Becoming a entrepreneur, and the IML planning.

Tough times requires tough mind. The Corona has affected almost all areas. The Outdoor is of course one of them. The online sales of outdoor equipment has increased much, while the tourist area has decrease a lot. When it comes to guiding, I think we can se a shift and a new need. With no travelling outside the contries the domastic market has incresed. Now it is a window of oppertunity. But you might need to thing a bit different than before. Pick out your entrepreneurship, and how to do that? This small suggestions might help you. 1. Choose your mind set. This means if you havent been successful so far, it is time to think diffrent. The only way to do a great work -love it. 2. Be determined, th most important quality to a entrepreneur is to be determined. Be prepared for the battle, Be ready to do the hard and strategical work for winning the battle. 3. Build a solid relation bridge. To succed this is crucial, the best entrepreneur continusly build and developing their relations, this is how to get it to bloom. 4. Slow down to lead, Listen to your advisors and the peolple around you -even others have good ideas, dont forget that. 5. Know your business ”health” metrics, by tracking your result in a efficent way, you will have control over your business and will know when nest step shall be placed. So now you have some suggestion to develop your business.


My focus at the moment is the IML(international Moutain Leader) training. Last weekend we plan and train the instructor team for the training. And now things is in place, and we are reade to make some history in the Swedish guiding area. The big diffrent will be the use of rope for example, and now we will get a real certificate that can quoality assurance the guide you ar hiring. 

The rope and climbing equipment is some of the new parts of the IML role.

(Training the trainers…Matt Larsson Clifford and Markus Nyman dring the training photo U Bergman)

See ya soon..

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  1. Great job Bergman with developing the IML certification. This will be a good asset when being profgisional and attractive on the tourism and outdoormarket.
    Stay strong


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