Go with the light, it may be the right…

It is autumn, it was just 4 degrees this morning. The days get shorter for every day…At the same time, the work is overflowing with tasks. t We are in the middle of planning for the upcoming training for IML’s of Sweden. But from my point of view we rather should go with the light…recharge for the upcoming winter, that would be the right thing to do. Reflect, reconsider and think about what has been, and what to change. Whatever,, I will try to do it and enjoy the good life:-)

This week I have tested the Mammut Eigerjock IN hybridjacket. This is a nice jacket, and as always Mammut delivers. This one is for climbing and alpine adventures. It is awailable in three culours. It has some liner so it works fine as a layer two jacket as well. The pockets a placed perfect for the harness. The finnish is really nice. But with a price about 300Euro it is to far epensive. There are no zippers for ventilation, and not any other small features. So this jacket will get NNNN.

This year had become special due to the Corona. The Outdoor festival was planned to have open the doors in September this year, but now it will be in 2021 instead. But this year has really turn the wheel to run faster as ever says Michael Malmgren one of the organizers. The outdoor market got a turn over of 75 milj. SEK just in Sweden. And it grows with 10-15% every year. So this fair will be a important part of the market Michael reflect.

Also the Naturkompaniet of Sweden can see new needs for the market. They have decided to start travlling for outdoor beginners. With a summer of many rescue mission for the mountain rescue it will be a good thing to do they say. So in the track of Corona new possiblities will be discovered.

See ya soon…

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