Theft or Hunting crime?

So it is the last trembling day of January, and today I got three topics for the blog; The Sami’s, news about the Djatlov expedition and about books.

So lets start with the situation for the Sami’s, The government is situational in Stockholm and to be honest they don’t got the whole picture over how the situation is for the Sami people. In the northern part of Sweden they still get called ”Lappjävel” The Gijras verdict has also affected the relation between Sami’s and the locals. And still the Sami’s is treated different. If a reindeer is killed, it is treated as theft, but if you kills a bear or a mousse which is owned by the government it is treated as hunting crime, a crime that can lead to imprisonment and not just a fine.

It has come same news about the Djatlov expedition and what’s really happened to the participants.  What nameless horror made the nine expedition participants flee their tent in horror? Now two Swiss researchers present a new explanation of the reason. A micro avalanche a so called ”snow slab” hit the tent. It is not the first time a avalanche is pointed out as the reason of the disaster, but due to the low degree of the slope it has been questioned. The slab avalanche, according to the Swiss researchers, was triggered by the skiers digging a shelf on the hillside where they then pitched their tent. e meter-high snow bank above the tent was unstable. Strong gusts, so-called katabatic winds, drove more snow. Finally, the top layer of snow dropped and slid down over the tent. According to the researchers, the fact that the skiers were so badly injured by the relatively small amount of snow can be explained by the fact that they were inside their tent and squeezed under the snow, instead of being dragged along as is usually done in an avalanche. Well the end of this story is not tolled yet. The archeologists Richard Holmgren who has been in the area 2019, means that it is a interesting thesis but he means that it was the hard winds, katabatic winds which was the real reason to the catastrophe. But the last word is not yet said about all of this…

When it comes to books I will recommend three different today. To start with I really will recommend Gunnel Lundholms ”Fjäll i akvarell” nice histories and so nice water couleur paintings.

The next will be Andy Cunningham and Allen Fyffe’s ”Winterskills” here you got all you need to know about, winter navigation, clothing ice axes etc. well invest money for the winter adventurer. Winter Skills

The third one will be I might be wrong by Bjorn Natthiko Lindeblad. A book about what life is all about. Seventeen years as a forest monk he tells is story and his relation and his approach to the life it self. Well invested time to read this i will promise.Stöld

The last suggestion today will be the Sami  Anna-Helen Laestadius book ”Stöld” here you can read about the nine year old Elsa who will witness when a men kill one of her reindeer. Elsa is carrying a reindeers ear in her pocket to remind here about her origin and justice…

See ya soon…



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  1. We all have to stand up for the rights and justice to the samic peolpe. When they fight for their land and the preservation of the nature, they fight for us all. We have to stop the overuse of the mountains by mines, windindustryareas and waterdams.

    According to that expedition Bergman, i see its a documentary on SVT play. Have you seeen it?


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