Training, motivation and a new challenges?

A good week with 10 workouts. Got up 05.15 yesterday morning and trailing the weel with a 15kg back-pack in two hours.


Today it will be a blog about motivation. To start with there are two different types of motivation, internal motivation and external motivation. The internal is driven by a willingness and a desire to accomplish something. Three main thing that is needed for to accomplish the goal (or your dream) is: self-confidence, apperent action directed, and a main focus to be able to become motivated. Then the question will be how? Set goals, reward yourself, do continues asssays, view and work with wholes and visualize your results. Keep your focus on your strength, dare to take risks. Challange yourself with your targets, admit your misstakes and understand that you cant know everything.

So to become motivated, to become dedicated, you must have a target. So get your self a target, get motivated and here we go…This is your and your targets year. Go for it….keep focus and you will achieve it…


So now its up to you:-) Get motivated!!


Se ya next sunday…


En reaktion på “Training, motivation and a new challenges?”

  1. Thanks for the writing about motivation. To train hard and to challange the mountains needs a lot of focus and stamina. The morningcoffe overlooking the mountain Storsnasen when the morningssun makes the summit purple makes motivation for the coming year. Keep up the good work..


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