A diffrent year, workout and the archipilago…

With just 32 days left of the year, I can conclude that this will be a very diffrent year. A survey that has been done, show us that hiking is one of the most common world when the Europeans google for vacation 2021. It also show that insurance and condtions also will be important. It alos has been a discusion about how to save more of the pre-mountain forest. And there is a suggestion to protect a distance above 100 mile of the pre-mountain forest from being affected of forest industry. In my ear it sounds good.

When it comes to workout, we all have to be inventive. With the gym closed, and no workout partners it will be up to you to take responsible. So here you got a suggestion of a good programming..By the way I checked how long I been hiking so far this year..5120km. You can see that on my boots:-)

This week it is time to look close up for new adventures. So living in the Stockholm area, what to do? Well, here is a lot nice trails that is just lying and waiting to be hiked. My first suggestion will be The Sandhamn trail. The trail is 8km and the difficulty is middle. I really should like to hike this one in teh winter. If you have fly over the Stockholm archipilag you know what I mean.  The trail starts at Sandhamn brygga, I suggest you to take the boat from Stavsnas, it will take you 45 minutes to get there, while you can enjoy the archipilag from the boat windows. As soon as you have get away from the harbour a fantastic island open up its tresures. If you follows the red marks you will hile 8km around the island. Check if the Seglarhotellet or värdshuset bed and breakfast is open and you can stay here and go back the next day.

Ten year ago we were in Argentina and Aconcagua, this will be a tribute for that jurney..

See ya on tuesday the advent calender starts…


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  1. Now its time for planning 2021 adventures and you dont have to be a scientist to see that we talking about homeland summer. Lucky we are to live with the mountains close by. The Scandicmountains rules.

    Its good that they protect the mountainforests. Thats a good place for shelter, both for mountainmen and for animals.

    Now its time for breeving some coffe and see the Aconcaquafilm.

    Waiting for 1 dec.


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