How to get a better life…

This week I’ve been starting up the fighting workout running and done some meditation. So now I am back on track. To summing up this year summer vacation can be done in two words: hiking and workout. If there is something Ive been missing then it is Chamonix…

After a vaction period, it sometimes can be hard to get back on track. But to be honest, it is a good time for find some new track as well. So here come some suggestion of how to get a better life.

  1. Every single moment of every single day, you are practicing something.-If you don’t floss in the morning, you are practicing non-flossing.
  2. If it’s easy, you will be plateaued, if it’s hard you’re growing.-Comfort is the first sign of stagnancy. Get out from the comfort zone and feel uncomfortable again…
  3. You don’t become disciplined. You find ways to practice discipline – And become disciplined as a result.-How can I be disciplined right now?
  4. What you notice (and dislike) in others is a quality you need to confront in yourself.-When you react on another person, think of why and what is means to you.
  5. To avoid feeling let down, treat every opportunity as “gravy on the top”-Don’t trust others, take command of your own. So this my help you to get the next step of your life…Why dont test a new challenge or behavior this autumn, it will help you to grow.

See ya soon…

En reaktion på “How to get a better life…”

  1. First day at work today Bergman and good to read your advices. The confortzone is dangerous because its lowering the performance.
    Time to rope up and stay strong.


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