Blogg #499

Sunday 24th of May, and my 499th blog. Today I will start with a reflection. Make your life become your dream…These words are very easy to say, but how to do it in reality? From my point of view I think it is very important to do the planning. Because otherwise threre will always be a reason for not doing the thing you want. I always have som plans going on in my mind, and I am planning the adventures in my head. When I feel I really want to achive it, I do the challange or the adventure. So plan your adventure, and they will be done. And I think at the situation we are living in at the moment it is more important than ever. At the time you also got the time for planning the adventure ahead.

This week I will review the GSI Perculator 8 cup coffee brewer, it will be interesting, and tasty I hope…

This week I will review the book: ”Handbok Resemedicin & Säkerhet”. This book is for traveling safety, and I think it is a very complete and extensive instruction book. For the ordenarie traveller I think it is a little premium. But for a guide, I think it is a good book to got in the luggage. So NNNN will be the value of the book.

And from the playground of Chamonix:

See ya soon…And next week the 500 blog I will have a suprice for you:-)

2 reaktion på “Blogg #499”

  1. Quite amazing Bergman with almost 500 bloggs. I have one word for that, or two:endurance and passion.

    Keep up the good work. I will read everyone of the next 500…

    I agree with you about planning. That makes one reach goals. If you dont plan, we call it luck or coincidence.

  2. Ja där har du verkligen rätt, planera och ha idéer annars rinner livet dig förbi.
    Åhh vad man längtar ut i bergen igen när man såg filmen.


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