Lost?! in the mountains….

Today I will be a bit philosofic. We can read about people whom get lost or need to be rescued in the mountain area. But it is rare to read about allof us who find home in the mountains. To understand our fragility and smallness in the magnicificent mountain environment. In the mountains the time stand still, and you will become one with the nature.

This weeks Europe suggestion will be the Watzmann-peak. Short but cool. You will need good fitness and knowledge from mountain environment. You will need to have the guts to turn if the weather conditions change or if your forces are failing. If you are prepared you will be able to do this tour within one day! Length 22,2km it will take 12-15 hours. Toni Palzer did this tour in 3 hours and 17 minutes. You will start this tour from Wimbachbrücke-Watzmannhaus and then Watzmannhause-Wimbachgrieshûtte and back Wimbachgrieshûtte-Wimbachbrûcke. If you are inexpert you might hire a mountain guide. When you leave Watzmannhaus heading for Hocheck at 2651m. after a valley you will find the first safety patch at Hochecksteig. After another 2,5 hours you will have reach the first peak. The small windshelter is a good place for a rest and catch strength for the peak. About a hour ahead you will rech the cross at the peak. Here you now got the option to turn back. If you are tired or feel it is a bit to airy, I suggest you to turn. Otherwise you will now have a real nice mountain trip ahead of you. With a couple of vertical passages down to the Königsee, and at the Wimbachgrieshûtte  you might take a well condign beer or even a bed for the night.  So when Germany open, good hiking to you…

See ya soon…

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  1. Normally you dont need any rope, but due to weather conditions the navigation may be a issue. So for that you need to be prepared:-)


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