22:nd of December and about Vålådalen..

Vålådalen is situated in the middle of the western Jämtlands mountains. The area includes a range of mountain cabins. All off them got there own character. Anaris is placed in a tarn area. The closed trail is over 20km which will means less of other hikers. Lunndorren, yoy can reach this cabin from Valadalen, Vala cabins, and also from Tossasen and from Vallbo. Vala cabins can be reched from Gasen, or from Stensdalen. Yea you understand that the area is easy to access and you have a lot of options. Even if the the trails just follows the foot of the Mountains, the nature is barren so dont underestimate it. The wind can blow hard, so you better be knowing what you are doing in the area. Both Stensdalen and Lunndorren got sauna, something that is preciated after a Cold day at the Mountains. So if you havent been in the area you should visit it.

Todays X-mas gift suggestion will be a book of a Norweigan author. Åt helvete med fjällvandring is a book of the Norweigan stand up Comedy profile Are Kalvö. It might be a funny and interesting book for us mountain nerds..

See ya tommorow…

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  1. Great pictures of the beautiful Vålå valley Bergman.
    According to the book I can recomend it. I guided Are Kalvö and two german journalists on a hike this summer and he was a fanny guy.
    Read his book.


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