New challenges, and to think a bit different…

Today the blog will be about this weeks training and about to think different.


No good ski track today…

This week has been a good training week. Good because of all different training. Workout at the gym, running, hiking & lugging a the carwheel, and the stairmaster and EFIT. Totally 8 hours and 56 minutes., great:-). The trends in training this year will be; Yoga, triathlon-training, and longdistance(running biking etc.). From my Point of view there is one interesting thing. I think its good to comibine different type of training, to a duathlon for example. Skiing and workout at the gym. Or Swimming and running etc. That will be my focus this year together with balance training.


Start thinking different…

I think it is important to challange myself. Because if I do the some thing, at the some time all time, you will be stucked in your mind. This will impact your way of see things. You will not see it in new angels.


YOU, only you can decide your thoughts, so be careful of them(the thoughts)…

So start challenge yourself, try another way to the job tomorrow.  Try a new dish for the dinner…That is the way to start thinking different. And you, don’t wait your whole life for the perfect moment, take this moment and do it perfect….and you, the secret of life is not what is happening to you, it is what you doing with that what is happening to you..Tomorrow is the day for us to start thinking a bit different, or…;-)

Find your self some new challenges for the upcoming future, something that will develop you..I have some new challenges, I can promise that…

This weeks training suggestion, (in Swedish, but instruction is easy to follow)

And a good training hit..

And some chill music as well..

And at last, some new gear. TSL has come out with a new snow-shoe that adepts to the ground. A bit of different thinking as well:-) or..


See ya soon, I hope:-)


En reaktion på “New challenges, and to think a bit different…”

  1. Some good advises Ulf. It s always imortent to make a thinking about habits and the way to training.
    Thanks for the emotivation. Now I`m hiting the outdoorgym for an hour With puchups and maybe som Northern light tonight. See Ya in Åre maybe.


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