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A calendar without a coffee blog, it is not a calendar. So today the twenty-second of December it will be about coffee. The number of days in the outdoor is always to few. So when your out there, secure you really  got a real good cup of coffee. Nescafe is nice, but now its time to step a up a pair steps. I suggest a percolator, With one of this you will have a moment to enjoy. Quite easy to bring, and easy to use. And by the way, you can have it in your car, and just bring it when needed. Another suggestion will be a javapress. GSI:s 30 fluid Ounce javapress. This one will give you 6-7 dl new  brewed nice coffee. The second suggestion will be the Handpresso’s Wild hybrid black edition. With this you can have a premium coffee. You have the option to use pods, or be more sustainable and use new ground beans. Warm up 50ml water in a pot and pressed with 16bars through the presso and there you go. Third choice will be the Nanopresso. This solution will give 45ml espresso coffee. Now we got three different choice for the the connoisseur. Now it is time to get a real good coffee to use for the solution you use. Björklunds coffee brewery is a really good suggestion.Why not try the Musasa, Dukunde Kawa means ”let´s love coffee” in the Kinyarwanda language Floral tones with flavors of pear and red berry.  Here you also got the link to the brewery so you can botanize on your own. https://webshop.bjorklundskaffe.se  

See ya tomorrow…

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  1. Coffee is the deal Bergman. I still have that mountaincoffe bag that I got from you some years ago. A good memory. Nothing is better than entaring one of those mountainshelters or huts and brew dome black gold over the fire.


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