The hunt of the perfect back pack…

Summer and hot, the workout this week has been hard. At the fighting gym the heat has been lamentable. But the planned workouts have been done. 30 days challenge with 50 push-ups/day is on going, and the heat will not be a stop…I also have start to do some mountainbiking as a completion an variation of the workout. So meet my new training partner..

This weeks suggestion of short mountain trips will be quite easier as I promised. First out will be the trail to ”Vindarnas tempel”.  This one starts from Storlien. The lengt is 6,8km. You park the car close to ”Le Ski” at Storlien. Follow the sign towards ”Blomsterstigen” at the path grounds our suggestion here is to take the left path. With this choise you will have exellent views over Norways Mountain environment. The winsshelter is build out of stone, and it will protect from the wind from all directions. The panorama over Ann sjon, Storsnasen, Getryggen  is magnicificent. From here you turn away southworth towards the stubborn 200m ahead. Be sure you turn left after about 1km, and follow the blue marking. You will pass another windshelter.

My next suggestion will be a pearl. At the winter this place a a good choice for ice climbing, so why dont visit in teh summer. Fettjeåfallet close to Klovsjo. With o adrop of 70m it is fantastic. The length of this hike is 4km. You start at the parking spot 5km from Klovsjo ski area. Follow the Fettjån toward the waterfall. And my suggestion is that you hike to the topp of the fall, here you will have a view worth the effort. Worth to know is that the trail has been renovate of sherpas from Nepal, so now there are nice steps of stone to walk on…

And my third and last one. Here we start from Storulvan. We will now turn our eyes towards Getryggen. The lengt of this one is 8,2km. You follow the trail toward the peak of Getryggen. With the 1380m over the sea, this one is a bit challenging. But the view make it worth is all days in the week. When you reach the firts peka the view will help you to find the other two. Between the the first and second peak, there is a plateu. Turn to right slowly and carful, here you will have a perfect view over Noder and sonner tvaraklomp and Storsnasen. Continue to the third peak and then the same way back.

And now over to the question: what is the perfect backpack. For me  I need to have one that can be used for skiing, ice climbing, hiking etc. So I have figured out that 35-40L will be a good size. For a longer activity I will ahve to choose a bigger one. But with the size of maximum 40L I will not bring to much stuff, which might be a risk otherwise. Yoy really have to prioritize:-). I will also have a bakcpack with a signal colour, and I also want to have one zipper going over the whole pack so I easy can get stuff when I needed them. And of course it should fit good as well. So I found one backpack that can live up to this expectation. But observe, this is for my needs.

See ya soon…


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