A explorer from Finland…

Time to open door eighteen, and today we will meet Pata Degerman from Finland. Pata is the only real explorer from Finland. He has been doing a lot of adventures. Being an explorer Pata has travelled globally on adventures involving, different climbing discipline’s, kayaking, hiking, off-road driving and many other forms of adventure. His expeditions have ranged from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Himalayas, Jungles, Oceans and many other somewhat unexplored regions, sometimes even to regions that have never been drawn on maps. The last 20 years Pata have organized and led numerous expeditions around the globe. Over 40 trips to the Arctic areas in Iceland, Spitsbergen and Greenland and five expeditions to unvisited areas on Antarctica (Ellsworth mountains and Queen Maud Land). Expedition Arcada – Adventure for life.  Arcada University of Applied Sciences and 45 students joined forces with adventurer Patrick ”Pata” Degerman and a wheelchair athlete Aron Anderson during spring 2015. Our goal was to scale a 300 meter tall, perfectly vertical mountain wall in La Grave, France, after months of preparations in Helsinki, Finland. The students got to climb the wall, but also work with things related to their studies. Not only was the expedition learning by doing at its best (what Arcada is all about). The adventure also gave all parties involved a chance to stand out, test and develop new products, methods and concepts. To help us we had a great team of experts, mentors and sponsors. Check out our adventure below! The climbing expedition took place 7-15 May 2015 in La Grave.

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  1. Interesting Bergman to read about this Finnish adventurer. It seems like good tasks to takle.

    And about Toubkal, we have to get back. Talk witj the taxidriver in Asni and then head for the summit.


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