About ice axes.

Todays blog will be about Ice axes. Since the fist ice axe saw the first light, it has changed a lot. To choose the righ choice it will demand you to rethink your choice well. When you decide, the ice axe will follow you during nice conditon as well as complex and demanding situations. Even your life can depend of your ice axe under special circumstances. The market of ice axes has develope a lot and there is a lot of dirrent sort and quality, and very often built and formed for a certan activity. So you might end up with a couple of them. The tip is one thing that varies. It can be positive, negative or neutral. It can have adze or hammer. First of all the axes are diveded into two different categories. B (Base) and T (technical) the big diffrence is the strength, the technical one can be used as a belay, whitch B cant. So the choice for ice climbing then will be a T one? Well today I would say yes, but a couple of years ago the B axes got thinner which was better for the ice. But the manufactures of today have thinner the T marked axes. For high altitude hiking, the classic B would be the first choice. It is light and easy to use. The longer the better for a hiker. The classic one for peak tours? The axe here must be small and light. This for not hurt the user within a fall etc. You might need to use it as a anchor or belay, so a technical one would probably be the right choice. And the choice for tough alpinism will be the technical one. The big diffrent is that the technical ones got the blade, tip and the cental part of the axe head made of steel. the B ones got sheet metal instead. So now you might have a more clear picture of your choice of ice axes.

When Corona has become calmer we will have the possiblity to travel again. And I am longing for a visit in Norway. Last blogg it was about Sunnmore, and today it willbe about Snohatta and Tungestoelen hytta. Here you can do a lot of nice glacier tours. Or you might hike to the Flatrehytta (9 hours). Or why not to Fjaerhytta. 

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  1. Good sessoins about axes Bergman. I still use my old Grivel I bought in Banff 98 and it still works well. But its always nice with some lighter ones.
    Have you tried the retro ax with wooden shaft? It looks beautiful to me but is it durable enough? You have to try it out and write on the blog.

    Are you using axes on the IML winter examination coming up this winter?


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