nice phenomena, the sun shines in a pond and reflect it like a diamond. We continue down to Drommskaran and down to Hoglekardalen. A cup of coffee and we understand that we have done the plan and adventure. Three peaks within 24 hours. So what can I do for conclusion out of this adventure weekend? It is easy to do a big adventure with just a few hours to (Drommskaran Photo Ulf Bergman) spend. A effective planning is needed. Pre-winter season is nice, but it will be a bit challenge due to service in some areas. But most of all; it is very easy and nice:-).

News at the outdoor are worth to nothing will be: The founder of Peak Performance together with Marcel Hirscher has started a new brand. The mountain studio. This will be very interesting to follow.

Lyricson – Bad Load – YouTube

See ya soon…

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