Workout and review of a jacket.

January almost means workout, and living up to new goals. For me January means planning the year. For being able to do as much adventures and challanges as possible it need to be planned. I will get back to that.

When I test garment and Equipment ahead, I will look into four parts: 1. Design and finnish, 2. usability, details 3. Comparing to others in the same area, 4. Price. The grade will be from 0-5 so the highest value will be 20.

Today I will do a Review of the Garphyttans Original Para Anorak. First of all, this is a jacket made of 35% wool and 65% polyester. And as the name tells us it is a Anorak. For us who has been raised up with this garment, we have a relation to it. I have Always love it, but it got its limitation when it comes to wet weather. This jacket got a lots of functions and is very robust. Comparing to other jackets in the same area, this one is very affordable. So how do I grade the jacket? Design and finnish, I will give it 4,5. It is a nice jacket with a real bushcraft feeling. Usability and details: 4. The details is outstanding, but due to the ”Shell” part I will reduce the figure. Comparing to others in the same area, this one is outstanding 5. And when it comes to the price, it is also a 5. So totally 18,5 a real good result!

Books or pods or webb articles? When it comes to develope the knowledge and skills we can read or listen to pods. I can tell I am doing it all, but from my point of view the books will be the best. Sit with a nice cup of coffee and read a book with a map at the side, that is nothing that can be compered to that..

(my outdoor libary)

When it comes to the workout, this time of the year the focus will be on the endurance. So building up the capacity for being able to Catch and be prepared for the  upcoming adventures this is the time. So a lot of row, and of coure some fighting, so tough..


See ya soon, now we are on track 2020:-)

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