Keeping up the knowledge

Sometimes you must secure that you keep up you knowledge. This weekend was one of this days.

So a long-weekend at Salen in Dalarna was the target for it. So how do you secure that you will keep up the knowledge from  most of the activities… A good planning will be the start. So day one, with a perfect Winter day with sun and just a couple of minus degrees it was time for the snowmobile…

At the top of the Lindvallen 

The second day it was time for sledge dog pull and free heel skiing(Telemark).

A happy husky and a happy handler, in a fantastic Winter landscape with sun…And the third day, the same. Cross country skiing and Telemark skiing. The guide is now updated:-) and ready for new events.


Nordic Light Adventure also can offer a new service: The Adventure PT. As you could read in the last blog, it is very important to rekognize your weak areas, as well at to be prepared for upcoming adventures. So what a about a taylored programing for you? You can soon read more about it under News and updates. That was all for this week.


See ya soon..



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  1. Great with a tour to the mountains Bergman. Lookes like you didnt need to use the bivaque bag in this sunny weather man..

    Give me a call.


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