Happy New Year 2020.

A new day, and soon a new year. It has been a good adventure year with lot of challenges. With a visit in Enafors in May,I Think I have covered all month of a year in the mountain Environment. All season got its own charm. But if I must select one it will be the spring-Winter. I still have a Dream to ski in the moonlight towards Sylarna. As usual here comes a conclusion of the year 2019:

A. Abisko-Bjorkliden a fantastic area, and good opertunites for Ice Climbing in the valle Close to the mountainstation at Abisko.

B.Boxing and fighting, this year this has been the new workout for me. New way of training with new insights and new friend, I love it. Thanks Mohammed and Paul and others…

C. Change your way of thinking. Challenge your self all the time to becom better. When it comes to clothing, equpment or workout. Just try to find new ways and solutions…

D.The Djatlev expedition was a new interesting history. And for sure it will be continued…

E. Enaforsholm, this is the Place for starting your adventure. With the Enan river Close you will go to sleep with the noice of the water…

F. Fjällfika, most important at the Mountains will be to take time for a fika. A tour without fika is not a tour. 

G. Guiding at Sälen at the dog camp was a new experience. Nice area with nice peaks and good hiking tracks.

H. With helicopters we will disturb the nature but it also make us able to going while the snow melt and its to weet for hiking…

I. Incidents, I’ve been Reading a lot in the area. Plan good, and be prepared that is very important.

J. Joy, the most important this with outdoor activities: -Do it for you enjoy it, and not for it is a good Picture at Instagram…

K. Kebnekaise, this fantastic area. There is Always something to explore. Guiding this year was a real happening:-)

L. Lapporten, being in the Abisko area means you will se the Lapporten wherever you are…

M. Making decisions, this I have wrote a lot about. Reading all the facts of incidents this is one of the most important areas. Make the right decision in time, and you will avoid accidents.

N.New gear, it has been a lot of new gear test this year. But what is the most important apparel? I could not live without my Softshell shell jacket…

O. One of the best time this year was when I saw a eagle just 50m away.  A golden moment….

P. Pulleys, I will never leave for the mountain without one of this, and today there a lot of solutions with combined carabiners.

Q. Question – Which was your biggest adventure this year? Well it must have been the tour for Sonfjallet. Really nice

R. Risk Management one of the most importent topics this year. This for avoiding accidents and prevent them from happening.

S. Swedish mountain Leader assosiation, finally I hope I will get the neadle:-). Been working a lot for the organisation, and I hope we give the members a lot of value for the membership…I will also mention the Swedish mountain club. There news Fjallet get a lot of inspirational  articles

T. Telemark skiing, I am doing it to Little. It is the best way of skiing from my Point of view. I want to do it more. Maybe during 2020?!

U. Utefest, a new experience for me. Guiding people from the whole of Sweden in one of the nicest areas in Sweden what a favor.

V. Via ferrata, as usual very nice at Skuleberget. And this year I got the Gold card = Life time membership. So nice:-). This year it will be a weekend session at Skuleberget with Via Ferrata for those who dare:-)

W.Wool, Aclimas series toghether with Lars Mansen is fantastic. I really like the clothes.

X. Follows the X in the Mountains and you will end up right:-)

Y. Yellow will be the choice of the colour of the clothes, you will be visable…

Z. Z-pulley will be the perfect solution for getting up from a creveasse..


Happy new year my friends, see ya soon..

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  1. Happy new year Bergman. Thanks for this year and all the good blogg stories this year. All the best for 2020. Let this year contain a lot of adventures and that we can meet in the mountains.

  2. Wishing you a joyful new decade. Reflections like these are usually too far in between and something we all should sit down and think about from time to time, preferably by a camp fire. /Markus


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