Shadows of the past…

Todays blog will be a continuation of the blog from 13th of October and about the Dyatlev-expedition. During 2019 the Swedish Dyatlev expedition was provided. One of the members Richard Holmgren a archaeologist made me curious, so I decided to talk to him. This is the result:-) Richard has been working a lot in the Middle east.)

Hi Richard, what was the background of the Swedish Dyatlov expedition?
The ground reason was the fact that no one ever had  been at the area at the same time of the year for skiing the route within the same preconditions as the Dyatlov expedition got at the accident. We were interested to understand how a group with 9 different highly skilled persons, in the cold with wet equipment and no sleeping bag could have experienced the tour. It has also always been a big question to understand what was really happen out there.
How did you experience the environment in the area?
First of all, it is a very beautiful area. When we were there in January it was very cold. When we get started the thermometer showed minus 50 degrees. What struck me was that it was very nice skiing there, but the strongest feeling was the loneliness.  You don’t see anybody else or even an animal nor even a single bird. The wood is consisting of sly and twigs. So, you must search for fuel to the fire, a bit higher up in the trees.
What was the feeling of going the expeditions tracks?
Sometimes things fell in place, this was one of these moments. The 2019 was the year when the whole thing around this accident was in focus, and at that time we were there in the area. I can say that the skiing was really exhausting. It is a brutal environment. Here  is the time to deny that the group should have been subjected to assault of a KGB team, because this team where in that shape they themselves could have been a KGB team. I was thinking that they have it a bit better circumstances than us, because they could use the local Mansi hunters track. We had to track it by ourselves.

What was the biggest impression of the expedition for you?
Well, one of the first things is that it looks like the picture from seventy years ago. The time stand still out here. Even if the area is empty and mystery during the Winter season, people hike here during the summer. You can see tracks out o that. You can see fireplaces and that people has taken bark out of the trees. The locals and the food also made impression to me. Very kindly people and the food salmon and potatoes tasted very good. I rather choose that before grilled goat in Syria:-). I also must mention the vodka, in this Environment with cold you eat fat food. Such as lard etc. with a glass of vodka it tastes even better…
And the most interesting and important question, what was really happening out there?
It of course has been very interesting if Yeti or KGB has been the reason for the “accident” but it is very clear for me that it has been so called Katabatic winds. From my point of view, they tried to dig two snow shelters for survival of the winds. This area is known for hard weather condtions. Katabatic fall winds can occur when air cooled over a glacier or mountain range flows down the slopes. Since the cooled air has a higher density than the surrounding atmosphere, the fall winds can sometimes be accelerated to storm or hurricane strength. The strongest fall winds are found on slopes of powerful inland ice. At the Anaris accident katabatic winds were involved. Ok, but all the conspiracy history of the injuries of the body’s? The autopsy was not done so good. Also, the bodies were treated without caution and some of the injuries probably came out of that.

I dont Think we got the last Words about this history, -no it might be a documentary about it during this year…Interesting and what is your next adventure Richard? -Well, it will be a guiding tour in the alps. A trip in Hannibals tracks, would you like to  enjoy?…

Note. There was also a question about the fact that some of the clothes was contminated with radioactive radiation. Well the clothes were this was measured, belonged to two of the participants that was working with a neclear research Project…

This weeks tour suggestion will be the Skackerfjallen in Jamtland. You might start at Kolasen, continue the trail towards Storvallen, and a peak attemt of the ”sockertoppen”. Here you also got a windshelter. Then you follow the track towards Anjan. You got a lot of nice peaks to climb Close to the track… This area is not crowded, and you will be by yourself up here…

When it comes to gear, ive been testing a compass from Brunton and a middle layer sweather from Garphyttan.

This is a hand bearing Compass with a build in LED-light for night navigation. With a ”ever North” Compass Nail it will not be affected of other magnetic fields. It is easy not use. For skiing or other special occasion you will like this one.

The Garphyttan Kraft fleece is a middle layer that is produced in 91% plyester and 9%Elastan. It is a well lavished sweather. You can also use it as a Shell layer in the spring and autumn. With its zipper it is easy to access pockets in layer one or for ventilation. With a price under 100Euro this is a real good investment. Design and finnish 5, usability and details 5, comparing it to others in the same segment, it is very good and thoughtful, so a 5. The price is in a class of its own so Another 5 totally 20 best in class!

See ya soon!



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  1. Great story Bergman. Just got back home from a winterweekend with skiing in the mountains in Röros. Great to light a fire and read your exiting blogg. This is interesting things.
    You should do some more research about the catabatic winds. I think more accidents than we know is due to these severe winds…


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