The importance of knowledge and stereotypes.

Today it will be a history that might will affect you, what knowledge do you got about first aid? The history of a Guardian angel on the mountain.  (Torgy Roxå was saved due to a guides with knowledge and sensory presence)

The 10th of March, the day before the first death of corona in Sweden, Torgny Roxå are at the Storulvan mountain station. He and his wife has decided to go towards Sylarna on ski for the first time. Due to their lack of experience, they have decided to use a guide and be a part of a group. It is after breakfast, and the group has started the skiing. After they have reach the saddle at the west part of Lillulvafjallet the group stopped for a photo and breath out. Then of a sudden everything become black for Torgny. He is laying totally still, not breathing. The heart has stopped beating. The two guides in the twenties has recently completed a CPR training. They start the CPR and at once alarms the mountain station and the ambulance helicopter and the mountain rescue. One of the crew at the mountain station jump up on a snowmobile and bring a defibrillator with him. After 10minutes the snowmobile is in place and they can put on the defibrillator. Of a sudden they can here a noise from Torgny. He probably grasped for breath. The mountain rescue shows up with a oxygen mask, and now his back. A couple of minutes later the helicopter lands, and bring him to the hospital. Today Torgny is back, but follow the restriction after the surgery.

At the mountain station you might have the opportunity to meet a lot of different personalities who nests here.  First the ”polar fox” they are easy to recognize. always wearing the Fjallraven out fit. And everything else in the gear will be classic. Due to that they don’t use wool (using synthetic instead) you can smell them. Or you will here them telling you that it is much better to be in  cabin, less with people and less service that’s the best they tells. The second one will be the beginner. This one can be a bit difficult to recognize, due to their gear is mixed. A backpack borrowed from the neighbor (probably a Haglofs Skarja from the 80s) but a new sleeping bag from the brand Everest. They are easy to recognize in the reception asking 200 question of weather and the trail they are going to hike next day. The next personality is the Messersmith.  He is easy to find, he is sitting in the sauna and telling all tours he has done. If there is any possibility to start  bonfire anywhere, be sure i is there trying to fire. He also often help the reception crew to tell the beginner what or how to do everything. The gearjunkie, is the next one. He or she always got the latest color on the Gore-Tex jacket. With a new ice axe and never used crampons he/she is the real explorer. When the Messersmith is trying to light up a fire the gearjunkie bring up his ignition steel in stealth carbon. Looking at his watch telling its going to be +4 degrees tomorrow. However we got the biggest nerd left. He/she is easy to recognize. Sitting in a corner, with long hair preferable in a ponytail and with a google tan. Hanging over a map, quite looking around the room. Yea, you guess right it is the guide. A quiet thinker, that the profile…

Take a nice cup of coffee, turn up the volume. Laid back enjoy this movie..(great Simon Jaktlud)

See ya tomorrow…



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